Entgelt in der ITK-Branche IG Metall: : Books. Entgelt in der ITK-Branche : Books. Die IG Metall stellt hier die Ergebnisse ihrer neuesten Entgelt-Erhebung in der ITK-Branche vor. Auswertungen und examine geben einen fundierten √úberblick .

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What exactly happened with the Blaster report? The IG concluded that the central office, when it issued directions to patch all the systems in the enterprise, did not convince everybody that they were serious.

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Think of how ludicrous that is. That office had no authority. You can read the general counsel’s memo on the subject. When you issue memos to patch your system and nobody does it, doesn’t that tell you that you have cultural problems there? I had authority to fix about 1, workstations that at the time were under me. The department had aboutsystems. I know that Blaster savaged the VA network, but the people managing those networks got off without even a slap on their wrists.


What impact do you think the latest report will have?

I didn’t see that really highlighted. What this report is going to do is stimulate administrative changes that will result in a few people at headquarters being forced into retirement. That does not change fntgelt culture. The latest report specifically points to lapses on the part of the information security office.

Entgelt in der ITK-Branche 2017 (German Edition) – download pdf or read online

Shouldn’t they take at least some of the responsibility? The fact of the matter is that office has no authority and the IG knows it. What they are looking for are convenient people to hang this on. The information security office had nothing to do with this.

So in your opinion what are the changes that really need to be made? I said in my testimony that it will take five things. The most important of those is you take away all executive bonuses in that department — effective yesterday — itk-brancue a guilty-until-proven innocent basis.


You only allow those bonuses to be issued to senior executives rer the environment that the executive has purview over receives a clean bill of health from a competent security authority.

That would be No. That person needs a full and formal seat at the executive table in all the decision-making matters. There are a variety of other things. I would certainly establish a massive effort where I send teams out to check if security policies are being properly implemented. Decades and decades of neglect and a fierce resistance to centralized authority are the root causes sntgelt this.

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