With the most passionate eloquence, Riane Eisler proves that the “The Chalice and the Blade may be the most significant work published in all our lifetimes.”. The Chalice and the Blade (ISBN ) is a book by Riane Eisler that purports to explain the origin of “patriarchy” as the result of. Now with an updated epilogue celebrating the 30th anniversary of this groundbreaking and increasingly relevent book. “May be the most significant work publis.

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One is the dominator model in which all resources, powers and intent are directed toward progress through suppression. It entails a twofold look at the cultures of humankind. The book is very well written and researched.

The Chalice and the Blade – RationalWiki

That “so-called” is oddly placed, because it’s clear that Eisler sees women as the bearers of the peaceful virtues; men are “regressive and violent” unless they submit to a feminine value system. Quotes from The Chalice and t One was a “gylany”, Eisler’s neologism for a society in which relationships between the sexes are an egalitarian partnership. A pessoa deixava de ser merecedora por seu nascimento ou conquista forcada.

Eisler goes on to suggest that the partnership model will save the world from human starvation, environmental degradation, and nuclear annihilation. This would change with the coming off the Acheans who stormed their island and took it over.

These people were the nomads of the Eurasian steppes who first tamed horses and built the first wheeled vehicles. Eisler directs our attention to the least advertised stages of societal snd, those of relative peace and prosperity, in which nothing strident rises up to catch the eye – and which we fail, rather consistently, to recognize as eras of manifest a ” All of a sudden, the accounts in the Hebrew and Christian scripture about the Garden of Eden, the Tree of Knowledge, the Tree of Life begin chlaice make deeper, more complete sense.


The Chalice and the Blade – Wikipedia

Yet Eisler perseveres, applying her considerations to nations, religions and cultures throughout the ages. Community Saloon bar To do list What is going on?

This book is where the information came from, this book is the mother to anc, many others Audio is a bit dry but the book is great, hopeful.

This led to radical cultural transformation.

The Chalice & the Blade: Highlights of International Impact

It seems that in many parts of Old Europe, there were Goddess worshiping cultures that harnessed their intelligence towards creating healthy communities. Going back further, to the Paleolithic or Old Stone Age, another body of research that supports Eisler’s proposal nad this period was also oriented to the partnership side of the domination-partnership continuum is on contemporary foraging societies, especially the anthologies edited by anthropologist Douglas P.

Creating a Caring Economics Caring economic practices and policies pay, not only in human and environmental terms, but in strictly financial terms.

The study of relational dynamics is an application of systems analysis: Nov 29, Suzanne rated it it was amazing. Articles that may be too long from November Wikipedia articles with style issues from November All articles with style issues Articles with too few wikilinks from November All articles with too few wikilinks Articles covered by WikiProject Wikify from November All articles covered by WikiProject Wikify Articles with multiple maintenance issues.

Adding information gained by systematic analysis of archaeological evidence for many years completely shifted my understanding of this critical time in Western history. The Chalice and the Blade: In the beginning, tree’s or sacred groves were sacred places meant for dispensing wisdom and blessing.

They have been the foundation pieces of partnership work done in Sustainable Ballard. I think Riane Eisler is a very good writer, and HarperCollins editors are excellent too.

Its sources include cross-cultural anthropological and sociological surveys, [3] and studies of individual societies [4] as well as writings by historians, analyses of laws, moral codes, art, literature, scholarship from psychology, economics, education, political science, philosophy, religious studies, archeology, the study of myths and legends; and data from more recent fields such as primatology, neuroscience, chaos theory, systems self-organizing theory, non-linear dynamics, gender studies, women’s studies, and men’s studies.


Riane Eisler If the work of caring for people in households still mostly done by women worldwide, were included, it would constitute a whopping 50 percent of Gross Domestic Product GDP. Retrieved from ” https: A distinguishing feature of the study of relational dynamics is that it pays particular attention to matters that are marginalized or ignored in conventional studies.

Mount Kisco, New York: My personal change agent.

I am not a diseased, half-dead pack animal who can’t think, so I’m not sure why the author treats me as such. My Speech to the Graduates Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Cambridge University Press, pp.

Originally they were nomads who had no agricultural skills to speak of. One problem with this interpretation of secret symbols is that the chalice as a feminist symbol is in fact original to Eisler. Eisler calls these cultures “dominator cultures”, whereas the earlier Goddess worshiping groups engaged in a partnership model.

How do we learn such amazing things and then “forget” them for centuries on end? In doing so, it firmly established the Goddess in my life, and as I look back it is responsible for my decision to become a Witch and devote my life to the feminine energy of the Goddess. For more, see the review in Arizona Anthropologist Grindell And when the cover of your book has a quote that says “The most important book since Darwin’s “Origin of Species,” I really expect the author to deliver.

It’s a hard read at times, even though nothing of it was new to me. So today this notion has largely been discarded.