So I’ve never really liked psionics in D&D, mostly because they feel so You mean, like the section on psionics in the d20 Modern handbook. THE PSIONICS HANDBOOK future, and communicate with others who are miles away. saves. The attacker sets the defender’s Will save DC with a d Game: The Psychic’s Handbook Publisher: Green Ronin Series: d20 Handbook are very much more persuasive than any of the Psion rules Get this; we also have rules for The Modern Psychic for the d20 Modern system.

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I must admit that I committed a cardinal reviewer sin with this book. I judged the book by its cover. Psychics, by the definition in this supplement, are entirely different. Psychic talents are more like skills are skills, really whereas Psionic powers are effectively spell like.

A Psion has power points another score to count but a Psychic faces the strain of nonlethal damage.

The Psychic’s Handbook

Psychic skills are more variable and can be improved. In fact, if you ask me, a Psion is just an awkward spell caster whereas the Psychic actually is a different class entirely.

We have rules for the new core class — The Psychic. Get this; we also have rules for The Modern Psychic for the d20 Modern system. There are Psychic Skills and Psychic Feats. Before you can learn a psychic skill you need to have the appropriate psychic feat. If the GM allows its simple enough to have pxionics with just a few psychic tricks and I think that reflects a more natural state than, say, the canon magic rules.


d20 Modern Psionics

Why do even the most humble of sorcerers possess about the same number of spells? If Daisy the Milkmaid was a psychic then we could leave her safely in a NPC class, give her the appropriate talent for moderm and a few dots in something appropriate, Empathy or Telekinesis for example.

handvook I wish everything was so modular. The effect is that the DC bonus for being Intimately Familiar with someone is less than the bonus for being Familiar with someone. The very first feat in the book, Apport Arrows, is such an attention grabber. Imagine being able to not be hit by an arrow or crossbow bolt, etc because you teleported it away elsewhere. There are also rules for drones handbok slaves and forming psychic gestalts where psychics come together to combine the power of their minds.

The artwork is good.

d20 Modern Psionics

The layout effective and not suspiciously white space padded. There are easy to use reference charts and there is a detailed index. The print size good and paper quality fair.


We really do have a set of tempting, alternative or complementary rules here. Handbiok book gives you everything you need for Psychics in your game and makes it easy to add more. GMs who start a new campaign, on a homebrew world, shortly after buying this book, I think, to include the Psychic psionic.

Players who buy the book are just as like to bug the GM to allow the new feats and skills combinations too. That might annoy the GM but it is a sign of a good book. E-mail is already registered on the site. Please use the Login form or enter another.

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