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The numbers of slokas and their poetic meters are as follows:. According to this tradition, every set of ten reveals a particular meaning, which satxkam covers the Ananatha KalyaaNa GuNams of the Lord of Thiruvenkatam.

The ten meanings associated with the ten sets of ten slokas have been summarized by Srirama Desikaacchaar Swamy this way:. He will rush to the help of the lowest and the highest with same speed, when they appeal to Him sincerely for help. Satkaam is the one, who can offer the happiness associated with Moksha right here on this earth.

We will illustrate the ten essential meanings of Daya Satakam in the subsequent sections as revealed by Srirama Desikaacchaar Swamy in the tradition of his Achaarya, Navaneetham Krishnamaacchaar Swamy of Oppiliappan Koil. Posted by admin at 6: Here, Swamy Desikan refers often to the loftiness of Prapatthi as the easy to practice and unfailing means for gaining MokshAnandham. Those who recite this auspicious sthOthram daily would be the beneficiary of sarva MangaLams because of the special affection that the Lord of Thirumala has for this Sri Sookthi.

Posted by admin at 4: This flood of Dayaa is like the rapid flow of a river of sugar cane juice. It is but natural for the cane sugar juice to densify and become sugar first and rock candy next. Swamy Desikan visualizes the embodiment of this KaruNa guNam taking the shape as the hills of Thirumala. The KaruNaa guNam of the Lord is the most superior guNam because it forgives all the insufferable trespasses of the Jeevans.

This is the noble guNam that grants all the desired wishes of the chEthanams. Watakam guNam flows like a river in flood and drenches xatakam adiyArs with its anugraham.

More by R. Vedavalli

It is firm and resolute like a mountain. The key words of this slOkam are: Swamy Desikan states here that he commences the composition of Sri Dayaa Sathakam with the salutation to the AchArya Paramparai to have the blessings of uninterrupted flow. He compares the vast KaruNai of the Lord of ThiruvEnkatam to a huge water shed from which many rivers flow out.

The AchArya are like ghats structures with descending steps to immerse in the flowing waters of the rivers. AchArya Paramparai is compared to the river with many safe ghAts to enterthe dayAaa pravAham of the Lord and experience it. Posted by admin at 3: They are fortunate because they have taken their refuge only in the Dayaa guNam of the Lord, the divine consort of the Lord, Sri Devi.

Nothing else matters to them. Swamy Desikan salutes these AzhwArs kruthina: Through severe penance, Bhagirathan brought the sacred Ganga from the upper worlds to this earth and wetted the ashes of his predecessors to rejuvenate them.

Swamy Desikan thanks the Sages ParAsara et al for protecting us. With that nourishment, She helps usattain sathgathy. This compassionate upakAram makes Her the Mother of the Universe. She makes Her Lord put up with our many trespasses to His sAsthrams. In this state of joy, Lord SrinivAsa can not identify the dhOshams of the devotee standing in front of Him.


Their defects become invisible adarsanam thanks to the power of the enchanting glances of NeeLA Devi. This ocean of Mercy can not be measured by place, time or object. The waters of this limitless ocean are Bhagavath KaruNai.

In this world, the poor derive a lot of benefits and sukham, when they become beneficiaries of some concealed treasure. For discovering the wealth hidden under the earth,one needs to apply coleriyum anjanam to the eyes. Those who want to benefit from this treasure to gain sathgathy adopt the easy to practice Prapatthi anushtAnam and become beneficiaries of the chathurvitha PurushArTams. The KaruNai of AnjanAdhri Iswaran is blemishless and flows readily towards every devotee without making any distinction about their Jaathi, Kulam or gender.

She has Her Lord under her influence svaadheena Vrusha Gireesam. When a queen travels on the streets of her Capitol at night,there are servants who carry lighted torches to illuminate the way. Her retinue follows behind. Her adoring Lord accompanies her. In this state, she has very few people equal to her. The other five follow Her to help Her.

Full text of “Daya Satakam Of Vedanta Desika”

There is no one superior to Her. Therefore, adiyEn leaves the burden of my protection to Her. Oh Dayaa Devi, who gladdens the heart of ThiruvEngadamudayAn should bring me back to life as I stay in a state of coma from the effects of the mighty assembly of sins of mine. It is Your responsibility to protect Your child.

There is no limit to the adya that I have accumulated. The power of these pApams has knocked me into a state of stupor. Therefore, He will not ignore Your pleas. Posted by admin at 2: Your Lord resides on the top of a tall hill. If that were to be so, there is no chance for my sins to escape the impact of Your flood. You have the first rank among His auspicious guNams.

When His mind filled with thoughts about You, He has no recourse except to shower His cool glances on me, banish my sins and protect me. Thou art the boon granting Kalpakaa creeper to those who have no capabilities to practice arduousupAyams like Bhakthi Satakan Thvam krupaNa jana Kalpa lathikaa. They perform instead SaraNagathy to You. These akinchana janams know that You are the primary help in performing prescribed purificatory PrAyascchitthams to destroy their huge bundles of sins ThvAm ViBhuthA: When You are united with Your Lord, they become overpowered by You and they join You instead of contesting You and the ultimate beneficiaries of that union are the chEtanams that get protected instead of being punished harshly.

You engage in the sport of praLayam dissolution of the world of sentients and insentients. From the time of creation,the sentients ChEthanams accumulate gigantic piles of sins. There is no limit to the sins that they pile up. The ChEthanams do not take a rest from compiling these sins.

At this state, how can they hope for sathgathi? You decide to put an end to ssatakam sinful acts and initiate the sataiam of PraLayam.

During the time of dissolution, the chEthanams do not have any sareeram or limbs Indhriyams. They lie dormant in a state of torpor like a JaDa vasthu. In that state of existence, they have no possibility to accumulate sins. They are freed from the fatigue of experiencing sukhams and dukkhams as before. The habit of collecting sins is also broken during the state of being like a JaDa vasthu. Mothers concerned with the performance of mischievous acts by their children force them to take rest to disengage them from their chEshtais.


Sri Vedanta Desikar Daya Satakam by R. Vedavalli on Spotify

When the eaya are rested and wake up, their propensity for engagement in dushta kaaryams will diminish. You are saddened by their plight and grant them the sambhandham with limbs and a body. As the chEthanams lie in a state of immobility and non-comprehension during the time of deluge and remind You of their state as achith avisishta Vasthu, You become saddened Thvam janthUn avalOkya jaatha nirvEdhaa.

You reflect on how they can pursue an aasthikaa life if they stay in that helpless state. You want to help them out of Your svAbhAvika dayaa. All of these are your kind acts.

Your initative is like that of the mother, who lets the naughty child sleep first, get some rest and thereafter take pity on it and wake that child up and feed it with delectable things to enjoy.

The key words sahakam are: You light this lamp with great affection samAhitha snEhaa and with the right kind of wick anuguNa dasaa arpithEna pradheepEna. One lights the lamp after adding the oil and placing the wick. That helps one find the way in the surrounding darkness and permits people to get to their destinations. Oh Mother Dayaa Devi! All the chEthanams are Your children. You light a lamp for their benefit. Daja affection that You have for them is the oil for that lamp.

The auspicious guNams that arise at appropriate times are the wicks for that eternal lamp of the Bhagavath Saasthrams and the Vedams. You are a tree that originates at the sacred feet of the Lord of Venkatam. You are like a Kalpakaa tree growing in Thirumala hills. The glances of the Lord on daja devotees standing before Him Lord SrinivAsan transform into the branches of the tree sustaining the dense bunches of green leaves.

All these soubhAgyams are due to You says Swamy Desikan here. The one who is born in this world gains Moksha Sukham without any striving, once Your merciful glances fall on that person at the time of birth. You wish that Your Lord bless the chEthanams with His auspicious eyes. At the time of birth of the ChEthanam in this world, You prompt your Lord to cast His benevolent glances on the chEthanam. In this world, a farmer tills the soil, seeds the fields, irrigates the growing crop with the waters from the river in anticipation of abundant harvest.

He removes the weeds during the growing season and chases away the animals that might eat away the growing plants. When the fields are full of tall paddy sheaves, the farmer is very pleased with his efforts to have nurtured the seedlings to their full cycle of growth.

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