Title, Elements of Airplane Performance. Author, G.J.J. Ruijgrok. Contributor, Delft University of Technology. Faculty of Aeropace Engineering. Edition, 2. Elements of Airplane Performance. G. J. J. Ruijgrok. Delft University Press, Stevinweg 1, CN Delft, The Netherlands. pp. Bestel nu zonder verzendkosten en morgen geleverd! ‘Elements of airplane performance’ van ‘G.J.J. Ruijgrok’. Elements of airplane performance, 2nd edition .

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Flight & Orbital Mechanics – Readings

Schrijf de eerste recensie. Elements of airplane performance, 2nd edition This book contains sixteen chapters and four appendices which form a compre-hensive teaching text on the subject of airplane performance. The fi rst seven chapters are designed to provide necessary background material in mechanics, aerodynamics, atmospheric science, air data instruments, and propulsion.


In addi-tion, the appendices furnish basic data and information on the theory pertinent to a clear understanding of the different problems.

Elements of airplane performance ( edition) | Open Library

Chaptersin particular, treat the point performance of the airplane, i. Finally, chapters deal with what is known as the integral performance, indicating the performance items which are related to the course of the fl ight.

The text is extensively illustrated and includes numerous worked examples. The book is primarily intended to serve as a textbook in undergraduate engineering courses and as an instrument for selfstudy.

The airplane in symmetric fl ight?

Performance in steady symmetric fl ight? Flight and airplane condition effects? Symmetric climb and descent? One-dimensional steady fl ow equations?

Index The author, Ger J. He was graduated at Delft University of Technology with a degree in aeronautical engineering.

Elements of airplane performance

URL on this book: Elements of airplane performance. Op werkdagen voor Elements of airplane performance G.


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