Only at Sweetwater! ✅ 0% Financing, ✅ FREE Tech Support, and ✅ FREE Warranty for your Drawmer SP!. Well you don’t need to have a degree in scratch mixing or a doctorate of higher production diagnostics to need the Drawmer SP (which could have been. TransAudio Group has introduced the new Drawmer SP Speaker Protector, a tamper-proof volume level management unit for installation.

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Anybody who has been around the audio industry for a while will know the name Drawmer. It has been associated with a number of industry milestones over the last 28 years, particularly in the area of Dynamics Processors and Studio Compressors. You just need to be the owner of a pile of expensive speakers in a nightclub. This particularly applies if you have been getting that 3: The SP is not draemer compressor: This is where normal dgawmer and system controllers run into trouble, especially digital ones.

Once your impaired DJ or band mixer starts pushing the signal path dgawmer clipping, two things happen. The first is that the signal component now contains a lot of DC, which can overheat speaker voice coils, and second, the additive effect of all the boosted preamps can send several volts to your compressor causing its input to distort severely. Also, you will most likely have a non-infinite limiting ratio set and unless it is in hard limit with a brick wall peak stop, you will have clipping amplifiers.


And there is your next problem; no protection at all. They will, of course restore it before you arrive with the re-cone kits. Saying good-bye to repair bills is as follows, assuming you have installed it correctly.

Adjust max output level pre-set until sound system volume reaches the maximum permitted SPL as specified by the installer or client. All you need is the key and a screwdriver. The second adjustment sets the absolute volume level to which the sound system is allowed to perform. The Drawmer SP gives a wide variety of venues, such as clubs, theatres, pubs, schools, universities etc.

Install it anywhere you need level control and say goodbye to the late night psycho calls! Top of page Filter Home Page. Filer14 – Feb For Sound Guys on the Move. Filter13 – Nov Filter12 – Dec Filter 11 – Apr The French Connection Correction.

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Filter 02 – Nov Hey, welcome back to Filter! Filter 01 – Oct Hi readers, welcome to the first issue of Filter!


Did the earth move for you? A Psycho on the Loose… Anybody who has been around the audio industry for a while will know the name Drawmer. Though it is dead easy to use, the dynamics processing is about as sophisticated as it gets. How Does it Work? Sound at the Speed of Light. Equilibrium Drinks a Toast to Nexo.

Drawmer SP Speaker Protector Limiter – With Key. | eBay

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Drawmer SP2120 Speaker Protector Limiter – With Key.

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