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DIN DUCTING FOR VENTILATION EQUIPMENT; FLANGES, SERIES 1 ; ANGLE FLANGES. cpid We manufacture and supply flanges in all dimensions and formats for ventilation and extraction systems, machinery and container construction. DIN – This document has been replaced by:: DIN Relationship to other standards. This document references: Show more .

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We developed the BEA flange model to serve as a bypass valve.

BEA provides a compact regulating system. Customers benefit from its perfectly integrated components. BEA is very flexible in design.


As with all our products, the BEA is designed with safety in mind and requires very little maintenance. The BEA offers high availability, which serve to ensure processes that are both a profitable and safe.

The ELA valve was designed to be welded into an existing conduit.

We designed RENA as a single- or multi-vane system. Unless you specify otherwise, they are produced in accordance with the DIN standard.

DIN 24193-2 (1).pdf

Upon request we can also outfit RENA with a refractory lining made of concrete or mineral wool. As with all our valves, RENA is very robust, low in maintenance and safe.


Even under extreme conditions, RENA offers a long service life, very di probability of failure and great reliability. Owing to its customized combination of materials and its configuration, FINJA is able to reliably satisfy your every requirement.

Despite its lightweight and compact design, we were very careful that it be able to fully satisfy the extreme demands placed on it in industrial applications. Adjusting for the combination of materials, LINA can be employed to safely handle regulate extreme parameters high temperatures, aggressive media, etc.

Owing to its modular welded design, we can quickly and accurately modify LINA to your specific application. Depending on specifications, we can supply RIA in various, ready-made configurations, or we can adapt it to precisely suit your specific needs. This allows for direct mounting without the xin for an additional console — which means the RIA can be automated quickly and easily later 241193. RIA is very robust, durable and requires little maintenance.

Duct Work Stainless Steel HVAC System مصر الجديدة – OLX Egypt

With its safe and proven design, RIA guarantees high system availability even under extreme conditions. Other advantages RENA offers: Class I optimized for dust-laden media Flange valve with flanges as per DIN or in specified dimensions. For air, flue gas, waste gas. Conversion kit available for easy, subsequent RENA automation. Corrosion protection included in the standard model. Actuation 224193 hand lever, worm drive, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic Fire-resistant lining available refractory concrete, fireproof mineral wool.


DN 40 up to DN other sizes available separately. Integrated ISO interfaces. Conversion kit available for easy, subsequent 21493 automation.

Corrosion protection includes in the standard design. Actuaton by hand lever, worm gear, electric, pneumatic, etc. Other advantages LINA offers: Class I optimized for dust-laden media Fire-resistant lining available refractory concrete, fireproof mineral wool.

Flange valve with flanges according to DIN standard Special dimensions available upon request.

DN 40 to DN other sizes available separately. Conversion kit available for easy, subsequent LINA automation. Other advantages RIA offers: Conversion kit available for easy subsequent RIA automation.

Corrosion protection included in standard model.