Housing: in extruded aluminium with ABS end caps. Diffuser: in opal polycarbonate, fluted inside, smooth on the outside, dust- proof, UV. Rigo. Housing: in extruded aluminium with ABS end caps. Optics: in high- gloss aluminium. Diffuser: in opal polycarbonate, fluted inside. Rigo LED. HOTEL. Housing: in extruded aluminium with. ABS end caps. Diffuser: in opal polycarbonate, flu- ted inside, smooth on the outside, dust-proof, UV.

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In the eld of traditional lightning, leds are successfully used for orientation and decorative lighting. Recently, thanks to a rapid performance improvement it is also possible to realize solutions for functional inside and outside lighting.

Leds also have other important features: LEDs are providing lighting designers with a whole new range of exiting tools to help them achieve the best results and develop creative lighting solutions with amazing effects that were once technically impossible to achieve. For the first time in history, the technological advancement of LED lighting resulted in the development of sources that can deliver high quality white or coloured light for both indoor and outdoor applications.


A high-quality LED with an Power supply and regulation LED and traditional lamps. LEDs have a nominal light output of Lumens and can bring remarkable energy savings compared to conventional sources: In discharge lamps these variations cut A larger selection means higher quality, but also higher costs.

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Any statement about the working life of a LED light is considered reliable after assessing the inuence of temperature. Excessive temperature affects the correct functioning of LED lights and reduces their working life.

The values concerning lamp life are regarded as reliable after determining the effect of heat on LED sources. In fact, overheated LEDs are more likely to be affected by malfunction and have a shorter life rivo.

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Therefore, for LEDs to operate properly, guarantee long In this case it is fundamental to ensure that LEDs have excellent air circulation and a good heat sink to dissipate heat. Regulations regarding street lighting and light quality Sisano luminance levels used for street lighting fall within the levels ranging between 0.


Rigk streets with luminance levels ranging between 0. This means that, in order to have the same reaction time, it is necessary to have higher luminance levels This enables to operate the lighting xture at reduced power for some installations, according to programmable periods using dedicated sensors, such as light sensors or presence detectors. In particular, according to the UNI