The Tales of Dunk and Egg are a series of prequel novellas written by George R.R. Martin, which begin 90 years before the events of the A Song of Ice and Fire . An update on all things Dunk & Egg To date I have published three novellas about them. “The Hedge Knight” was published in Robert Silverberg’s anthology . The Dunk & Egg stories and the dramatic events of Robert’s Rebellion have long been favored by series fans as natural spin-off material, and.

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Tales of Dunk and Egg is a series of novellas written by George R. It takes place in the same universe and continuity of A Song of Ice and Fire but is set approximately a century before the events of the main series. Although a Prequelthe series does not feature any of the major recurring characters in the main series and features a completely different set of characters and events, some of which were only alluded to as Noodle Incident or Great Offscreen War in the main text but which are explored in fuller detail here.

After burying his mentor Ser Arlan of Pennytree on a meadow beneath a tree, Dunk of Flea Bottom decides to take up the calling of knighthood himself and enters as a poor hedge knight, styled Ser Duncan the Tall, in the Tourney at Ashford. On his travels he comes across a small, curious, bald child called Egg really Aegon Targaryen, 4th son of Prince Maekar who volunteers to be his squire. Their random meeting leads to a lifelong friendship and several adventures, great and small, as they trudge across Westeros.

A fourth novella tentatively titled The She-Wolves of Winterfell was announced but has since been put on hold in favour of completing The Winds of Winter.

Martin has announced his plans to publish several future tales, with the stated intention to chronicle the complete dync of Dunk and Egg. An adaptation for The Mystery Knight will finally be released in ‘s fourth of Julythis time published by Random House in a eg graphic novel edition.

In Octobera collected edition of the first three tales was published under the title of A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms with illustrations by Gary Gianni. Dunk and Egg differs from the main series by being significantly different in tone. The values of knighthood, the codes of chivalry and the honor of service in the same, is played straight for the most part.

It’s mainly a chronicle of perhaps the most unlikely friendship in the annals of Westeros. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don’t have an account. Let the gods determine if he was right or wrong.


Badass and Child Duo: Dunk is a giant of a man and a knight, with Egg as his squire. Egg gets quite angry if anyone insults his father Prince Maekar, who isn’t particularly popular in the Duc Kingdoms. Thanks to Massively Numbered Siblings. However there are quite a duncc good Targaryens to go with the crazy and evil ones.

But even then, they hardly get along well. Every tale ends with Dunk and Egg on the open road. Egg cheers on fighters and jousters by screaming, “Get him!

The tales deal with the idea of chivalry and how it confronts problems, both when there are damsels to rescue and villains to kill, and when there aren’t. Dunk will occasionally feel guilty about something unspecified, particularly in reference to his status as a knight.

It’s strongly implied that Dunk was never knighted by Arlan and has been lying about it to advance his anc station. Dunk thinks of himself this way. He’s a gigantic man who is constantly accusing himself of being an idiot.

In truth, he’s smarter than he gives himself credit for. The main books are Epic Fantasy with Loads and Loads of Characterswhereas Dunk and Egg is essentially a medieval romance about a Knight Errant and his boon companion.

Dunk is a towering giant of djnc man, but he has a mild personality and always tries to do the right thing. The First Blackfyre Rebellion, specifically the Dumc of Redgrass Field which seriously changed the lives of all the characters.


Dunk is about ten sunc older than Egg, an adult to a child, but they’re good friends. Egg, however, is much better educated than Dunk. In the minds of Ser Arlan and Dunk, “The hedge knight is the truest kind of knight. Every knight swears to protect the weak and innocent, but we keep the vow best, I think.

Dunk of Flea Bottom, the squire of the late hedge knight Ser Arlan of Pennytree, an up his master’s mantle and enters the tourney at Ashford as a newly minted knight.

On his journey to Ashford, he meets Egg, a curiously bald-headed boy who volunteers his service as a squire. Prince Daeron the Drunken makes this look very much like a professional calling, rather than snd a character weakness. Raymun Fossoway is frequently mocked by his cousin, Ser Steffon Fossoway, for being “green”.

The Tales of Dunk and Egg Series

In the Trial by Seven, the newly knight Ser Raymun takes a green apple as his sigil after Steffon turns his cloak and fights for Aerion’s side. His belief is that “better green than rotten”. Aerion Brightflame essentially functions as the Big Bad for this novella, being a cruel tormentor to his own brother, Egg, and setting off the climax of the story when he attempts to assault Tanselle and is repelled by Dunk; this leads to Aerion accosting Dunk on trumped-up charges and the subsequent Trial by Seven, where Ser Duncan defeats Aerion and clears his named.

The aftermath of this leads to Aerion being exiled by his father, who has come to a Heel Realization following his accidentally killing his brother egt the Trial and who arranged for Ser Duncan to take Egg as his squire.

Dunk wins his Trial by Seven, but it comes anv the price of the death of three good men, including Baelor Breakspear who everyone believes was the great hope of the Seven Dujc. Tanselle Too-Tall, the Dornishwoman who Dunk crushes on, also lives, but she has to flee without saying goodbye, and Dunk fears that he’ll never see her again.

On the other hand, Prince Maekar accepts Dunk as a suitable knight and mentor to his young son, Prince Aegon. The hostess at the inn that Dunk visits notes that people of the village claim that the Tourney at Ashford will allow them to find dnuc and give them something to do, but she has never known of a single instance of tournaments actually cutting down the cost of grain.

Dunk idolizes Ser Arlan, but must quickly come to terms with the fact that Arlan eggg his martial accomplishments and neglected his duties in teaching Dunf how to fight. Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie: Dunk has to bury Ser Arlan by the side of the road.

Dunk and Egg – A Wiki of Ice and Fire

Even if Dunk knew where Pennytree is, he couldn’t carry him there. Egg hates his elder brother Prince Aerion Brightflame, passionately and even cheers other competitors to kill him. Maekar resented his brother, who was more likable and good-looking than him, and hated the fact that his children would inherit before Maekar’s. But even then he never wanted to kill him. In the Trial by Seven, Maekar and Baelor tussled and a poorly timed hit from Maekar’s mace damages his brother’s brains and kills him.

After finishing the second edition, Readers might well ask who the hell the guy on the horse depicted on the cover was supposed to be. He is certainly not Duncan.

Aerion destroys the puppet stand and breaks one of Tanselle’s fingers because they put on a story where a dragon gets slain. Dragons being the sigil of House Targaryen and believing himself to actually be a dragonAerion takes it as a veiled insult to the crown.

When Dunk intervenes, punching and kicking Aerion hard enough to loosen one of his teeth, Aerion wants Dunk executed, although he’s willing to settle for cutting off the hand and foot Dunk used to strike him, and breaking all of his teeth.

Prince Baelor doesn’t allow it. Baelor Breakspear is widely revered for being this, much to the jealousy of his brother Prince Maekar. Prince Daeron “the Drunk” admits to his own failure in doing right by his youngest brother, apologises to Dunk for levelling his own accusations against him which he withdrawsand quickly yields during the Trial By Seven.


Dunk, Egg and Baelor Breakspear. Aerion runs on the stuff. His bullshit finally gets successfully called out for what it is, but at a great price. Dunk doesn’t realise the drunk and the boy he meets in an inn are Prince Daeron Targaryen and a young Aegon Targaryen respectively. Prince Maekar after killing his brother Baelor. Unlike other examples, he fully accepts his guilt and resolves to make amends as much as he can, first sending his evil son, Prince Aerion Brightflame to Lys and then assigning Dunk as the Hedge Knight and Mentor to his youngest son, and favorite, Aegon in the hopes that he has more humility than his brothers.

Aerion finds himself at the losing end of this during the Trial of Seven, because, while he might be able to vanquish Ser Duncan the Tall, Dunk of Flea Bottom is more than able to beat the stuffing out of him. Only Known by Their Nickname: Since he was small, he was always known as Dunk and he’s not sure if that was a nickname or his real name. Egg thinks that Dunk’s true name is Ser Duncan and he thinks that it sounds nice. A classic example in that we see Dunk becoming Ser Duncan and Egg becoming his squire, their first meeting.

We also see the beginning of the formation of the Fossoway Cadet Branch: The Green Apple Fossoways.

Egg was originally supposed to squire for his brother, Prince Daeron the Drunken, but his love for alcohol led him to forgo going to the Tourney at Ashford. Getting restless, he decides to squire for Snd simply because he’s a knight going the same way.

In the end, he tells his father that he would not squire for anx knight but Dunk. Prince Maekar knows that this is how Baelor will be regarded after his death and he will always be hated across Westeros for being the man who took their Prince and potential Great King away from them. He also tells Dunk that he’ll be treated the same and tells him to prepare for it. The entire story takes place entirely at the Tournament at Ashford and goes into details in exploring the rituals of competition and chivalry, as well as the atmosphere around it.

Dunk of Flea Bottom, a squire for a hedge knight, becomes func knight in service to the royal family. He’s loved by the smallfolk for protecting one of them against a deranged prince. You Are Already Dead: Prince Baelor feels strange after helping Dunk win his trial by combat, and asks his fellow knights to wgg remove his helmet.

That’s when they discover that the back of his skull has been crushed, and the eggg was basically the only thing holding it together. You Should Have Died Instead: Prince Valarr in his grief wonders why his father, the Hand of ane King and hope of Westeros, should die so that a poor hedge knight like Dunk should live. Dunk himself feels guilty about this.

Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Aerion Brightflame’s bullying of others was indirectly responsible for, if not triggering some of the events that led to the severe reduction in the numbers andd able Targaryens, then setting them up to hit harder than they might have Which indirectly led to Aerys the Mad then having nobody of seniority and enough rank to check his follies.

Which led to the main series. A grievance over water rights has embroiled Ser Eustace into a feud with his neighbor, the rich and vindictive Lady Webber dunx Coldmoat. It’s up to Dunk and Egg to resolve the dispute before it escalates into bloodshed.

The Longinch, who’s driven off Lady Rohanne’s other suitors and whom she fears will eventually claim her by force.