Page 1. Page 2. | । । । yALE UNIVERSIT`. LIBRARV. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page 14 . In , the rare book dealer Wilfrid Voynich discovered what is now known as the. Voynich Manuscript in a Jesuit library at the Villa Mondragone near Rome.

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Uploaded by Doctor Raymond on March 9, Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The Voynich Manuscript Item Preview. Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Topics voynichmanuscript. The Rescargar Manuscript is a document that is notable for its strange text, that to date hasn’t been decyphered.

Theories range from a secret language or code to an old sort of joke or hoax. Dear Intellectuals of light bearing science, Today I am honored to inform you that the Voynich Manuscript has been finally deciphered.

To date, scientists, historians, mathematicians and linguists have struggled to decipher the manuscript.

However, the mystery has finally been put to rest. Currently, a formal paper of the philological study was submitted to an academic journal in John Hopkins University. Here is the link for uncovering the greatest mysterious manuscript and the logic behind https: I will translate this one in English as soon as possible. HPalakat87 – favorite favorite favorite – August 26, Subject: Work of a Researcher Seeing the struggle of words or text between the drawings tells about the writer have first captured the visual elements from his close observation.

He has seen the plants, women, stars and have manyscrito drew the picture.

The Voynich Manuscript : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Later like his auto biography he started writing about it by his research between the drawings. The author has managed to group the individual papers together to form a journal as an archive of his research. As the texts are of in a single line it could be written by a women where most of the elements mentioned depicts to give a life or some form of life.

Lost work of DaVinci? And I actually read somewhere that the artistic renderings of all the women in baths actually seem to depict the structure and function of different bodily organs.

SukhwantSingh – favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – April 12, Subject: I hope, my explanation will lead to resolving the Voynich manuscript once and for all. Please watch this fully- Please do I have provided proofs for the whole alphabet comparing it with the existing written characters available from Multani, Khudabadi, Khojki, Landa, Mahajani languages.

Each character is defined, no guess work here. If you study the history of Landa languages. The character hiding and mixing still happens in business communities in remote villages in Multan in Pakistan, to this day. Please widen your knowledge as I have detailed as much as possible, There is no alternative to this, because this is the truth.

All the researchers so far have guessed and fooled public. I want to emphasis this again “English does not have these sounds”.

Its same way when you cannot understand the culture and language of another place, it’s simple, do not make up something in the name of translation.

So far what injustice has been done to MSit should stop. Please research the history of the region, I have explained things which have evidence behind them. If I have a mountain of gold, I will bet on it.


Just because you don’t understand, doesn’t mean the rest of the world doesn’t either. I am not here to translate the whole book for the reason explained, but there are “No Experts” other than researchers on Landa Khojki, Multani, Sindhi mentioned in the explanation. Nothing against anyone but You are absolutely not doing justice if you claim some culturally important book of someone else to be yours.

I am ready to debate word by word, because this is absolute truth, with evidence provided, No guess work here. Please go through the video in full, hear the alphabet and see where the character came from, everything is explained word by word, including who could have written MS The map is what I have explained in detail, including zooming in and clearly showing the cities in Uzbekistan.

All that region including the rest down south didn’t had manuscriyo demarcation of countries which exist now. People used to travel as far as they could. Silk route was well traveled and passed through that region.

Each word is explained with proof. If you cannot pronounce a word or unaware of culture of that region, I would suggest read more in depth from pages of history. Benjamin J Servick – favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – March 11, Subject: It looks like nothing when it’s right side up but when you flip it upside down looking at it with light behind it you can see drawings all over it in different spots.

Morning glory88 – favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – March 9, Subject: Here is a hint. What do a Venus fly trap, the birth of Venus painting and the songs “in bloom” and “kiss by a rose” have in common. Something like Carl Jung and the truman show: The image quality and other info is in the form very nice.

Marcos Santos – favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – March 4, Subject: However, the article ends So far, this has not been done. Mystery solved As it is said the book like this written in latin would have been valuable at the time. So there is some rich duke who wants to seem intellectual and own a scientific book.

Somebody hears about this and sees a possibility to make money. He pays a bookmaker to make a book that looks like scientific book but written in gibberish so that he duke won’t know what the book is abut. Book seems legit so he pays a good money and brags to his friends as he owns a scientific book. So that’s what this book is. A book made to look valuable.

If you see the text there’s a lot of same kind of words repeating. This is usual for made up languages. My first impressions about the language The words seem to be rather short letters. There seems to be no prepositions or postpositions what I can tell at least.

There are distinctive patterns of words that keep on repeating. The resulting text seems to be rather artificial. Maybe code with made up letters and missing key to decipher? A couple of ideas I just noticed all the pots illustrated next to the pictures of the plants pages and Does the book use different pots to illustrate the roots looking the same notice the legs of the pots or are they just random containers used to store those roots?

So what they’ve illustrated there might have been real pots people used at the time and area of the writing Near East etc. Navyarao – – August 9, Subject: Illustrator voynifh writer Hi dear fellas, I found something interesting while going through this manuscript. I am not sure whether someone mentioned this previously or not. While am going through each page and illustration of plants and human, kind of beings were done mwnuscrito some amateur painter.


I believe this manuscript was prepared by more than 2 people.

The Voynich Manuscript

One person might have illustrated the picture that was painted on the page and the other person simply drew the pictures. This logic made me to think that- How come a beautiful handwriting person can be a bad painter?

And also I see some imprints of paintings on the backside of each page, it clearly indicates that paintings were done 1st and context about the paintings were wrote later on. I also felt that some of the flower paintings resembled that native Asian flowers esp one picture resembled the LOTUS flower leaf. I am not sure what was written in that book but it clearly says the manuscript was prepared by more than 1 person. I’ve got a point to make I’ve been reading the book and I see that it’s all about plants, to me it has nothing to do with astronomy or stars, a bit of imagination yes but nothing too far from reality.

So what are the stars if not stars But also we start to see stars depicted with plants, these stars I believe to be seeds or seedlings. So when I then see the circles with firstly a face between two half moons I clearly see the moon cycle and same for the sun clearly depicted. It is the older story in human history there are some crops that are planted at growing moon and some other have to be after the day of frost.

The circles are the cycles, the plants are plants and the women are the carriers of the seed be it the pods or the pollen etc. The part where there are many stars in a circle to me it could mean a few things like plant spacing or number of seeds that each star conforms to.

To me this entire descargxr is only and solely about plants and plant physiology. I can recognise many plants with a bit of imagination. There’s a great explanation on roots for each depiction as well as the top text is also depicted with the top of the plants. Also there are word sequences descargad I noticed repeat at roots and some that repeat at the tops which makes me think that if one possibly tries to match symbols to images without applying a meaning to them and just imagining what ep may refer to in relation to the picture it kind of flows in a weird way hard to manuscrlto without sounding looney but this book is a big puzzle it not was meant to be eel but to be understood beyond language I deciphered the manuscript Riabets M.

I deciphered the manuscript – a Scandinavian language – see here http: Tempest – favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – February 7, Subject: Another possible explanation If you analyze the overall context of the writings and it’s accompanying drawings, you can see that plants and women play into a theme. Finally, some man discovered and understood how women think and their minds work.

He must’ve immediately thought to himself, “I’d better write this down for all men everywhere.