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Sistema de Seguridad Social en Salud y Srp · DECRETO The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital. Titres liés. Texto del artículo (1).pdf · 13_Inventarios .pdf · Sistema de Seguridad Social en Salud y Srp · DECRETO DECRETO DE Por el cual se dictan disposiciones en materia del ejercicio de aplicación voluntaria de normas internacionales de.

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La mise en oeuvre de cette loi fait l’objet d’un plan national de l’administration et de la gestion du personnel. Fixe le statut particulier du personnel de l’administration judiciaire: De la discipline arts.

De la cessation des fonctions arts. Des dispositions diverses arts. Ordonnance no du 24 mars portant organisation et fonctionnement des “fokontany”.

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Provides for a code of conduct for officers ds by the Examinations Council, and regulates the disciplinary procedure as well as the imposition of sanctions on officers. Applies to civil servants. Sets forth rules for the accreditation, certification and approval of skilled construction workers and construction site supervisors, as well as for the approval of training centres, test centres, assessors and training instructors.

Land Quarry Rules Provides for obligations of quarry operators. Part III covers safety requirements, including obligations in relation to emergency escape, explosives, and reporting of accidents.

Provides for offences and penalties. Made under the Land Ordinance Sabah Cap. Provides for a code of conduct for the employees of the Sabah Economic Development Corporation, disciplinary proceedings where employee is in breach of the Code, dismissal, criminal proceedings, suspension, disciplinary punishment and termination of employment in decretoo public interest and for related matters.

Amends provisions in the Trade Unions Act concerning the affiliation of unions of public officers in a federation of trade unions. Amends the Pensions Act of provisions concerning the eligibility of public officers to participate in the Employees Provident Fund Scheme.


Provides that the number of other members of the Public Services Commission shall not exceed decrto. Exempts employees in tin mines in West Malaysia from s.

Constitution of the State of Sabah: Directions on Delegation of Powers under Clause 7 of article Deals dcereto the appointment of public officers, re-engagement of pensioners, extensions of contract.

Deemed to have come into force on 2 Jan. Revokes the Directions of 30 Sept. Covers safety matters concrete work, roof repair, catch platforms, chutes, safety belts, ladders, scaffolds, demolition, blasting, power tools in the construction industry. Farmers’ 20111 Regulations Farmers’ Organization Amendment Act No.

Exempts employees in gravel pump tin mines from s. Pensions Re-computations Act, Act An Act to provide for the re-computation of pensions, gratuities and other benefits for officers in the public service, who are subject to the salaries and terms and conditions of service based on the recommendations by the Suffian and Aziz Royal Commissions, and their dependants.


Public Service Tribunal Act An Act to establish a body to inquire into and resolve anomalies affecting the remuneration and terms and conditions of service in the public service Act A Employment Exclusion Order Persons employed decreeto statutory bodies and local authorities to be excluded from the application of the Employment Ordinance LS Mal.

Act Act to provide for the administration of pensions, gratuities and other benefits for employees in the statutory and local authorities and dependants prusuant to the revision of salaries and terms and conditions of service of such employees made by the Government with effect from 1 January Text amended by Am.

An Act to provide for the administration of pensions, gratuities and other benefits for employees in the stautory and local authorities and their dependants pursuant to the revision of salaries and terms and conditions of service of such employees made by the Government with effect from 1 January ddcreto Farmers’ Organization Act No.

An Act to provide for the registration of farmers’ organisations, the control and supervision of such farmers’ organisations and for matters connected therewith. Farmers’ Association Rules Provides for the constitution of every Area, State and Federal Farmers’ Association; responsibilities and duties of members; matters relating to suspension of associations; and matters relating to the dissolution of associations, including the appointment of a liquidator.

Police Act [Act ]. The principal areas covered by this Act are participatory forestry, forest management, forestry research, forestry education, forest industries, protection and rehabilitation of environmentally fragile areas, sustainable use of forest products, agro-forestry, strengthening of institutions, trafficking in forestry produce, biodiversity conservation, establishment of a forestry administration.

The Act is made up of 87 sections, divided into 14 Parts. National Construction Industry Act, No. Establishes a National Construction Industry Council of Malawi with the purpose of regulating the construction industry, so as to give advantage to Malawi construction enterprises, promote safety in the construction industry, register persons employed in the industry, review the procedure for awarding contracts, and discipline persons who breach industry regulations.

Establishes a Government Teaching Service Commission to regulate the employment and discipline of teachers in the Government Teaching Service. Corrupt Practices Act, Decretk. Establishes an Anti-Corruption Bureau with the function of investigating corruption in public and private bodies.

Sets forth offences against the Act. Allows the Bureau to investigate public officials who appear to be living beyond their means. Nurses and Midwives Act, No.

Establishes a Nurses and Midwives Council with the purpose of administering the certification, licensing and disciplining of nurses and midwives. Public Service Act, No. Young Pioneers Repeal Act, No. Repeals the Young Pioneers Act, but provides that Young Pioneers shall continue derceto be employees in the public service, and may be seconded, transferred, posted, promoted or otherwise assigned to any other eligible dw in the public service, other than the armed forces or the Malawi Police Force.


Provides for rules in respect of diploma and certificate courses of training, approved training institutions and examinations for paramedicals and allied health professionals. Made under 494 Medical Practitioners and Dentists Act. Medical Practitioners and Dentists Act Provides for the registration and disciplining of medical practitioners and dentists and the regulation and training of medical personnel generally.

Part X deals with education and training. Agriculture General Purposes Act No. Smallholder Agricultural Produce Marketing Regulations Nurses and Midwives Amendment Act Miscellaneous amendments to the principal Act Cap. An Decdeto to make miscellaneous provisions for the general regulation of the agricultural industry. Short title and commencement 2. Regulation of the agriculture industry 4. Incidental and supplementary provisions 5. Application of regulations etc.

Mining Safety Regulations Mines and Minerals Act Cap. Retail Shops Amendment Act An Ce to amend the law relating to shop hours and business licensing and for matters incidental thereto.

Inter alia, repeals the Shops Hours Ordinance Cap. Farmers Stop Order Act Cap. Validity of stop-orders 4. Registration of stop-orders 5.

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Discretion of registration officer 6. Registration not to cure defect nor to confer validity 7. Correction of register 8. Priority of stop-orders 9. Security not to be extinguished by sale, etc. Bills of Sale Act not to apply No stamp duty payable Penalties for offences in connexion with stop-orders Government to be bound. Judicature Act of the Maldives Act No. Maldives Civil Service Act, Establishes an independent Civil Service Commission with full statutory powers.

Grants and dfcreto the legal status, objectives, responsibilities and jurisdiction of the Civil Service Commission including with respect to the supervision of employment of civil servants.

Police Act, Act No. AN ACT to regulate the organization, discipline and duties of the Police Force, and to provide for matters ancillary or consequential thereto. Repeals the Police Act, Public Administration Act, Act No. I of Cap. Makes provisions for the qualification of public officers to be elected as members of the House.

Makes provision for the regulation of the social work profession and to provide for matters connected therewith or ancillary thereto. Set out the minimum health and safety requirements for work at construction sites.