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Johannes Vermeer y Anthon van Leeuwenhoek: Johannes Vermeer and Anthon van Leeuwenhoek: Delft Art and Science together during the golden Dutch century.

Johannes Vermeer and Anthon van Leeuwenhoek are among the greatest geniuses in Art and Science respectively.

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During the protozoolkgia century, they achieved innovative advances. Leeuwenhoek, friend of Vermeer, influenced him in the use of the obscure camera in his works. In spite of having no formal academic education, he made extremely relevant discoveries with the use of microscope.


He showed for first time human spermatozoids, red blood cells, brain, nerve and muscle structures and described many living animals.

These two brilliant contemporary Dutch men made a great contribution to our civilization.

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Art; Medicine; Microscopy; Potraits as topic. Su nombre real era Thonis Philipszoon.

La casa ya no existe Todo esto sugiere que Vermeer no gustaba de vender sus pinturas sino tenerlas para su propio regocijo o de admiradores privados ,8. En suma, estos dos genios holandeses tuvieron muchas semejanzas: A protzooologia of Vermeer. University of California Press, Los Angeles Visitado el 21 junio Dominiczak Painting, Poetry and Optics: Clin Chem Lab Med ; Vermeer, Huygens e Leeuwenhoek.

Vermeer and the Camera Obscura some Practical Considerations.

How the brain sees Vermeer’s Woman holding a balance. Visitado 21 junio Bull Med Libr Assoc ; Antoni van Leeuwenhoek J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry ; Anthony Van Leeuwenhoek and his Microscopes.

The Scientific Monthiy ; Recibido el 4 de julio, Aceptado el 25 de agosto,