Thanks to James Brian Murphy, by whose suggestion we have Death Frost Doom instead of Death Cold. Frost. Thanks to Gary Gygax and. I’m running Death Frost Doom this Friday in my Eberron/Pathfinder campaign and I’m a bit concerned about the lethality of it. I’m pulling it out at. Death Frost Doom, in its original form, was a damn clever adventure. But it wasn’t much more than a clever premise: while it had some nice.

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Death Frost Doom – too lethal? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of I’m pulling it out at a last minute to fill a hole in our gaming schedule since I didn’t have any standard stuff prepared and I’ve thought about a killer way it will blend into the campaign. A TPK is almost a likelihood, isn’t it?

Death Frost Doom – 1d4chan

It’s an awesome adventure and I’m loving the idea of running it, but should I have everyone make up new characters and do it as a one-off? I haven’t heard of that module, what’s it like and who made it?

I first heard about it at the Save vs. I think it was the atomic cast that used to do the Doomm Quarterly cast.

Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Role Playing Game Publisher: Helsinki, Finland Save Vs. DMSGuild Hottest items http: Death Frost Doom Check that review out Crothian. It’s seriously old school save vs poison or die, many curses, etcbut it has deeathfrost great flow and feel. It will note a 6HD wight, or 2HD skeleton, rarely giving any thing more. Haha, I saw this thead title and thought it was a heavy metal thread from www.


One tip and a couple clarifications about the adventure People miss that and it will be made clearer in the next printing. Another thing that wasn’t too clear is that in the pit in the High Priest Temple, a falling body doesn’t count towards the 10 points of damage for the trigger there.

Although the painting in the cabin is supposed to show where one of the secret doors is, I find that people don’t remember it by the time they get to the room depicted in the painting. Perhaps prompting them that it’s the same room, but with no opening in the wall there, would be an appropriate “gimme” once they reach the room to help make sure they reach the Greater Tombs My experience with actual play is that the yellow mold trap is by far the deadliest bit in the module.

I’ve only had one PC death happen after The Big Event of the module and that was because the other PCs thought he was possessed so left him to die.

Death Frost Doom

There were three ways out explicitly built into the module. When I first used this during my normal campaign before ever thinking of publishing itthey found one of those feathfrost. For the first official playtest, another group of players came up with a way out that I never anticipated.


It’s deathgrost an auto-TPK adventure. A TPK is a strong possibility, especially if the players are accustomed to normal “balanced” 3. If you do it as a one-off, give the players a chance to “port over” surviving characters – a PC that makes it through DFD deserves to go on to further adventures. I’ve read through it a few times, haven’t run it for my group yet but will soon.

I think it is a survivable adventure and has a unique Mythos undertone – slow creepy build-up that my group will enjoy. Your players will only die if they play stupid. When deathfrrost hits the fan they will know and hopefully act accordingly and look for a way to survive. Balanced encounter this aint, which is part of the reason as to why I love it. When I ran it, it wasn’t a TPK at all. Instead, players thought the big event so awesome several of them said this would have been an excellent campaign starter.

Death Frost Doom Review

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