Dream Jungle [Jessica Hagedorn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Jessica Hagedorn has received wide critical acclaim for her edgy. Dream Jungle is a novel by Jessica Hagedorn, a Filipino American author. The book was published in by Penguin Viking press. When people think of the Philippines, many think of shoes, and lots of them — Imelda Marcos’ Givenchy eight-and-a-half stilettos littering the grand presidential .

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Dream Jungle – like Jessica Hagedorn’s first novel, Dogeaters – hits the reader as Manila hits first-time visitors: But those who stick with the book – or Manila – will be taken up with it. Hagedorn, who immigrated to the US when she was hagedotn, offers an exile’s insight into the Filipino psyche. Her observations are razor-sharp yet fond.

Dream Jungle Reader’s Guide

The book begins with Antonio Pigafetta’s description of the Filipinos. Pigafetta was the log-keeper on Ferdinand Magellan’s expedition which discovered the Philippine islands in This sets the themes of discovery, conquest, corruption and exile. Hagedorn also uses a modern conquistador, Manuel Elizalde, who discovered a lost tribe in the rainforest of Mindanao in Elizalde was the adviser on national minorities to president Ferdinand Marcos.

National Geographic magazine claimed that the Tasadays ‘as stone age cave dwellers are unique: After Marcos fled to Hawaii inSwiss journalist Oswald Iten and two reporters from the German magazine Stern claimed that the Tasadays were a hoax. In Dream Jungle, Elizalde is thinly disguised as Zamora Lopez de Legaspi, the playboy mestizo mixed race member of the ruling elite.



He sees the lost tribe, here called Taobo, as noble savages to be educated. He also assumes this benefactor role with Rizalina, the cook’s daughter and his next conquest. Paz Marlowe is a journalist in self-imposed exile in the US. She returns to Manila for her mother’s funeral and is given the task of interviewing Zamora about the hoax allegations. Part one of the book is titled Discovery And Conquest. Hagedorn explores how a dominant culture imposes a state of colonial inferiority on another.

Hagedotn a painting by Fernando Amorsolo in Zamora’s house, Hagedorn writes: A balding Spanish priest offered up a chalice to the sky. The jessicaa of blood and betrayal was in the air.

And therefore drwam they are lost. Part two of the book, Napalm Sunset, is the title of a Vietnam war movie being filmed in the Philippines.

Dream Jungle | South China Morning Post

This part chronicles the complete corruption of Rizalina. Here, the narrative is fragmented as dozens of new characters are introduced, many of whom offer insights on the enigmatic Zamora and his reasons for concocting the supposed hoax.

The book is an engaging tale. Filipino readers might squirm, but the discomfort is recognition. Dream Jungle is an jung,e to a people slowly finding their own way after being colonised, not once, but three times. Skip to main content. Sunday, 26 October, Most Popular Viewed 1.


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