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StE , DIN, DIN , Weldable fine grain structural steel forgings; technical delivery conditions, DIN , Welded circular tuber of fine grain steels for. , DIN, DIN , Weldable fine grain structural steel forgings; technical delivery conditions, SEW , Mechanical-technological properties of. WStE , DIN, DIN , Weldable fine grain structural steel forgings; technical delivery conditions, DIN , Weldable normalized fine grain structural.

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This Website uses cookies for comfort and statistical issues. By continuing, you agree to the use of cookies. Read more about data protection. These fine-grain structural steel grades are characterized by a minimum yield strength of – MPa, by good weldability and high resistance to brittle cracking.

These grades are used above all for manufacturing vessels for pressurized gas LPG, butane and propane tankspressure vessels, steam boiler parts, pressure piping, compressors etc. The user of these steel grades must make sure that his calculation, design and processing methods are appropriate for the material.

The welding technique used must be suitable for the intended application and comply with the state-of-the-art. The fine-grain structural steel grades rolled under normalized conditions offer good cold-forming and hot-forming properties without negatively affecting the material properties. These steel grades are therefore also suitable for cold-bordering and cold-flanging as well as for cold-bending and cold-folding, considering the bending radii according to DIN for a steel grade of corresponding strength.


Dln holding time after temperature equalization should be approx. In addition to the properties of the basic grade, the heat-resisting grades P NH offer the following minimum yield point at elevated temperature values in transverse direction.

The fine-grain structural steel grades of this series can ein perfectly welded both manually and using automatic equipment by means of all known welding processes. However, the quality of the weld joint depends on the welding process, the welding conditions and the selection of the correct filler metals.

The welding wires and electrodes approved in this strength category must be used as filler metals.

dih Basic coated electrodes are recommended for manual welding. In general, pre-heating prior to welding or torch-cutting is not necessary. Subsequent normalized or stress relief annealing with the grades rolled under normalized conditions is required only if called for in the regulations or if operating and manufacturing conditions make a reduction of the residual welding stresses appear useful.

The thermo-mechanically rolled steels are not suitable for normalizing; stress relief annealing is possible.

Excessively high annealing temperatures or excessively long annealing times bear the risk of reducing the strength values to below the condition of delivery. History Geschichte des Salzgitter-Konzerns.


Weldable fine-grain structural steels for pressure vessels

Electro-zinc coated steel products. Regulations and Conditions of Purchase. StuPrax – Combined Studies. Internship for School Students.

Blog der Salzgitter AG. PNH 2 3 0.

If N is only fixed with Al, then: NL1 30 40 50 70 80 P NL2 2 42 45 55 75 85 transverse 0 20 P ML2 27 40 60 80. The sample width shall equal the product thickness if the latter is between 6 and 10 mm, the tests being performed using samples which are similar to Charpy-V samples.

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The values specified in the table above are to be reduced proportionally to the sample width. The values are determined by simulative annealed samples. The 71103 is responsible for the adjustment of the values by the final heat treatment. Yield point at elevated temperature. Site map Search Legal Notice Data protection. About us Management Ulrich Grethe Dr.

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