Daniel Dunglas Home set himself apart from other mediums. His séances took place during the day and observers left believing his gifts to be. Home, Daniel Dunglas () The most notable physical medium in the history of Spiritualism. There was a certain mystery about Home’s parentage. If there was a single word that best fit Daniel Douglas Home (pronounced “Hume” ), it was “arrogance”. Considered by many to be the most gifted medium who.

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Medium Daniel Dunglas Home.

The Physical Medium D. Home is depicted levitating A plate that is a replication of the Medium levitating by the second storey window, out of which he went feet first, then returned returning from the outside of the building by another window of the second storey head first. Spouse Alexandria de Kroll marriage 1st August. William and Elizabeth Home nee McNeill. The most remarkable Clairvoyant and Physical Medium that has been written about, was Donald Dunglas Home, and one who was the most well known Physical Mediums of the day and probably every Mediumistic person today would like to aspire to.

He was one of the few Physical Mediums that was never detected doing anything wrong or trying to trick people. Medium D D Home came from a humble Scottish family [mother Elizabeth [Betsey] McNeal who had second sight, and father William Humes [correct spelling] born on the 20th of Marchin the small village of Currie near Edinburgh, but he had the airs and graces to allow him to become part of the circle of high society in the ‘s. Donald never accepted any monetary gifts for the seances he fronted, but he was not averse to accepting gifts from those in high society he stayed with over the years, of which there were many.

His list of distinguished friends read like a fairy tale novel of high society becoming very good friends with many of the European monarchs including Queen Victoria and the Czar of Russia through whom he met and married a lady of noble birth. Daniel when a year old, went to stay with his childless aunt Mrs. When he was nine, Donald was taken to America by his aunt and uncle to settle in Connecticut at Greenville [Norwich] to be nearby his parents also his brothers and sisters [seven in all].

Daniel in his formative years produced around him knocks, bangs, apparitions, and so called hauntings. After his little sister Mary Betsey died she came through to the family so often whilst Donald was there and was spoken of as though she was still alive on the earth plane. Daniel had tuberculosis at an early age being subject to a constant cough and fainting regularly through the disease.

He foretold of the death of his friend three days earlier after seeing him in his bedroom one night. A few days later in when he was 17, on coming down to breakfast he told his aunt he had been awakened by three loud knocks on his bed during the night, his aunt said it was because he had had a bad prayer meeting and tried to dismiss it out of hand, BUT when he sat down to the table, there was a great number of raps to the table, on which she threw a chair at him and said you have brought the devil to our household.

Aunt Mary sent him off to the Congregational church who said they could not find anything wrong with this gentle boy and refused to have any part of the exorcism, she then took him to the Methodist church who said it was the work of the devil and treated him very unkindly. Eventually the raps which became a regular happening around his Aunt’s house attracted the attention of the neighbours and Daniel was asking the Spirit contact to find long lost relatives, broaches, title-deeds and many other things.

It all became too much for his aunt and uncle and after one row his very devout Christian aunt he was duty bound to leave the house and his aunt threw his best Sunday suit out of the upstairs window. Lyon, who later sued him to get it all back. The judge in this case said if all the donors to religious and charitable bodies were to be allowed to change their minds and revoke gifts once made a pretty state of confusion would ensue.

She was made to pay D. Home’s and her own costs. But the monies were ordered by the judge to be returned to Mrs Lyon]. At this time Daniel Home wandered for a few years, lost within his own area of Mediumship BUT at this time there were many such Mediums in the United States of America especially on the eastern seaboard.

Some of the many things the Mediums of the time produced where Spirit music, Spirit painting, Direct Spirit Voices, materialized Spirit faces, luminous Spirit faces and hands, Spirit lights, levitations, speaking in tongues. At the time it was said by even their enemies, there were many, many millions of followers and many millions of Mediums some being professionals and hundreds of thousands of others who were mainly amateur.

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In his wanderings he would visit people and show off his gifts of materializations and levitations. Most of the time in the bright light of day. At the beginning, he sat only for a small circle of friends who had the monetary means and were in what was called in high society. Having no base as a home, he was described as the man who came to tea and stayed. This was in the homes of people like, substantial farmers, judges, doctors, editors, merchants, liberal clergymen, and people like that, but as his fame spread, he was taken to Europe and in Paris was introduced to the Emperor and Empress.

In defense of his amateur status, refusing to charge for any seance throughout his career, and in one book Home wrote, “I was never a professional Medium, When the Archbishops of Canterbury and York return to the primitive practice of St Peter and St Paul, and live by catching fish and mending nets, it will be time enough to raise and outcry against paid Mediums.

In his presence very heavy Victorian furniture rocked and floated in the air, in other seances hands materialized and traveled round the Circle of sitters, on other occasions an accordion wafted along playing of its own accord without anyone touching it.

In the testimony of the 25th Earl of Crawford, in his a long letter to a relative, he describes in detail a seance with Home that took place in Florence during He gives an account of the personalities who were present, and it is in the last degree improbable that anyone among them was the Medium’s accomplice.

During the seance the room was lit by a bright oil-lamp. The sitters and the Medium were ranged round a heavy table, all except the writer, who remained outside the Circle so as not to be influenced by suggestion. The table, the chairs, the floor, and even the china at the far end of the room, all vibrated. He looked under the table, but saw nothing suspicious. Immediately after this, the heavy dining table rose into the air to a height of about four feet and remained so whilst he had another look underneath.

On another occasion, after a seance in the same house, when the Earl of Crawford’s brother-in-law, Robert Lindsay, was present, a levitation occurred under circumstances which make it astounding.

The company, including the Medium, were sitting round the fire having tea when a table at the far end of the room rose up three feet and plunged about. Despite the violent movement, the loose slab of marble that formed the table top, and a pencil and paper that lay upon it, remained undisturbed.

So strong was the levitating force that, when Robert Lindsay approached the table and tried to push it back to the ground, he had to exert his utmost strength before he could succeed.

Curious Objects : Cast of the hand of Daniel Dunglas Home

The Book Heyday of a Wizard. By Jean Burton is worth a read dunglqs you can get hold of it, I now have it in my collection.

Incidents in my Life. A book written by D D Home himself, now can be read as an eBook click on to link or place it in google and it will find it. The gift of second sight was often seen as a curse, as it foretold instances of tragedy and death. Evidence supports the elder Home’s illegitimacy, as various payments eaniel for William were made by the 10th Earl. Elizabeth and William were married when he was years-old, and found employment at the Balerno paper mill. The Homes moved into one of small houses built in the mill for the workforce, in Currie six miles south-west of Edinburgh.

William was described as a “bitter, morose and unhappy man” who drank, and was often aggressive towards his wife. Elizabeth had eight children while living in the mill house: The eldest, John, later worked in the Balerno mill and eventually managed a paper mill in Philadelphia, Mary drowned in a stream at years-old inand Adam died at sea at the age of seventeen while on route to Greenland, which Home saw in a vision, and was confirmed five months later.

Daniel Home was Elizabeth’s third child, and was born on 20 March He was baptised by the Reverend Mr. Somerville three weeks after his birth at Currie Parish Church 14 April The one-year-old Home was deemed a delicate child, having a “nervous temperament”, and was passed to Elizabeth’s childless sister, Mary Cook. It was at the Cook’s house that Home’s cradle rocked by itself and the infant had a vision of a cousin’s death, who lived in Linlithgow, to the west of Edinburgh.

Danieel between andDaniel Home’s aunt and uncle decided to emigrate to the United States with their adopted son, sailing in the cheapest class of steerage as they could not afford a cabin. The red-haired sunglas freckled Home attended school in Greeneville, where he was known as “Scotchy” by the other students. The two boys read the Bible to each other and told stories, and made a pact stating that if one or the other were to die, they would try and make contact after death.

Home lost contact with Edwin until one night when Home, according to Lamont, saw a brightly lit vision of him standing at the foot of the bed, which gave Home the feeling that his friend was dead.


Edwin homme three circles in the air before disappearing, and a few days later a letter arrived hkme that Edwin had died of malignant dysentery, which was three days before Home’s vision. Home and his mother’s reunion was short-lived, as Elizabeth foretold her own death in This was also confirmed by Home, as he saw his mother in a vision saying, “Dan, twelve o’clock”, which was the time of her death.

After Elizabeth’s death Home turned to religion. His aunt was a Presbyterian, and held the Calvinist view that one’s fate has been decided, so Home embraced the Wesleyan faith, which believed that every soul can be saved. Home’s aunt resented Wesleyans so much that danniel forced Home to change to Congregationalist, which was not to her liking, either, but was more in line with her own religion. The house was then disturbed by rappings and knocking similar to those that occurred two years earlier at the home of the Fox sisters.

Ministers were called to the Cook’s house: The knocking did not stop however, and a table started to move by itself, even though Home’s aunt put a bible on it and then placed her full body weight on dunflas. As danniel noises did not stop, and were attracting the unwanted attention of Cook’s neighbours, Home was told to leave the house. Home held his first seance in Marchwhich was reported in a Hartford newspaper managed by W.

Hayden, who wrote that the table moved without anyone touching it, and kept moving when Hayden physically dhnglas to stop it. After the dunglaw report, Home became well-known in New England, travelling around healing the sick and communicating with the dead, although he wrote that he was not prepared for this sudden change in his life because of his supposed shyness.

Home never directly dunglqs for money, although he lived very well on gifts, donations and lodging from wealthy admirers. He felt that he was on a “mission to demonstrate immortality”, and wished to interact with his clients as one gentleman to another, rather than as an employee. They were all convinced of Home’s credibility and wrote to the Springfield Republican newspaper stating that the room was well-lit, full inspections were allowed, and said, “We know that we were not imposed upon nor deceived”.

It was also reported that at one of Home’s demonstrations five men of heavy build eight hundred and fifty pounds together sat on a table, but it still moved, and others saw “a tremulous phosphorescent light gleam over the walls”.

Home was investigated by numerous people, such as Professor Robert Hare, the inventor of the oxy-hydrogen blowpipe, and John Worth Edmonds, a Supreme Court judge, who were skeptical, but later said they believed Home was not fraudulent. Danisl breakthrough came in Augustin South Manchester, Connecticut, at the house of Ward Cheney, a successful silk manufacturer.

Daniel Dunglas Home |

Home was seen to levitate twice and then rise to up to the ceiling, with louder rappings and knocking than ever before, more aggressive table movements and the sounds of a ship at sea in a storm, although persons present said that the room was badly lit so as to see the Spirit lights. The levitation at Ward Cheney’s house interpreted in a lithograph from Louis Figuier, Les Mysteres de la science Danirl York was now interested in Daniel Home’s abilities, so he moved to an apartment at Bryant Park on 42nd street.

Thackeray dismissed Home’s abilities as “dire humbug”, and “dreary and foolish superstition”, although Thackeray had been impressed when he saw a table turning. Home thought that Thackeray was “the most skeptical inquirer” he had ever met, and as Thackeray made public his thoughts, Home faced public skepticism and further scrutiny.

Home travelled between Hartford, Springfield, and Boston during the next few months, and settled in Newburgh by the Hudson River in the summer of He resided at the Theological Institute, hpme took no part in any of the theological discussions held there, as he wanted to take a course in medicine. Hull funded Home’s studies, and offered to pay Home five dollars a day for his seances, but Home refused, as always.

His idea was to fund his work with a legitimate salary by practicing medicine, but he became ill in earlyand stopped his studies. Home was diagnosed with Tuberculosis, and his doctors recommended recuperation in Europe. His last seance was in Marchin Hartford, Connecticut, before he travelled to Boston and sailed to England on board the Africaat the end of March. Home’s name was originally Daniel Homebut by the time he arrived in Europe he had lengthened it to Daniel Dunglas Homein reference to the Scottish house of Home, of which his father claimed to be a part.

As Cox was so enamoured of Home’s abilities, he let Home dunnglas at the hotel without payment.