Review Should you be considering Bookeen’s CyBook Orizon as your new e- book reader, the only question you really need ask yourself is. Starting today, Bookeen makes ebooks more accessible by offering great deals on Cybook Opus and Cybook Orizon. The Cybook Opus, at under €: the. Description This USB cable has been specifically designed for Cybook. It allows you to connect your Cybook Orizon, Odyssey, Muse and Ocean to a computer to .

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The Good Comes with a protective sleeve Pearly finish is quite attractive Wi-Fi Touchscreen enables note-taking free ebooks included Very crisp screen Very slim and lightweight.

Bookeen Cybook Orizon 2GB, Wi-Fi, 6in – Black

The Bad Could double as a mirror Pricey Motion sensor a shade too sensitive No audio support Book store app has books in French and German only A good percentage of the included ebooks are in French or German No dictionary. The price tag is probably going to be the sticking point for most, more so with some cyboo, the features leaving a lot to be desired.

However, orlzon you are looking for a touchscreen reader, it is most certainly worth a look, especially since neither of the Sony Readers have Wi-Fi. The Cybook Orizon, from French company Bookeen, is a handsome e-reader. It has a pearly silver casefront, nicely contoured corners and edges, a very slender frame at only 7.

Cybook Orizon

The back top of the device plays host to the power and reset buttons and a slot for microSD, and on orjzon bottom edge is a micro-USB port for charging and computer connection. Everything is neatly out of the way and discreetly placed except for the giant Bookeen logo on the frontand easy to keep clean and neat thanks to lrizon included soft case. Unfortunately, the Orizon has a strangely glossy screen.


Other e-readers we’ve tested with touchscreens — the Sony Readers and the BeBook Neo — had lovely, glare-free matte screens. Not only is the glossy screen reflective and harder to read, it also registers each and every fingerprint. When the glare isn’t irritating you, it will be the smudges; and there will be smudges.

The Cybook Orizon is loaded up with features. Probably the most notable of these is a capacitive touchscreen, which allows you to tap and swipe to navigate. Certainly the first thing the majority of people do when handed an e-reader for the first time is prod at the screen wondering why it’s not responding.

Touchscreens and E Ink are difficult together, though. E Ink is slow to respond even at the best cybok times, and you might find yourself accidentally poking too many times, thinking your touch hasn’t registered, particularly in Wi-Fi mode.

Of course, the touchscreen allows you to do things you can’t usually do very easily on an e-reader: It also allows you to exit menus easily, just by tapping anywhere outside the menu box. Unfortunately, it can be a little unintuitive; sometimes you can’t quite be cyhook whether you need to use the nav pad or the touchscreen for a particular command and can poke at the screen without effect before realising you need to actually press a button.

Irizon we just mentioned, the Orizon also has Wi-Fi. It comes preloaded with five apps: The latter four are very useful, but the first was The only books available on the store are in German and French, with no English language titles at all.


The Australian distributor has told us that it is looking for an appropriate Australian store to partner with, but, in the meantime, this is what we have. Other bookstores can be accessed through the Google app or via the Orizon’s browser, though, so all is not lost.

Orizon | Bookeen blog

However, as we said, using the touchscreen in Wi-Fi mode can be a bit slow, so you may find it quicker just to purchase your books on a computer and transfer them across using USB. The new Kindle Paperwhite doesn’t look much different from the previous model, but a host For the Kindle’s 10th anniversary, Amazon updates its high-end e-reader so you can take Although it’s pricey, the Kindle Voyage’s slim design, sharper display and even better The third-generation Paperwhite now sports the Kindle Voyage’s high-resolution display, The most affordable Kindle is now thinner, lighter and has a few other small upgrades Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

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