1 Items in the Collection Remembrance. Cover art for item · Zatrzymane chwile, Danielle Steel ; przekład Zofia Kierszys · Borrow it. Data from Remembrance. Zatrzymane Chwile by Danielle Steel. (Paperback ). Title: Zatrzymane chwile; Authors: Steel, Danielle (); Co-authors: Kierszys , Zofia (). Tłumaczenie; Subject: Powieść amerykańska 20 w.

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Komentarze do posta Atom. DS Sunset in St. Tropez goes wrong in any number of ways in this latest platinum-frosted amusement by Steel. Three pairs of friends in their 50s and 60s decide to spend a month together in the south of France, but before the trip, tragedy strikes two of the couples.

Judge Robert Smith loses his beloved wife, Anne, and Diana Morrison discovers that her obstetrician husband, Eric, is having an affair with a much younger patient, though Diana’s “minor cosmetic surgery The friends eventually convene in St.

Tropez, but the house that looked so perfect in the marketing photos is far from what they expected, and it takes Herculean effort by Pascale and the eccentric caretakers to get it up to snuff.

Robert has a new love interest visit, though it is only seven months since his wife’s death, and she, to the chagrin of the ladies, is an actress many years his junior. Will the friends’ relationship survive these changes? The answer is a foregone conclusion, and the frills and froth of the packaging can’t quite conceal the silliness of some of the goings-on, but Steel fans will lap this up.

Copyright Cahners Business Information, Inc. From Library JournalWhen Robert Smith’s wife dies, some longtime friends decide to spirit him away for a little vacation. They just didn’t expect the villa they rented to be such a dump and that Robert would arrive with a gorgeous young film star in tow.

Copyright Reed Business Information, Inc. DS Answered Prayers Edition: Accident – Danielle Steel. Accident – Danielle Steel I considered Accident by Danielle Steel. I have read several of her books before. Just to check out my suspicions, I began to read a couple of pages.

Before long, I realised I had read over a hundred pages — almost a third of the whole novel! So I persevered and finally Unfortunately, after all the excitement of the first third, the novel slows down and ends up becoming dull and predictable.

We follow her from high school in Savannah to.

For the soldiers she. Wilson, fresh from law school, was a new recruit. Johnson, a seasoned AP correspondent, had been daniekle. Saigon since the beginning. He knew Vietnam and the. Bill Quinn, captain of the Cu Chi. Campobello had come to Vietnam from the chwkle of. New York to vent a rage that had followed him all the way to Saigon. Paxton Andrews would write an acclaimed newspaper. States and then attending the Paris peace talks.

But for her and the men who fought in Viet Nam.

Zatrzymane chwile

Simon Steinberg and Blaire Scott are among the most respected couples dteel Hollywood. Simon, a major movie producer, and Blaire, an award-winning television writer, have defied the Hollywood cliches, keeping their marriage together for decades. Their three children—aspiring teenage model Samantha, pre-med student Scott, and entertainment lawyer Allegra—are successful and happy but must face the challenges we fear for our own children as well.


As an attorney for the stars, twenty-nine-year-old Allegra Steinberg is used to handholding her celebrity clients through their tangled lives and loves, negotiating major movie deals, and fielding phone calls at all hours of the day and night. But with a career that consumes so much of her time, Allegra has little time for a private life.


Until a chance encounter with a New York writer turns Allegra’s life upside down. And suddenly, she finds herself planning a wedding at her parents’ Bel Air home. As preparations begin for a September ceremony, the danirlle of last-minute arrangements, surprise announcements, and ever-increasing anxiety brings out both the best and the worst in everyone.

But as couples in each generation of the Steinberg family struggle with broken vows and new hopes, the real meaning of Allegra’s wedding zatrzymand. For the bride, the ceremony is a bridge between her past and her future. For her parents, it is daniekle reminder of the bond that holds them all together. And for both families, it is an opportunity for reconciliation, forgiveness, and new hope for the future, as weddings often are for us all.

In a compelling portrait of real people in an unreal world, Danielle Steel uses Hollywood as a backdrop to reveal the dreams, the fears, and the expectations of a ceremony that unites us all—from movie stars to long-married couples to nervous teenagers—and changes the lives of real men, women, and families forever About the Author Danielle Steel has been hai1ed as one of the world’s most popular authors, with over million copies of her novels sold.

Daneille Steel has written 52 novels most all Ive read and certainly enjoyed. She is my favorite author, she entertains and informs! I think her plots are very well structured and she gives lots of glamorous views in her storys. This story takes place in california with Allegra Steinberg she is a entertainment lawyer with a father that is a hollywood producer.

Allegra Steinberg lives in the fast lane with a number of events in her life along with her family problems and events that seems endless. First at a young age she is rejected by her father and suffers with fear and resentment that leads her to chose all the wrong men in her life but at the same time at a young age inherites a new father and new family.

Allegra finally at 29 years old finds the man of her dreams and goes through so many bizzare DS Special Delivery Two people who find love when and where they least expect it At fifty-nine, Jack Watson has one of the most successful boutiques in Beverly Hills, two grown-up children who are the light of his life, and his choice of Hollywood’s most beautiful women.

After a failed marriage in the distant past, Jack has become the perfect bachelor. And he loves it.

Amanda Robbins knew Jack only as her daughter’s father-in-law, an incurable playboy whom she dislikes intensely. But when she becomes a widow after twenty-six years of marriage, she finds herself on unfamiliar ground and is surprised to find herself befriended by, and attracted to, Ssteel Watson.

Worse still, she likes him, to her own and her children’s surprise.

Danielle Steel: Zatrzymane chwile – Remembrance

Then, suddenly, Jack and Amanda are faced with an unexpected gift that neither thought possible. They not only feel young again, but are blissfully happy in spite of the obstacles and opposition around them.


Special Delivery is about what two people do when life gives them everything they wanted, twenty years after they expected to find it. In her fortieth bestselling novel, Danielle Steel makes us laugh and cry as she touches the heart with tenderness and accuracy.

Hollywood widow Amanda has a daughter who is married to the son of the owner of a posh woman’s clothing store. Amanda acquires an immediate distaste for Sgeel, but her wall soon crumbles and the vanielle seniors fall into a passionate romance, much to the dismay of their children. Delacorte Press April 10, Language: Now, nine years later, living alone in Hollywood, even without his wife and kids, his life zatrzyman success are still reasonably sweet. Top-of-the-chart ratings, good-natured casual affairs, and special vacations with his two young sons.

His life is in perfect balance, he thinks. Adrian Townshed thought she had everything: In as enviable life they’d worked hard for—the American Dream. Until she got pregnant. Suddenly danieloe she had was chaos. Him or the baby. Bill Thigpen and Adrian Townshed collided in a supermarket. And the very sight of her suddenly makes him want more in his life But does he need the heartache of another man’s baby, another wife? But they couldn’t help it. Danielle Steel touches the Heartbeat of two wonderful people as their friendship deepens into love, as they meet the obstacles that life presents with humor, humanity, and courage.

Dell February 3, Language: However, war, revolution and illness upset her life, and force her to make a heartbreaking choice. Granny dan Granny Dan is a story within a story, and a relatively short book. A young woman discovers the story of her grandmother’s life after the death of her beloved Granny Dan. The papers and letters transferred to the granddaughter provide insight on her granny when she was a young woman living an interesting life as a premier ballerina.

The story is set in Russia around the time of the revloution and there is plenty of royalty to keep you interested What is interesting about Granny Dan is how this book prompts you to think about those in your own life. Many of us know and think of our grandparents or other older adults in our life as just that But many of these individuals have interesting stories to tell; it is true they were young too! February 24, Also available on: An author comes to terms with her personal achievements and tragedies.

Based on the novel by Danielle Steel. Lindsay Wagner, ex-Bionic Woman and queen of the TV movie, plays Daphne Fields, an author reluctant to love again after her husband and daughter are killed in a fire. Those tissues will get really soggy when you discover that, on top of all this, her young son is deaf, but if you’ve watched thus far any more melodrama just adds to the film’s watchability. And there’s no prize for guessing who rescues our heroine from all this TV-movie king Barry Bostwick.

Highest ztarzymane reviewsVery enjoyable love romance for women.

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