Sie möchten einen festen Betrag anlegen oder monatlich sparen? Bei uns finden Sie die passenden Produkte. Then click on Antrag speichern (Save request) • Then the account https://cash. ?execution. Questions about the DKB. At your account opening, the DKB promised you: “free cash withdrawals worldwide”. Excerpt . Diese Entgelte werden dem Karteninhaber auf Antrag erstattet.

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Do you want to open the DKB account, but you are still not aware of all the details? Picture by pictureyou will find the steps to open an account. Since the application on account opening is only provided in German language by the bank, we have translated the input fields and the main points that you have to tick. At the end of the article, you have the opportunity to ask questions on the DKB account opening.

We would be glad to help you. Input data about the person as stated on the ID card or passport. The address must be the one that is stated on your ID card or official proof registration certificate Meldebescheinigung. The bank cards will be sent to this address. Later, you can change the banking address online by yourself. To apply for the VISA credit casb and the amount of the credit line Kreditrahmenthe information on occupation and income are important.

Salary slips are usually not required. The net income is the transfer amount of the income plus additional income that may incur, like a side job, annuities, capital gains, renting, etc. Not in all, but in some professions, a new dkh with details on the industry will antfag.

The bank wants to know in which industry you are currently employed and since when. In order for the DKB to process your account opening request, the setting of some check marks is necessary. In the upper part, you check whether your data has been adopted correctly. The application does not have to be printed. All data was transmitted electronically to the bank.

Submitting documents, such as payslips, is not necessary in most cases. Similarly, the account application does not have to be printed and sent with your signature to the bank. The account opening request is valid without a signature. You have confirmed your caeh by clicking on the button. The opening of the DKB account is possible paperless. The e-mail of the DKB includes the prompt for legitimating ID check and proposes one or more options depending on your place of residence.

Girokonto Dkb Erfahrung

The common methods are the PostIdent or via WebCam. If you live outside Germany, the identification form via bank, notary, lawyer is still partially accepted. Please ask your question on the opening of the DKB account via the comment box. Very many DKB accounts have been opened through this special portal and we are pleased to help you with our experience! Once I had an account with PostBank, but they the bank closed that account inbut I still have the SparCard that came with the account. I only had a few hundred euro in it that I withdrew in In case Postbank, you have to ask this bank.


How long do you stay in Germany with your tourist visa? The Bank will make a credit inquiry on this address and get in your case little or no information. That is not so good for a successful account opening. Because the DKB account is with a line of credit. Maybe an account without credit line is also okay for you? A saving account is usually for free.

But you can do a lot with that. We can recommend another current account with easy opening procedure for foreign people, who visit German … but you have to pay a fee monthly. Of course — very interested!

DKB-Visa-Card Kreditkarte

Please provide the details. Seems to suggest that you have to be resident in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. I am from UK. It is correct that account openings from the UK were pretty easy until the 30th of June However, no account openings from Great Britain are currently possible. We really hope that this will change soon again and anyrag will report about this on our web-portal. I have been in touch with ComDirect who are very helpful and appear to offer a skb account.

Opening an account is not simple however — the identity form needs to be stamped by the Notary Public and them certified by an Apostille service. Antraag is an interesting option? You can make the identification for free with PostIdent in German post office, when you have a travel to Germany …. Thanks for response, and sorry that DKB have changed dib policy.

I am looking for a Euro amtrag as I am working in quite a few European countries these days, with a debit or cashcard for use at ATMs.

Earlier this year, a new provider started with a bank account optimized for smartphones number The current account is free, the Mastercard too and even withdrawing cash from the ATMs. The other alternative would be opening a savings account and depositing Euros 60, After depositing the third installment, you tell the bank that you are satisfied with the bank and that you would like to open a current account antrga the best bank for this is Comdirect DKB is very similar and how this plan works in detail, we have described here: I earn more than euros per month and currently live in Germany.

Any advices would be appreciated. Thank you that you post this information again. We informed several times about this current situation and about opportunities.

DKB-Visa-Card kostenlose Kreditkarte –

Why is it so difficult to open a German bank account, at a time when the European Union says that all Vash citizens should not be discriminated against simply because of nationality or residence within the EU? To open a current account over internet is not comparably with buy some shoes in online shop. We have experience with over banks in 15 countries and so we can say: Germany is dmb good country for open a bank account antragg it is here easier as in many other countries.


The bank is allowing Austrian and Swiss citizens vkb open accounts, but not us Brits. Banks must not discriminate against any EU citizens on the basis of nationality. Not every British bank opened for a foreigner an account. This online account is possible to open for UK people: That is sadly not possible, because the DKB is a direct bank without branches for casj customer.

Antrsg your German is good, you can try to open an account at Comdirect: I have two questions though, do I need a Meldebescheinigung to open a bank account? Is there an alternative to a non-resident like me? How long do you will live in Germany?

You can only get a Meldebescheinigung, if you live here … some banks open accounts also for non-residents. Which banks open accounts for non-residents? How would the process be? This question is not easy to answer, because it depends on the individual case the personal circumstances and the country. It would be anttag to make a list of banks that have the requirement of a residence in Germany. The easiest way as a non-resident is to visit a branch office of the Deutsche Bank and to open an account there.

The Deutsche Bank earns Money through the account management fees, so it is more willing to open an account. Additionally, the online banking is also available in English. This is usually not common in German banks. May ypi please let me know is there any chance to open DKB account or not?

Thank you in advance. Do you want try the comdirect bank? However, there is a branch now in Leipzig. So, I can try at the Branch, hope that it will work out. Thank you very much for your reply. Maybe it is becouse I do not live 3 years in Germany since there is a question to provide address. I will wait and try maybe with ING Diba. You can try it, but i guess the chance is very low. For swiss people in Switzerland, it is possible.

For German citizens abroad also no problem. But what is good reason to open a free account for a foreigner in another country … from the perspective of the DKB! Hi can you help, I have set the account up, finaly got the skype call to go through it rang out 10 times over the last few days with no answer and now…. Am I waiting for the bank to send me a pin? I cant log in because I dont have a pin no.

I need the bank account up and running I have bills to pay. Call the customers service with phoneplease.