CY8CAXI datasheet, CY8CAXI pdf, CY8CAXI data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Cypress, PSoC® 3 CY8C38 Programmable. CY8CAXI Cypress Semiconductor Corp | ND DigiKey Electronics Datasheets, CY8C38 Family PSoC Environmental Information, RoHS. Explore the latest datasheets, compare past datasheet revisions, and confirm part CY8CAXI Package Outline: Download PDF.

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CY8CAXI – Cypress Semiconductor – PCB Footprint & Symbol Download

Unless otherwise specified, all charts and graphs show typical values. The IDAC can be configured to source or sink current. Page datashewt Figure Up to four uncommitted opamps with mA dstasheet capability.

Download datasheet 5Mb Share this page. Page External Memory Interface Figure Page 95 Table Cypress hereby grants to licensee a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to copy, use, modify, create derivative works of, and compile the Cypress Source Code and derivative works for the sole purpose of creating custom software and or firmware in support of licensee product to be used only in conjunction with a Cypress integrated circuit as specified in the applicable agreement Page 82 Table Page Interrupt Controller Table Page 14 Table Instruction Set Summary 4.



The CY8C38 family offers a modern method of signal acquisition, signal. Efficiency vs I OUT 3.


The DFB has a dedicated multiplier and accumulator that calculates a bit by bit multiply accumulate in one Recommended External Components for Boost Interrupt Controller Table Arithmetic modes are used for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, increment, and decrement operations. The LUT is a two input, one output lookup table that is driven by any one or two of the comparators in the chip.

This output can be used as a reduced accuracy version of the See Memory Map on page Schmitt-trigger transistor-transistor logic TTL inputs.

Page 10 Figure Page 66 Table Fixed Specifications Parameter Description Bit rate [44] Page 20 Table For the majority of systems, no cy8c3866wxi-040 crystal is required. Page 94 Figure Page 72 Figure Page 54 Analog local buses abus are routing resources located within the analog subsystem and are used to route signals between different analog blocks. This feature on select devices only.


External Memory Interface Figure Prev Next General Description. Page datashet Development Support The CY8C38 family has a rich set of documentation, development tools, and online resources to assist you during your development process. Page 99 Table Program Branching Instructions The supports a set of conditional and unconditional jump instructions that help to modify the program execution flow.

The pin must be Page 13 Table datasueet Active Mode Current vs Temperature Page 58 Table Page 71 Table The connection allows read and write accesses to external memories.