EastWest Symphonic Choir + Wordbuilder (Sequencer) General Discussion (no support posts). Well now you can, courtesy of Symphonic Choirs, the latest virtual-instrument sample library from East West and Quantum Leap. While the sample world seems. Check out the East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs Wordbuilder Tutorials (video) page at Sweetwater — the world’s leading music.

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User Name Remember Me? Hello Folks, hope you can help me.

The choir should sing multiple sentences in different parts of wotdbuilder song. I wrote the phrases one after the other in the textwindow of wordbuilder, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to set markers in the text, to tell the plugin which phrase to play in which part.

How does Affirm works?

The only way to hear all phrases of the text is to repeat the song from the beginning, over and over again. So I decided to open a few instances of the plugin, put them on different tracks and write one phrase in each instance. But that gives me the disadvantage that parameter-changes in an instance do not affect the sound for the whole song, but only for one single phrase. Do you have any idea, how to play the whole text via only one instance, without repeating the song from the beginning?

Thxs a lot, best wishes, Dudo. The last sentence in my thread means: Do you know if there are any tutorials for a recommended working process using Symphonic Choir including Wordbuilder in a sequencer?


East West Symphonic Choirs – Gold Sopranos, Altos, Tenors & Basses & More

Thxs a lot again, Dudo. This is the weakness of wordbuilder. There is no way to play the song from middle, but you must play from beginning. Maybe someday Eats sould make new software or plugin to solve this problem. The major drawback was the ability to synch with a host sequencer. This feature was implemented with Pro Drummer, so in theory it ‘might’ be possible to integrate this with Wordbuilder.

EastWest will ultimately need to decide if the time investment is worth it.

But I’m really asking, how some guys did their tracks with a length of a few minutes I can’t believe, that they really played their songs from the beginning to hear and edit one syllable at 2m50s: You can already do this start playing from any woedbuilder in the songas long you use the “Learn” mechanism: WB will know how many notes there were before that point, and it will know how many syllables to jump.

Last edited by admin; at Hi admin, your description sounds nice, but unfotunately it dosen’t work for me What I did is: Then I clicked on Player and opened the PlayEngine-built-in-wordbuilder. I kept the preset “Ha le lO yia”.

Then I made a 1-Bar-Part on the Instrument-Track and putted 4 quarternotes each on every quarter of the bar. After the four notes were played the display of the Learning-Tool moved four times until the right endI clicked OK in the Learning-Tool.


Now I wwst the song with the second note of the song, but the choir still started with the first syllable, the “Ha” of the “Ha le lO yia”. The same when starting with another Note of the song. When I stopped the “Ha le lO yia” before it was completed, the choir sang the next syllable after the last that was played, so it’s the same situation as without the Learn-function.

Thxs a lot for your help, Dudo. Originally Posted by admin. Find all posts by Jay Asher. Hey Jay, did you try it? In my setup there was no way yet to make it run as admin descibed Geez, wish I had known about this trick wordubilder ago! Have to dig out the manual again.

EastWest Sounds

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EastWest Symphonic Choirs

Find all posts by Raden Agung. Find all posts by trumpoz. Find all posts by admin. Thxs a lot for your help, Dudo Last edited by admin; at Jay Asher Gold Member. Originally Posted by admin You can already do this start playing eastt any point in the songas long you use the “Learn” mechanism: