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Search results Showing 1 to 10 of 19 0. This final thesis analyses issues related with consumer protection in e-commerce.

In the context of consumer protection in e-commerce, the following issues have been touched upon, such as key principles, special regulations of security issues management in electronic environment, and the essence of electronic commerce — ability to conclude legally valid agreements on the internet.

Lithuanian and EU legal instruments are also discusses in order to asess their value, sufficiency in law and their adaptability to Lithuania legal sistem. The thesis provides a situation analysis of how Lithuania ensures enforcement of the existing legal instruments and what actions have been taken to protect the rights of the consumers.

The thesis ends with general conclusions and recommendations. The tendencies of the development of the modern information technologies encourage continuous growth of the complexity degree of the information systems, therefore the object of the design information systemhas to be adequately described for the project to be successfully implemented.

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The present paper surveys the design tools of the Internet eoektronine programming UML as well as the selection of programming technologies and relational database management system RDBVS for the solution of the given task. The practical work presents the alternative solution, which is characterized by high safety level of passing information for the save electronic commerce in the Lithuanian market.

This was guaranteed by both the RSA cryptographic algorithm and digital certificate X algorithm used. The present information system has been designed using CASE tools.

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The system prototype was realized komecija using the object oriented design method and following the rapid application development RAD while applying Microsoft. The study refers to the comparative scientific sources analysis, comparative statistical analysis and strategic projection methods. Internet has started from several EDI transactions and became extremely popular thus it gave the birth of electronic commerce.

Electronic commerce could be divided elektronime to peculiarities of parties into several types. The work deals with only transactions in business-to-business environment. On purpose to exhibit the peculiarities of electronic transaction regulation, it is kimercija offer and acceptance rules applicable to traditional transactions and variety of conceptions in different countries.

According to the mentioned rules, there is an analysis of specific provisions regulated under Directive of Electronic commerce and the Information society services Law of Republic of Lithuania, which are exclusively, invoked in electronic commerce — for information society services. Electronic transactions are peculiar because they are concluded and fixed in an electronic form.

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Therefore, the validity and possibility of being an evidentiary material are analysed. The basic element which is required to make a transaction — the free will of parties. Validity and other related problematic questions of electronic signature are analysed in the work.

Each of permissive means to make an komercijw transaction is providing different possibilities to transact, therefore the influence of offer and acceptance and The main objectives of the project are: Exploit the opportunity for internationalization offered by the sale of stocks, in which there is no direct competition on the Internet either in Spain or in Europe.

Find an outlet for Spanish elektroninr by marketing them in other countries and vice versa, in order to maintain the image of the brand name in the country of origin, among other reasons. Automate the process whereby an offer or demand originating in Spain can interact with an offer or demand in another country, elekyronine was previously unimaginable. We call this multi-language and multi-currency. Electronic business is useful to company, because of giving an opportunity to make wide selection of goods and services, competitive prices, effective and comfortable service of customers, supply system, economize the resources, reduce the expenditures, what allows company to develop the information system and to extend performance.

Many companies in Lithuania are just elekronine to inculcate electronic business. The perspectives of electronic business in Lithuania are huge, but the komerccija of knowledge and initiative are blocking the development of latter business.

Komeercija main task of this work is to analyse the theoretical side of electronic business and later, using this analysis, to evaluate the possibilities of developing electronic business and create the management system of e-commerce. In the first and second part of this work is analysed theoretical literature: It is reached by analysing value creation in electronic elektroniine, sifting sources of successful electronic business and showing the technique of creating an effective electronic business strategy.

Also there is analysed literature about Content Management System.

After introduction the results Electronic commerce is on the rise today. Along with that, there is a necessity of regulation efforts which would not only create legal framework, but also promote digital shopping and other areas in practice. This thesis deals with the main problems of electronic commerce regulation and practice, and with the accordance with the inferences drawn, important proposals are put forward to the national legislator and webtraders.

In order to achieve the said purpose, a full-scale analysis of the most essential legislation of international and European Union level is made. UNCITRAL Model law on electronic commerce is a substantial contribution to the creation of legal standards promoting international trade, meanwhile this role in the European Union in fulfiled by the Directive on certain legal aspects of information society services, in particular electronic commerce, in the internal market.


Nevertheless, the dinamic characteristics of the electronic commerce is conditioned by the necessity of appropriate arrangements. The current electronic commerce legislation in Lithuania faces particularly big problems. Despite the fact that there is a certain legislation regulating this sphere Civil Code and Electronic commerce regulation, adopted by the Ministry of economy init is not providing suitable measures for effective and flexible regulation.

The author is of the opinion that Civil Code requires appropriate corrections and complements, meanwhile Electronic commerce Comparative analysis is focused eletkronine the significance of contract law in regulation of legal terms in elektdonine space. Comparative analysis of legal regulation of contract law and electronic commerce is carried out by the following aspects: To explore certain features of the content of electronic transaction, several contracts on electronic services from four banks operating in Lithuania and from a few banks operating in the Kpmercija States of America, Ireland, Australia and Russia were chosen to analyze.

Questioning the responsibility of parties in Darbo komerciia — elektroninis verslas. Revolution of technologies and globalization brought many new things to the business. One of the latest is the e-business and e-commerce.

Elektroninė komercija, MB. Contacts, map.

These terms are known in well developed countries for some time already and became a daily thing. On the contrary, in Lithuania electronic business is only starting to develop and is in the early stage of development. Main e-business problems in Lithuania is a lack of qualified personnel and enterprise users of non-electronic communications.


In this paper, the third important factor is mentioned. It is the consumer or simply the eoektronine. It is different in every sphere and has to be analyzed before trying to satisfy it. Object of the paper – electronic business. Aim of the paper – to analyze the business opportunities in the Lithuanian small and medium-sized enterprises and to provide recommendations to ensure the faster development of e-business in Lithuania.

Main tasks raised in the paper: Smulkus ir vidutinis verslas.

The paper consists of three parts. In the first part the author introduces traditional auctions as the basis of online auctions. There is the analysis of the auctions theory, regulation, essential features and clear definitions. In elektrpnine second part comparative analysis is made on the traditional auctions and online auctions.

A closer look reveals that there exist considerable differences that may cause legal controversy. The last chapter of the work is designed komercina fraudulent activities in online auctions, and research of legal regulation solutions to dissolve it.