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User Name Remember Me? His site offers LIVE! It’s a phenomenal, interactive multimedia drumming community and one I highly recommend checking out!!! Last edited by Moon4Sale; at Originally Posted by Moon4Sale. Not a fan those Railroad media products at all.

If michal,ow want a really good package I recommend http: Obviously, I recommend getting a few lessons in the beginning from a GOOD teacher to get help with basic technique.

It’s such a pain to try to fix it later, so invest in yourself, take it slow and get the basics down correctly. I’ll tell you what. Out of all the railroad products that you need to pay for, this is the best and in my opinion only product of theirs that is worth buying product they make. It seems like it is a nice encyclopedia of drumming from how to tune your drums to how to play different styles.

In that sense it seems like a worthwhile investment. However, I would suggest to cracling more books and DVDs from people who strictly play those genres of music if you are super michzlkow.

If you just want a refresher, this would be okay, or you could watch YouTube videos for free. Both systems are great IMO, and you won’t see Jared for a second on any of them. Both drummers presenting these systems are very good also as far as I can judge and give valuable tips on various topics.

Those 2 systems cover a pretty wide field. They may be a bit pricy but I think they really have an encyclopedic character. Although if you’re going into detail or are interested in a very specific topic then those systems aren’t enough – but more than a great start for beginners and for refreshing, not only for beginners.

I don’t regret having purchased those systems. Also I don’t find they are presented in a boring way. Odd-Arne, you said Railroad makes boring systems – to which systems were you referring?

Brooklyn Michalkow (michalkow12) on Pinterest

Originally Posted by Arky. Its good marketing, it preys on people who want it now tho If you wanna be a really good player get a good a teacher, put in a whole bunch of time, and practice everyday and watch the years role by, give 10 years of practising the right things at the right time and you be will a great player. If you just wanna bash a few tunes out, play for pleasure, there is nothing you wont find in their free lessons site or anything else on you tube for free.

Find all posts by samthebeat.

Elizabeth Michalkow (4TheLuvOfPlants) on Pinterest

How can you say that? Well, I’m out of the market already, I have those systems so I couldn’t care less who decides what to buy or not to micchalkow. Again I’m puzzled because I can’t remember Railroad making promises as to learning drums in no time – maybe in their ads, but definitely not on those systems themselves. Quite the opposite – both teachers recommend taking one bite at a time, developing the discipline not to rush or speed up too soon etc. Personally I can’t see any difference from this system and a teacher in person except a teacher in person will sit right besides you and of michakkow can teach better than any CD, DVD, audio tape or whatever.


But as to learning the motions, beats, tricks, grips Of course you’re entitled to disagree, having better experience with other tutorials. I really don’t want to defend what is positive with at least some Railroad Media products for the rest of my forum life here – I think I’ve said enough and won’t repeat that again and again, but I have a hard time digesting such opinions. Freativity don’t know, a few weeks Some things are just obvious. As to the encyclopedic character – now who would ever buy an encyclopedia?

Creativitg ‘reads’ encyclopediae but uses them to look up specific things. The same michalkwo to those systems: You can learn the basics of various genres in no time.

For anything beyond that you need to look further and find additional tutorials. Working them through completely may take quite some time though I don’t plan to do so. Thanks for clearing up. I’m not a teacher though, this aspect might play a role to some extent, you have a far deeper background to judge.

Still those systems aren’t crap. BTW, the original poster could have titled this thread something like “Drumming System – any good? Or is it just me? There seems to be some prejudice going on towards mlchalkow stuff. Last edited by Arky; at Originally Posted by Odd-Arne Oseberg. Exactly – I thought so. So you’re standing in front of the store window and think you’ve already examined and tasted everything inside?

Imagine we’re at court now I’ll try to keep off any Railroad Media related threads in the future and be happy having those in my crackinh – and at disposal online which is a very convenient thing. I didn’t bash the products themselves I said I had no real experience with them. I teach in a public music school. Not been playing drums for that long, ceeativity. I’m an educated guitar player that was put in a situation where, since I tend to love in small towns, had to teach drummers as well.

Always when I go to michakkow new job, I meet one or more really talented drummers that have gotten the same treatment as in my first job.


crwcking That is, impropper michalkod from some guitarplayer that thinks he can teach the drums just because he knows a bit about music and can read rhythms. Sadly, the issues are often the same with guitar. This really comes down to how seriously not verypropper music education is taken in my country.

There are a lot of things to constantly watch for when you first get a young drum student. Just like other instruments we have to watch and constantly remind of posture, rcacking, tonal quality, where to out one’s attention and so on. Not to mention the whole musical perspective and how your personaltiy and attitude contributes to you students attitude towards playing music and relates to others that he or she will play with. Issues are the same with guitar. The point isn’t that everyone should become a pro world class musician, but that they should have the opportunity to and be able to get the whole story and start to see the depth of it.

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I simply don’t think that the information is presented in a way I feel relates to creating music and growing musical skills. The progression is sort of logical. I prefer to use a total musical approach when I teach and I also go sort of in a circle with my students, so that I can expose them to a lot kichalkow different things fairly quickly, and then just making the circle a bit deeper.

These days, although everyone gets to play the kit regularly, that’s not really where I start either. I mainly use a couple of books in Norwegian. They are not revolutionary in any way, just very well made, and if you add me, some extra michalkoww and a bit of pad time, you got the soup I’m constantly working on improving.

One thing is how I slowly incorporate different hand techniqes and so on I often involve concepts from all the really popular and well known methods. Difference is offcourse that I adjust it to the students level and add whatever I can to make it as fun as possible.

For this reason I think Dann Sherills method is the only thing even approaches anything like actually having a teacher. He gives insight into how wide the world of playing the drumset really is. Last edited by samthebeat; at Book of the Blog now available. Find all posts by toddbishop. Buying into just one person’s drumming philosophy is a little silly if you ask me, especially in the information creatibity.

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Pick cfacking choose the parts you like best from the multitude of other great drummers out there. First I would like to thank you, for the support and help.

Thanks ; I can’t have drum classes with a teacher It would be very hard for me, because of some time problems. But if I could, I would have, instead of learning by myself, for sure. I was going to buy Stick Control, Syncnopation, or books related to, but I think it’s only good if you have a teacher.

I realized that Drumming system isn’t only marketing, but It’s still confused if I can crackjng learn from this method. The thing that makes me undecided is the lack of reports real ones. But, some day, I am going to start, some drum classes. If you have truly never picked up a drum stick until now, I would find some books strictly about how to hold a stick and use a pedal. After you have technique, then go out and but the drumming system.

I don’t think that anyone intermediate or higher would gain anything from this. There’s definitely more than 3 hrs worth of “lesson” type material if you’re a beginner. I would like also to recommend Tommy Igoe Groove Essential v. Definitely some great recommendations posted already.