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Post on Nov 82 views. An isolation transformer should be connected in the power line between the receiver and the AC line when a service is performed on the primary of the converter transformer of the set. Comply with all caution and safety-related notes provided on the cabinet back, inside the cabinet, on the chassis or the picture tube.

When replacing a chassis in the cabinet, always be certain that all the protective devices are installed properly,such as,control knobs, adjustment covers or shields, barriers,isola- tion resistor-capacitor networks etc. Before returning any television to the customer,the service technician must be sure that it is completely safe to operate without danger of electrical shock.

To avoid such hazards, the high voltage must be maintained within specified limit. Refer to this service manual, high voltage adjustment for specific high voltage limit. If high voltage exce-eds specfied limits, take necessary corrective action. Components indicated by mark in the parts list and the schematic diagram designate components in which safety can be of special significance. It is particularly recommended that only parts designated on the parts list in this manual be used for com-ponent replacement designated by mark.

No deviations fromresistance wattage or vol-tage ratings may be made for replacement items designated by mark.!!! Dont short any two soldering points, which should not be shorted and dont touch any components, which should not be touched. Please pull out plug before equipment. For safety reasons, all components equipped or replaced should be identical with BOM.

Must be warm up for 30 minutes or more and degauss CRT thoroughly with demagnetizer before alignment. Tools and equipments for adjustment 1. DC Regulated power supply 5. Sweep Signal Generator 7. Pattern Generator outputs Connect Digital voltmeter across C Adjust L coil to obtain 3.


To cancel this adjustmentL can be adjusted before inserted to the chassis with a special equipment. Test the voltage with digital voltage meter between C two terminals. Receive 60dB RF datashheet. TV SET will go to factory mode. Go to MENU5 status by this means. Press MENU key to exit factory mode. Set TV to work in dynamic status. Adjust the focus knob of FBT to get the clearest picture. Screen Voltage Adjustment a.

Go to factory mode MENU2 status according to In menu 5, select SUBB. ADJ and set it to 1. White Balance Adjustment Applied in factory a.

Receive black white pattern. Insert six-row-wire into CN Press adjustment keys, and then go to automatic white balance adjustment. After adjusting well, pull out six-row-wire. Ver tical size and pincushion adjustmentService AdjustmentsWhite balance adjustment Applied when servicing a. Go to factory mode MENU2. Get into the menu5 of factory mode. Then adjust the SUB. BRI option to get a scale to be seen a little brightness Only two rows can be seen.

Vertical Size and PinCushion Adjustment a. Set TV standard status. Receive cross hatch pattern. HPOS to get right display position. Set the picture mode at normal mode. TINT option in menu5 at sevice mode to get the right hue. Enter into the factory mode. Before color purity adjustment, Warm up the TV set over 15 minutes and fully degauss.


Receive pure white signal in AV status and set the TV receiver dynamic. Loosen the clamp screw of the deflection yoke and pull the deflection yoke towards color purity magnetic loop.

Adjust color purity magnetic loop to make the green area at the center of CRT screen. Slowly push the deflection yoke toward the front of CRT and set it where a uniform green field is obtained.

Tighten the clamp screw of the deflection yoke.

La7840 datasheet pdf

Receive a dotted pattern. Set the TV receiver dynamic. Loose the convergence magnet clamper and align red with blue dots at the center of the screen by rotating R, B static convergence magnets. Remove the DY datasheeg and slightly tilt the deflection yoke horizontally and vertically to obtain the good overall convergence. Fix them after the good overall convergence got. Fix the convergence magnets by turning the clamper. SC 0 Align vertical S-correction 5 H.


LAN Input Pin Number (Sanyo TV DS Vertical Deflection) | Electronics Forums

LVL 16 4 B 1EH B G. B 1FH B B. B 20H B R. D 21H B G. D 22H B B. Front AV In Option Enter the video menuyou can select the picture quality instantly among four preset modes and one user-set mode. The adjusted level is stored in Custom mode. Turn the TV set on, then power indicator will light up. After a few secondsthe currently program number is displayed on the top right -hand corner of the screen. Press this button to select menu. After enters each menu, you can select the desired adjusting item by the PROG.

Mono Spatial Linear Psuedo2.

LA7840 PDF Datasheet浏览和下载

The TV will automatically turn on at the preset time. The TV will automatically turn off at the preset time. MODE Select the caption mode or teletext mode. MPAA movie rating Select the type of program3. The screen dxtasheet is automatically displayed in that language. The order shown below: Refer to Figure 1,remove 9 screws. Pull off cabinet back and remove.

Discharge the picture tube anode 2nd anode lead to the la8740 coating picture tube grounding lead. Remove chassis completely by sliding it straight back.

Do not disturb the deflection yoke or magnet assembly on the picture tube Neck. Care must be taken to keep these assemblies intact, unless picture tube is being replaced.

Discharge the picture tube to the coating before handing the Tube. Remove chassis, referring to Chassis Removal instructions. Place cabinet front face down on the soft surface. Install a replacement picture tube in reverse order. Properly install the degaussing coil and picture tube grounding lead on the picture tube. If the Picture Tube is being replaced, mount the Degaussing Coil on the picture tube.