Pàgina web de suport al que es fa a classe de matemàtiques del CAGS. Vídeos explicatius, documents amb exercicis. Arrels i factorització. Operacions amb fraccions algebraiques. Equacions a. Polinomiques b. Biquadrades c. Amb x al denominador d. Irracionals 6) Sistemes. 5 Funcions algebraiques, polinòmiques, racionals i irracionals. això es pot fer plantejant equacions definides fent que la fórmula de l’argument sigui igual al.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. I wish eequacions of this had happened. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. A tots els pioners. Rquacions cables de la plataforma continental no es van veure afectats. A new explanation is offered according to which each successive cable was broken by a turbidity current originating as a slump on the continental slope in the epicentral area and travelling downward across the continental slope, continental rise, and ocean basin floor and continuing equaciojs out on the abyssal plain well over miles from the continental shelf.

Com aquell on un altre dia vaig despertar-me i estava tot ben nevat. Hom se sorprendria de saber com de diferents. Un aplaudiment general per a ells: Com de tot, sempre. En Teix, sempre fa un ronroneig de bon dia. Els esllavissaments submarins 19 1.

El Mar Catalano-balear 33 1. Geologia del Mar Catalano-balear 41 1. Estructura i estratigrafia 41 1. Conjunt de dades 50 1. Batimetria de multifeix 50 1. Testimonis de sediment 67 1. Geologic Setting 74 2. Source Area 75 equacikns. Depositional Area 76 2. Causes for Landsliding 78 2. Data Set 84 3. Geologic Setting 85 3. Source Area 86 3. Depositional Areas 86 3.

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Geological Setting 95 4. Data Set 97 4.

Source Area and Scars 99 4. Proximal Depositional Area 4. Intermediate Depositional Area 4. Distal Depositional Area 4. Coring and Dating Results 4. Mass Transport Dynamics 4. Triggering Mechanisms 4. Kluwer Academic Publishers, The Netherlands, p. Irraconals Setting 5. Age Dating 5. Discussion and Conclusions 5. Geological Setting 6. Data Set 6. Setting and Conceptual Modeling 6. Geophysical Data 6. Sedimentological Data 6. Conceptual Model 6. Numerical Modeling 6. Debris Flow — Block Interaction Model 6.

Mobile Material Run-Out 6. Numerical Results 6. Sensitivity Tests 6. Data Set 7.

Structural Setting 7. Sedimentation and Circulation 7. Mass Wasting 7. Ana Slide 7. Joan Slide 7. Nuna Slide 7. Jersi Slide 7. Fluid Escape Features 7.


From a geological point of view, they are one of the most important processes in sediment redistribution from the shelf and upper slope to the base- of-slope and abyssal plains. Whatever the reason, large volumes of sediment mobilise and travel downslope large distances often at high velocities, before settling down forming a new sedimentary deposit with very different sedimentological characteristics compared to those of the original deposit. This change in the properties due to irarcionals during transport and sedimentation is the basis of their economic interest since resultant deposits can then act as future oil reservoirs or, on the contrary, as a geologic hydrocarbon trap.

Landslides also equcaions a significant geologic risk since their almost punctual occurrence and the high velocities they irracionalss attain involve the release of large quantities of energy that could affect both directly or indirectly human made euqacions.

Direct impact of landslides against coastal structures, submarine power wires, gas pipelines, telephone cables, or oil platforms can produce and has produced important economic losses; irracinals the generation of tsunami equacionns due to the mobilisation of material can affect and has affected onshore structures. This Thesis is focused in the study of submarine landslides in two areas that are especially sensitive to their consequences: Total volume of sediment involved was 26 km3, relatively small compared to those landslides happened in other margins such as the Scandinavian Margin but large enough to pose a risk for an area whose coastline has suffered an important anthropic occupation in recent times, and for the submarine links between the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands.

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This landslide has been the target of a set of oceanographic surveys during which large quantities of geophysical data have been obtained, together with irrzcionals cores and live images of the seafloor by means of submarine remotely operated video camera. Study and interpretation of swath bathymetry data is the target of the first of the papers Chapter 2. They show a pattern of large sediment chunks separated by linear topographic lows in the intermediate depositional area.

The genesis of this pattern is given based on the acoustic 14 backscattering of the material and some seismic profiles. This chapter also includes the C AMS dating of the landslide. Side-scan sonar imagery obtained using different state-of-the-art instruments is presented in Chapter 3, a contribution to a monographic book. High-quality images from the m-high headwall scar, showing its different morphologies, as well as images from the block-depression irracionasl provide information to be used later in the models.


Internal morphology and architecture of the landslide deposit and subsea-floor structure are given by high equqcions very-high resolution seismic reflection profiles, included in Chapter 4, i. This model, proved physically plausible using numerical modelling and real-time software simulation, is presented in Chapter 6, the third of the papers. A set of four tiny landslides was identified in its eastern margin, which was revisited in a latter survey. These landslides, the largest of which is only 16 km2, are the target of the fourth paper presented in this Thesis, in Chapter 7.

Although they are small in size, this allows to study them in their entirety, and also to establish comparisons between them. The four slides share the same slip plane, and they are located in an area in which numerous fluid-escape pockmarks have been identified. These characteristics lead to think in a common origin and triggering mechanisms related to increase of pore pressure due to fluid escape.

The first chapter presents and introduction to submarine landslides, a review of some of the most important landslides cited in the bibliography, as well as an introduction to the different methods to obtain the data used in equzcions papers, together with a short comment on the geology of the studied areas. The eighth and ninth chapters outline a compilation of the results obtained and a summary of the conclusions of the individual papers, respectively.

Lastras ; Locat i Lee, Quan les ruptures situades damunt la cicatriu principal acaben generant nous esllavissaments, hom parla de ruptura retrogressiva Amb hidroplanament basal blocs eqacions rai24, forma lenticular. Gravity important durant Fluidized de gra flux de sorra Dispar i flow el transport. Per exemple, un lliscament translacional podria convertir-se en un flux en massa i aquest evolucionar posteriorment cap a un corrent de terbolesa.

De vegades, rodejat topografia regular o plana transparent. Aquest seria, per exemple, el cas dels esllavissaments de Storegga i de Grand Banks Canals et al.

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El Mar Catalano-balear mostra una marcada asimetria Fig. La vora de plataforma se situa a una profunditat mitjana de m Fig. Aquests 28 Catalan-Balearic Sea. Dues muntanyes submarines estan marcades amb la llegenda SM. Modificat de Canals et al. Geologia del Mar Catalano-balear 1.

Modificat de Gueguen et al. Modificat de Roca i Soler et al. Les illes Columbretes Fig.