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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available El trazado de una nueva carretera irrumpe como un elemento ajeno al territ orio por donde discurre. Incluso en ocasiones, como en el caso que nos ocupa, la carretera introdujo unos valores positivos que repercutieron en una mejora de su entorno.

Valencia callus during somatic embryogenesis]. Somatic embryogenetic capability and changes in polyamine level and their relationship were analyzed using the long-term 8 years subcultured calli of Citrus sinensis Osb. The results showed that endogenous polyamine contents in embryogenic calli were higher than those in non-embryogenic calli, and the embryogenetic capability was positively correlated to the levels of endogenous polyamines.

When the calli were transferred to a differentiation medium, the putrescine content rapidly increased and reached a peak, then fell gradually. Applying exogenous putrescine raised the embryogenesis frequency and endogenous putrescine level. It indicated that increase in putrescine content at early stage of differentiation promoted embryogenesis.

With the development of somatic embryo, spermidine content reached its the highest level at globular embryo stage, spermine content rose and reached a peak at a later stage of globular embryo development. Furthermore, changes of the putrescine, spermidine and spermine contents during somatic embryogenesis were similar in Valencia calli which had different ploidy levels, but their contents decreased following the increasing of ploidy level.

Changes in arginine decarboxylase activity were positively correlated to the polyamine levels, which suggest that the later is a key factor in regulating the polyamine levels during somatic embryogenesis in citrus plants.

teno tenerife-islas canarias: Topics by

Chemical composition of the essential oils of Citrus sinensis cv. The main components were limonene Then a quantitative structure-retention relationship QSRR study for the prediction of retention indices RI of the compounds was developed by application of structural descriptors and the multiple linear regression MLR method.

Principal components analysis was used to select the training set. A simple model with low standard errors and high correlation coefficients was obtained. The results illustrated that linear techniques such as MLR combined with a successful variable selection procedure are capable of generating an efficient QSRR model for prediction of the retention indices of different compounds.

Se proyecta un espacio residencial en el barrio de la Malvarrosa, en Valencia. Paz en su tumba Fotografias pintadas” “Maalitud fotod”. An Interview with Claudio Naranjo. Full Text Available As exceptional witness and participant in the origin and development of the Gestalt therapy, Claudio Naranjo considers in this interview the cha- racteristics of this form of therapy, doing so from his work and his personal encounter with the man and the therapeutic figure of Fritz Perls.

This cluster was then validated and characterized with further maximum-likelihood phylogenetic analyses and Bayesian coalescent reconstructions. With these analyses, the CV cluster was delimited to patients, predominately men who have sex with men MSM. Coalescent analyses estimated its expansion in Valencia to have started between and From tomembers of this cluster represented only 1.

In conclusion, we have detected a very large transmission cluster in the CV where it has experienced a very fast growth in the recent years in the city of Valenciathus contributing significantly to the HIV epidemic in this locality.

Its transmission efficiency evidences shortcomings in HIV control measures in Spain and particularly in Valencia. Environmental management strategy for sustainable development in the Naranjo River Basin in Las Tunas. Full Text Available he objective of this paper is to develop an Environmental Mana gement Strategy that is intended to reduce the environmental impacts in the Naranjo pauoinos draina ge basin.


A geographic information system GIS was designed for managing natural resources in the basin. Results show that the main environmental problems are: As part of sanhez strategy, a series of agreed actions was planned to diminish the environmental problems in t he basin, where the social actors take part actively in managing those problems, and favor the decision ma king process which focus on sustainable development.

Eje urbano Moro Zeit, Valencia. This one outlines a series of social. With this appellative they define areas that have finish ed their physical rehabilitation and their social and economic regeneration. As upgrade of the Plan already presented, u intends now the result of one of those completed areas, which samchez the Moro Zeit Urban Axis. The initiative has required the coordination of all the agents interveners, public sancbez private, with periodic meetings of different work groups that have adjusted the final quantitative and qualitative parameters.

Actuaciones en Ciutat Vella, Valencia. Full Text Available The historical Valencia ‘s center -one of the biggest in Europe-was in a great urbanistic, architectonical, social and economical damage way al the begining of the last century. The urbanistic modifications realised in Valencia town al the end of the last century and al the begining of the new one, were carried out without a real knowledge of how to integrate the old town, with its gradual aging and also its gradual economical activity fall.

AII those subjects were studied by the Stat e, Self-Governing and Local authorities when they decided lo begin the works lo recover the place, with the following and main purposes: Starting from this point, the Local and Self Governing Authorities signed, inan agreement in order to invest about Samchez combined action of different Governments and the promotion of the private initiative, was completed with the European help through FEDER funds, concerning the Operative Urban program in order lo recuperate the degradate districts.

Very remarkable is also the participation in all national or international forumin order lo share experiences concerning the recuperation of historial town centres. Las reformas urbanas realizadas en la ciudad de Valenciatanto a. Determination of the replenishment mechanism in the Los naranjos zone, Mexico, by the use of environmental isotopic techniques.

The aquifers of the Los Naranjos Zone in the State of Veracruz have two principal sources of replenishment: Granted that the eventual control of the waters of the Rio Blanco is capable of seriously affecting the exploitation of subterranean waters which is being implanted, it becomes necessary to learn its relative importance as a source of replenishment.

As conventional techniques would not give a quick and sure answer to this matter, resort was had to isotopic techniques to solve the problem. In the rivers 27 samples of surface water were taken and 28 samples of subterranean water in wells, which were analyzed by I. The various interfaces, providers and users of the water supply systems and clean water raising systems escritow described.

The summary of particle theory. The International School on Cosmological Dark Matter held in Valencia in the fall of was devoted to the interplay of cosmology and particle physics, with the obvious emphasis on the Dark Matter issue. Here I present the expanded version of my summary talk regarding the particle physics theory part of the School.

This book provides a practical guide to Emgu CV libraries, with sample code and examples used throughout to explain the concepts clearly.

escritos paulinos jordi sanchez bosch pdf files

Each chapter deals with a different aspect of the Computer Vision field and the implementation of that topic in Emgu CV. If you are a C programmer working on computer vision projects, this book is for you.

You should have prior experience with C. The conflict was detonated by the death of two university students in the hands of the army.

On the one hand, it emphasizes the liberal position with which this author examined the events and their social and political repercussions for the regime.


This ideological positioning contravenes the wrong place in which historiography has put this character: Quality of gamma irradiated California Valencia oranges. The effects of gamma irradiation at 0. Bibliotecas escolares en la provincia de Valencia. Este estudio presenta los resultados de este estudio, con datos recogidos de casi centros: Este estudio puede servir de base escrito para otros proyectos similares que puedan realizarse en un futuro.

Antonio Aliprandi, un estucador lombardo en la Valencia de Around many foreign artists appear in Valencia where they will stand for several years leaving in our town quite a lot of handcrafts. One among them, Antonio Aliprandi, will specialize himself on recovering many buildings with stucco, mainly in churches. This text makes a journey along Aliprandi’s art pieces in Valencia after working on files to find the documents refered to them.

Rutas alergosaludables en Valencia. Brioflora del parque natural de la Albufera de Valencia. Instant Open CV starter. Get to grips with a new technology, understand what it gosch and escritow it can do for you, and then get to work with the most important features and tasks.

A practical, quick, and hands-on guide for Python developers and hobbyists who want to get started with computer vision with Open CV. This book is great for developers, hobbyists, and students new to computer vision who are looking to get a good grounding in how to use the Open CV library. Al comparar los resultados con el experimento control se observa que: Las variables estudiadas fueron: Allergy-healthy routes in Valencia ]. The main objective of the project is to create a mobile application identifying, within the city of Valenciathe most favorable routes for allergic individuals.

The application is developed using nine environmental variables with a potential effect on the development of clinical manifestations in allergic individuals. The application combines the use of spatial analysis based on network technology and implemented with a geographic information system software. The first 01 version is under evaluation for a Healthy app hallmark. The next step in this project is to design a clinical validation process to test its usefulness pauulinos allergic individuals.

Published by Elsevier Espana. DRIS norms for ‘ Valencia ‘ sweet orange on three rootstocks.

enfermedades autoinmunes asociadas: Topics by

Diagnosis and Recommendation Integrated System DRIS applies nutrient ratios instead of the isolated concentration values of each nutrient in interpretation of tissue analysis. The objectives of this research were to establish adequate DRIS norms for ‘ Valencia ‘ sweet orange irrigated commercial groves budded on three rootstocks and correlate indexes of nutrition balance with yield.

Rootstocks Rangpur lime, Caipira sweet orange, and Ponci Characterization dosimetry of applicators Valencia using different techniques; Caracterizacion dosimetrica de los aplicadores Valencia mediante diferentes tecnicas. Valencia applicators, connected to a charging system deferred micro Selectron-HDR Elekta-Nucletronare used for treating small skin lesions, being an alternative to treatments with electron beams or orthovoltage equipment of X ray.

These applicators are a modification of Leipzig applicators, consisting of a flatter filter, which flattens the dose distribution in the area of treatment [1,2].

In the present study are considered applicators with diameters of 2 and 3 cm VH2 and ht5with the parallel to the treatment area source. Due to the electronic pollution on the walls of the applicator, treatments are performed with a plastic cap. In this study are commissions Valencia applicators, checking the various options proposed in the literature. Full Text Available Account is given of the finding of two caves containing schematic paintings in the Barranc del Bosquet Moixent, Valencia.

The escritoos there escrito are analysed; among these, human figures outstand by their abundance and typological variety.