Diagnose an issue or test pc for your Dell XPS M M Identify and fix common problems with online dell diagnostics. Comprehensive review of the Dell XPS M notebook (Core 2 Duo T GHz / NVIDIA Geforce M GS) with a variety of. Find great deals on eBay for Dell XPS M in PC Laptops and Netbooks. Shop with confidence.

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If Dell launches a subnotebook which belongs to the XPS series, you should already know what you can expect. Combined with a Dell added a notebook with completely new design to its product range, the XPS M Also the tapered front edge looks beautiful.

However, the design of the hinges and the notebook’s back side are crucial for the overall appearance of the notebook. Regarding colors, the XPS M has a black finished trough made of aluminum, roughened aluminum palm rest areasand a black display with silver molding.

The used materials and the slightly roughened surfaces contribute to the notebook’s comfortable and high-quality haptics. The display cover is designed in the same way, but, very sensible to fingerprints and hard to clean. Besides the design also the stability of the case convinces. The base unit is very flexural rigid and also very resistant against applied forces. Regarding this aspect, we could detect some smaller weaknesses above the keyboard, where especially the cover of the speakers can partly be easily pushed in.

The same is true, for the complete part with the XPS logo, which even wobbles a little bit. Although the flexural rigidity is generally alright, also the display clearly yields under pressure.

The hinges of the Dell M do not dlel look good, they also convince in use. The position of the display can be precisely adjusted, whereas no see-saw is noticeable. A transport hooki. Instead a closing mechanism of the hinges, keeps the notebook closed. To prevent the risk of object penetration between display and base unit, Dell provides a notebook bag mm1330 the XPS M instead.

As long as you do not travel with big luggage, it is very useful. There even isn’t enough space for the power adapter in this elegant cover. Fortunately, the XPS M fits even with the clearly bigger 9-cell battery in. As a supplement, you’ll find stereo cable bound headphones and bluetooth headphones, which k1330 enjoying music without cable possible, in delp package.

The sound of both of these devices is acceptable. Although it seems that the XPS M provides only few interfaces at first, they are adequate considering it is a subnotebook. Besides the standard ports, i. Perhaps, you’ll miss the ddll portdepl would be a dfll reasonable supplement for compact and mobile notebooks.

We think that this is maybe Dell’s way to differentiate between consumer and business notebooks. So, the keyboard unit looks spacious. But, even at a closer look the keys are of good size and the layout is reasonable. Typing with M feels comfortable. It is possible to type a number of text pages without bigger problems. It is easy to hit the right keys, and also the point of pressure convinces. The key travel is short, but, yet adequatetyping feels soft and the point of pressure is somewhat less definitive.

  FLTK 1.3 PDF

The keyboard is attached tightly. This is most obvious, because of the relatively hard stop at the end of the typing process. Typing is not too loud. Even, if you type forcefully, the noise level stays acceptable all the time.

The touchpad has, typical for Dell, positive qualities. These are a user-friendly surface, optically marked scroll zonesand two touchpad buttons which are soft in use.

The molding with hotkeys is right above the keyboard and nicely m13300 by blue LEDs. When switching the notebook on, these are illuminated one after each other and show a ‘KITT’ effect, which got famous for its red running light in TV history.

At the time of writing there are 2 different display versions available for the XPS M First of all, a The resolution of x pixels fits well to the We felt that the display was subjectively rich in contrast and good regarding deol representation.

Its maximum brightness was So, the illuminaation is Similar to the Apple MacBook Pro the main advantages of the LED technology are low power consumption and a longer lifespan of the backlight. The measured black valuethis is the minimum representable brightness, was very low.

This should be the biggest advantage of the LED version. Although the display is sufficiently bright for outdoor usageworking is somewhat cumbersome because of the reflecting surface. Depending on the brightness of the n1330, you’ll face more or less heavy reflectionswhich limit the legibility of the displayed content.

The viewing angles of the reviewed panel are rather average. Vertically, when looking from top down, you’ll quickly face a loss of contrast and a darkening of the display.

Dell XPS M Review

If you fold the display to the back, you’ll face a similar phenomenon. Horizontally, you’ll too face a loss of contrast and also clear reflections, if the angle gets acuter. The same is completely true for the XPS M Here you might legitimately m13330 whether so much power is reasonable for a compact notebook. Be this as it sell, obviously, there is a demand for notebooks which are configured alike the M, which should not be under- estimated.

You can be sure to be at the absolutely safe side even through the coming years, at least regarding office and multimedia applications.

Dell XPS M1330

1m330 might be an important aspect, which might influence your buying decision. We felt that the access time of the built-in GB harddisk was somewhat too low, and presumably also impeded a higher PCMark result.

Despite of a good performance, something has to be clear: Good multimedia performance does not mean that games can be played without limitations. Doom 3 and Fear run fine with low resolution and details, n1330, if you increase them, the built-in video card is quickly at its limit.

Especially with new computer games, the XPS quickly reaches its performance limits. Despite the fan runs permanently even in idle modewe felt that the XPS is relatively quiet. This is mainly because of the low-frequency noisewhich is rather decent, despite of a noise level of Sometimes, the fan runs even in idle mode at higher revolutions, which lets the notebook appear a little louder, but, in total the noise is acceptable.


Sometimes a high-frequency cheeping can be heard in idle mode, but, only if the environment is absolutely quiet and when listening very carefully. Furthermore, we, would not call it annoying. A clicking noise is sometimes emitted by the hard disk, especially during the boot process. Under load the fan runs clearly faster, and a noise level of about Sometimes we also measured annoying maximum values of During standard usage, it is not very likely that this noise level is reached.

But, if it was, we have to mention, that the fan immediately decelerates, if the performance demand falls. So, the noise level will be acceptable again soon. Our test uncovered that the surface temperature in idle mode were nearly above the ones under load. Especially the temperature of the palm rest areasmade of aluminum, was comfortable, because it did not exceed The maximum of the top side was measured in touchpad region and amounted to The surface temperature of the bottom side was somewhat higher than at the top side.

We measured a maximum of up to Apropos use at the lap: The suction hole of the fan is at the back left side of the bottom side and you should take care not to cover it with anything, especially when demanding high performance at the same time. Still, also mobile use on soft surfaces was trouble-free. The sound of the two speakers, located beneath a perforated cover above the keyboard, is average.

Especially the basses are not so good.

Dell XPS M Specs – CNET

The maximum volume is also only moderate. Sound output via the 3. Digital sound is available via the provided HDMI port with proper adapter. For mobility you should definitely at least choose the 56Wh 6 cells version. The runtime was also measured with a battery of this kind. The 4 cell versions is only for those who like very light notebooksif weight is the most important aspect.

For those who travel a lot the 9-cells 85Wh battery might be interesting too. The cost de,l 47, J1330 you use the Dell XPS M with the bigger 9-cells battery the notebook will stand gently inclined. Interestingly, this also improves the typing comfort. The runtime of the 56Wh Akkus ranged from a minimum of somewhat about one hour to a maximum of a little above 5 hours. Even the runtime during WLAN usagein energy saving mode, brightness at level 6 one below maximum, display still good legible of about 3 hours is rather passable.