fundamentos de diseño de Wucius Wong. JF. Jenny Fonseca. Updated 30 July Transcript. Tamaño: 1 elemento. Figura: secundaria. Principios del diseño bidimensional – Wucius Wong. 1 like. Book. Get this from a library! Fundamentos del diseño bi y tri dimensional. [Wucius Wong; Homero Alsina Thevenet].

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Wong is not the first to say that this particular facet of contemporary Chinese budimensional is overrated and overpriced, but his reaction is unusually strong for Hong Kong, where the mainstream art world does more or less accept that the post artists played a considerable role in the development of the genre.

He bidimnesional a literary magazine and studied painting with Lui Shou-kwan, one of the most important pioneers of modern Chinese ink art. That cultural loyalty is inseparable from a patriotism borne out of his experience during the second world war.

I remember wudius being destroyed, the country nearly destroyed. Here, you cannot do anything that is ever purely Chinese or purely Western. Another reason he thinks Chinese artists should stick with their heritage is because of demand.


Hong Kong’s Wucius Wong delivers riposte to ‘derivative’ Chinese contemporary artists

Some will buy a Modigliani wuxius most of them do not know anything about Western art. They only understand Chinese art, which is why prices of works by modern Chinese painters like Lin Fengmin and Wu Guanzhong have become sky high. At the same time, people who bought avant garde contemporary paintings a few years ago have seen prices fall. His arguments are self-serving, since his works are very obviously from the Chinese ink tradition.

But his views are honed not from a blindly ethnocentric world view, but a thoroughly cosmopolitan one. I am also interested in design because it is a way of thinking that is systematic.

He designed a logo for the new exhibition that is a blend of modern design and Chinese calligraphy. There are three meanings: The exhibition will feature 32 works that represent different styles he has used in his wuciuw, from the abstract portrayal of water that is geometric in form, to sweeping, realistic landscapes that employ Western techniques of dealing with luminosity that he says are inspired by Baroque artists and Turner.


I also use oil as well as ink.

Skip to main content. Hong Kong’s Wucius Wong delivers riposte to ‘derivative’ Chinese contemporary artists. Tuesday, 08 March,6: I want China to stand up again. You are signed up.

Wong, Wucius [WorldCat Identities]

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