Esej na maturi otroci in starši. Front Cover. Irena Avsenik Nabergoj, Marija Zlatnar Moe, Janja Perko. Intelego, – pages. Profesorica Bujanić je izdvojila četiri eseja koja su učenici radili na satu. Mogu vam poslužiti kao pomoć u pripremi za pisanje eseja na maturi. Zadnja dva eseja . BOŽIČNIK, Nuška, , BRALNA PISMENOST IN ESEJ NA MATURI [online]. University of Maribor, Faculty of Arts. [Accessed 11 November ]. Retrieved.

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Srednja škola Bedekovčina

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Esej na maturi – Mateja Pezdirc-Bartol, Katja Mihurko Poniž, Boža Krakar-Vogel – Google Books

Nekdaj je veljal za pismeno osebo vsak, ki je znal brati in pisati, kasneje tisti, ki je poleg branja in pisanja obvladal tudi pravopis in formalno zgradbo spisja. Ob tem bomo pogledali zgodovino mature, opredelili sam pojem mature in njene cilje. Predmet raziskovanja bo predvsem prvi del pisnega dela, esej: Zanimal nas bo tudi jaturi navodil za esej, kako morajo biti zasnovana. Present-day times require a lot of effort from us in terms of knowledge and skills in order to perform well in society.


The way of living is changing constantly. One cannot work, make progress and communicate without one of the most important abilities in our every-day life – literacy.

Getting Older

Well-developed literacy is crucial for the improvement of an individual or society. In old times a literate person was considered everyone who could read and write; later on, a literate person was the one who, in addition to reading and writing, mastered spelling as well as form of writing.

Present-day literacy is much more than that; it includes the identification of types of text comprehension and text production strategies in different circumstances using a variety of tools, knowledge of expressing different linguistic and non-linguistic communication systems, understanding the meaning of the context.

Moreover, literacy means being able to gain information from various sources and apply it critically. This diploma thesis consists of a theoretical and an empirical part.

It identifies the term reading as the main objective in literary classes, defines types of school reading and deals with reading stages.

Getting Older – Gimnazija AGM – Zabok

Further, it establishes the aims of modern literary lessons among which well-developed reading literacy bears the highest importance. Using this taxonomy we are going to analyse essay instructions of the Matura. Focus will primarily be on Slovene language exam which consists of two parts — a written part and an oral part.


The first part of the written exam — an essay — will be the maaturi of research.

We are going to establish what an an really is, deal with the Matura texts, look into preparation for writing and giving critical views. We will be intrigued by the problem of essay instructions and the way they are designed.

The survey will reveal how the students prepare matri for essay writing, what they do when they come across a problem while reading, and how they would change instructions for writing an essay if they were to write them on their own. The results will show us that students read the whole book before writing an essay on it as well as they do some research.