It seems that at least once a month or so, I get an email from someone who’s found me online, asking me if they could use dowsing to win the lottery. And if yes . However, when it comes to dowsing for lottery numbers this is controversial. There are people who say that one should not gamble for personal. Free download of Dowsing the Lottery by Gene Morris. that gives us those sporadic yet definitive abilities can also help us pick winning lottery numbers?.

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Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 0 guests. I received the DVDs and have done the dowsing. I have actually been dowsing for about a year or year and a half. I flunked the first two tests simply because I need to physically touch what I am looking for AND I ask the question outloud or in my head tge doing the no speaking as it says in the DVDs.

And maybe one needs have that included with the DVDs. It might help others too. But my question here is this: I am kind of unsure of how to do the Lottery Dowsing.

Do I just simply ask the question and point my finger to the numbers and hopefully it will give me yes answers? My higher self seems to lie to me about lottery numbers, but I am learning how to do this in more detail. When one is dowsing for the future, I learned that there is a certain way that one needs to say it.

How do you phrase the question when dowsing dowsinng the lottery numbers? Good advice, thank you for the tip! In regards to the lottery, look at the bonus features on disk 2 of the Dowsing set. It shows the entire lottery process and walks you through step by step, it’s fantastic that Major Smith gave this away for free. The Lottery template should be included in your DVD case and I believe it’s also available online at www.

Fri Dec 12, It’s good to meet fellow dowsers. I struggle, too, as you can see from my two projects. Sometimes I dowse close to the drawn numbers. From the constant practice, and reviewing the DVDs lotteru reviewing my memory of Dr. Smith’s Basic RV course I learn a little bit more with each attempt. Plus, doing it in various locations, conditions and times seems to be good for making one’s dowsing stronger.

I’ve dowsed my lottery projects in cars, at work, in homes inside and outside and various rooms. Day of and Day before, etc. And have used all the different methods, and sometimes just writing down numbers and notes about impressions.


Dowsing the Lottery, by Gene Morris: FREE Book Download

Haven’t tried a forked tree branch, yet So far I have tried the Powerball and had two numbers right but the others are in the vicinity. For example, I also dowsed but didn’t play pick 3. Dosing dowsed 8, 2, 6. The actual numbers were 8, 3 and 0. But the phrasing of the lottery is good because the one word is key.

I am not sure that I should say it here as I want to make sure that people see the DVDs, but I am learning too along the way. Hte what my rod says. Maybe I should try my pendulum instead. Anyone else have better luck with one vs another? Remember what Major Smith in the training.

Since dowsing is an extremely mental based skill, if you “think” you will have better luck with one tool over another, then you probably will. I am being more aware of what my tool is saying to see if it is close or right on. When I dowse for one of the numbers and the answer is a definite yes, then I know for sure that number is in the lottery drawing.

But it seems to do that for only one number. Maybe more practice will help. Also, for Lottsry Smith, when you ask to find which envelope the money or panda bear is at, include pictures of those with your DVD set. I bet you will have more success than failure.

Because dossing lot of people maybe not be getting which envelope its in. I have dowsed the Pick3 Lottery this week November 15th, week and lotrery The trick is how I phrased it. For example, I have tickets that I have already filled out with different combinations and asked a specific question.

I was so excited. Now, lottsry I can only do that with the Powerball numbers and match all numbers. I am working on it though.

I am starting out small and then going bigger. I am also finding out that my rods are saying “almost” when it tne quite say yes.

Which I find interesting. I have tickets that I have already filled out with different combinations I am starting out small and then going bigger Fri Jul 20, Anyway, after hearing the interview, I tried a basic dowsing of the European lottery Euromillions.

Dowsing the Lottery

I dowsed the five numbers and three were correct. Honest to God truth. Maybe it was luck or maybe I happened to Dowse correctly. So, dowsingg this win, I bout the 2 DVD set.


Remote viewing/ dowsing winning lotto numbers! experiment., page 1

Have not won again yet, but, like previous posts mentioned, I nearly always get one or two numbers out of dowsing five. And a nice testimonial to the dowsing set. Sorry I didn’t see your post until now. But better late than never! Mon Dec 31, Page 1 of 1. Previous topic Next topic. Fri Aug 27, 8: Auki Intermediate User Joined: Mon Jul 30, 5: Lottery Dowsing Good advice, thank you for the tip! I need to physically touch what I am looking for That’s probably a good exercise.

Before I learned to dowse and RV, I noticed that blue, black and red pens “felt” different. I was searching my bookbag for pens in the dark, to sign something.

Phrasing of the question is something I’m still working on, too. Sometimes I think one’s motivation, focus and attitude are more important. And that the phrasing is similar to writing a mission statement. Lottery Dowsing So far I have tried the Powerball and had two numbers right but the others are in the vicinity. Lottery Dowsing Remember what Major Smith in the training.

Lottery Dowsing I am being more aware of what my tool is saying to see if it is close or right on. Lottery Dowsing jhammer wrote: Lottery Dowsing Hi jhammer, Congratulations! How do you decide what combinations to pre-fill?

I thought about this but was reluctant to make up straight tickets. That’s why I count down lotterj record the hits. I found that it took several months years? That’s what I’m working on now. Paul Smith Professional Joined: Congratulations on the lottery win — that is music to my ears! I also find your observation about experiencing an “almost” response as well as a “yes” interesting and perhaps useful to others.

As far as including the pictures as you mentioned earlier — I’ll talk to the production folks to see what can be done. We won’t dowskng able to do it soon, since the currently available sets have already been produced. But we’ll discuss the merits of lotterj idea and see what could be done in the future.

Liam New User Joined: Tue Dec 18, Lottery Dowsing Liam– Way cool!

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