Steve Carell has signed on to star in the drama Dogs of Babel. Screenwriter Jamie Linden (Dear John) adapted the script from the novel by. Writer-director Jamie Linden talks about his new movie 10 Years as well as The Flight Before Christmas, The Testament, Dogs of Babel, and. The Dogs of Babel, a film to be directed by Dear John and Money Monster writer Jamie Linden, starts filming in June in New York. The motion.

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Jake Channing Tatum is deeply in love with his girlfriend Jenna Dewan-Tatum but runs into his high school flame Rosario Dawson for the first time in years; jock Cully Chris Pratt married cheerleader Sam Ari Graynor but is still haunted by all the classmates he bullied; longtime rivals Marty Justin Long and A.

Max Minghella are still competing to impress the hottest girl in class Lynn Collins ; and rock star Jamir Oscar Isaac is still too sogs to talk to his high school crush Elise Kate Maraexcept through song. Check out what he had to say after the jump. What was your inspiration for this film? Did it start with going to babbel own reunion? Yeah, it did, actually. I went to mine with my friend, Scott Porter, who is an actor. We grew up in Orlando, Florida, as far away from this business as you could be.

I have a couple other friends who live here in L. But, I found it interesting, just dohs on a sociological and anthropological level. We were talking about a way to subvert how filmmaking is normally done and how it was being done on that movie, which is that production takes precedence over the creative process, dlgs the sense that you film scenes out of order, babfl on locations and actor availability.

The line producer drives the bus, as far as how things are scheduled. So, we were looking for a way to strip all that away and shoot something chronologically, let the script just be a guide post, and to allow us to figure it lunden as we went and make changes as we went, dgos for it to be as organic as possible. We wanted to give a chance to a bunch of actors and a bunch of our friends to do something that was as naturalistic and real as we could make it.

We talked about a wedding and we talked about a funeral, and all of that stuff. None of it is original, as far as settings go, but it really was just an excuse for us to try to do something real that, because it feels real, hopefully has a modicum of originality to it.

Was there a specific character or linde that the film started with, or did it all develop organically from working with the gabel Channing and I had people that we wanted to work with.

I was friends with them and wanted to work with them again, so when I called them up, we talked about it. We talked about what the storyline could be, what they wanted to do, and how they wanted to interact and liinden who.


But, it really started with Channing. And he and I both wanted to work with Jenna [Dewan], his wife. We were talking about characters that would be interesting, and then we thought of this musician character.

I wanted a chance to work with them, so I wrote parts for them specifically. So, I had this idea about a musician and a song, but that was really the only part that we went out and looked for somebody for. Everything else we wrote for the actors and let it originate as naturally as possible from those actors.


It really was collaborative, all the way through. Did having Channing Tatum involved, from the beginning, really help get this process going and get this film made? It did, in the sense that Channing is up for anything. In a lot of ways, this was, for him and for me and the rest of the actors, a tonic to the studio movies, which he also loves and which are also fun, in digs own way, but this iamie never meant to be that.

This was always meant to be small and experimental, in the sense of how we were filming it and how many actors we had and how little of a net we had, as far as what we would do when we would show up for work, every day. We had a very small budget on this movie and Channing actually wanted it even smaller, from taking scale, as an actor, to not wanting a trailer. He wanted to do it as low frills as dogx and to strip away all of the artifice that comes from production, and just give an excuse for a bunch of actors who like each other, personally and professionally, to jamke together and see what happens.

He definitely led the way, in that regard, and set the tone for how the set was going to be, which is big. You hear the stories about big Hollywood movie stars, but Channing is lf the polar opposite of that. Channing is just a guy that wants to go and make things.

When you decide to take the step to director, that must be nerve-wracking on its own. Did it make you more confident and comfortable to be surrounded by so many actors that you were or with?

It was very much like actor camp for these guys. They were all staying in the same hotel, and it was the hotel that we were shooting in.

The Dogs of Babel – IMDb

To some regard, I wanted to just hang out and joke around, like I would normally, but I had to try to find the movie to shoot. The challenge, and also what I like most about a big ensemble movie, is that all actors have completely different processes and all of them prefer scenes to be done a different way.

That was what we had to figure out. How can all these different styles meld together into one thing that feels relatively cohesive?

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Jamie Linden

We developed all the babeo with the actors, and some of them were naturally more dramatic than others were, and there was a concern about tone and if it would feel like these people were in the same movie. At the end of the day, what we decided was that they were in the same room, by nature of them all being there, so we had to have them interact and make it work.


The reunion was such a means to an end, for me. When I was in the editing room, I wanted to get out of the reunion as quickly as possible. I was bored in the reunion, but excited about what happens afterwards. And then, we went to a real bar in Orlando, called Pretzels, which is this dive bar, and we stayed there the rest of the night.

I have a great production designer, who was our production designer on Dear Johnso I left it to her. That was all her invention.

I liked that stuff. As soon as we got to that, it was fun to shoot. How much fun was it to shoot everybody singing karaoke? For instance, when Chris Pratt gets on stage, we just pulled back and let the camera roll to see what would happen. We just had him perform his song, three times in a row, and that was it. There was no shooting other angles, or any of that stuff. We just let the camera roll.

Same with Scott [Porter], too. They really enjoyed it.

They went to a lot of karaoke bars in Albuquerque, before we filmed that, dgs to get some sort of rhythm going. Honestly, I came out of doing this, saying I would never do it again. The great thing, as a screenwriter, is that you are always proud of what ends up on the screen, you are able to create something in isolation and you have a lot of freedom. But then, when I got into post-production, I loved post-production so much. Getting through dovs made me want to suffer through production again.

I love ensemble movies when they work. So, I thought I would see what it would be like, on the other side. What are the added challenges, in doing a holiday film that the studio will presumably want people to return to, year after year?

All they had when they brought it to me was the title, The Flight Before Christmas. We were only responsible to us, to do something that felt genuine and authentic and real. I loved that movie, Once. I like doing it. Channing was attached to Dear John before I came along. Channing was attached, when they bought the book. It fills in a piece of the puzzle for you.

For 10 Yearthat was part of the process. You just want to keep challenging yourself and trying something new. Facebook Messenger Click the button below and wait for a message from our Facebook bot in Messenger! Reviews Movie Clips Interviews.