was created in with the purpose of being a compiler for Ashton-Tate dBase, a database manager very popular in his time. This is a derivation of the. Mazak mazatrol fusion m manuel programmation pdf cnc. But dont let the word advanced scare you, mazacam is userfriendly, and is designed to make. Programmation 2: Algorithmes et Structure de Données en C. cours, 1ère année Licence Fondamentale en Informatique de Gestion, ISG Tunis, Depuis / Programmation 1 Algorithmique et Dbase. -Cours intégré- 2ème année.

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Habilitation universitaire en gestion.

Professeur en Informatique de Gestion. Assistant en Informatique de Gestion. Assistant contractuel en Informatique de Gestion. Algorithmique et programmation en C. Algorithmique et Programmation I et II.

Causal Inference using the belief function theory Oumaima Boussarsar, en cours. Towards a new recommendation approach under the belief function theory.

Quelques Signets (Gilles Hunault)

Clustering data streams in a belief function framework, Maroua Bahri Co-encadrement avec Pawan LingrasJuillet Machine learning for query relaxation in evidential databases. Classifier fusion within the belief function framework using dependent combination rules, Asma Trabelsi Co-encadrement avec Eric LefevreJuillet Big Data classification using belief decision trees: Community detection for graph-based similarity of protein binding pockets, Sabrine Mallek Co-encadrement avec Imen BoukhrisJuillet Combination rules in belief function theory: Causal belief inference in singly connected networks, Oumaima Boussarasar Co-encadrement avec Imen BoukhrisJuillet Conflict management between dependent information sources in the belief function Framework, Jihene Boubaker Co-encadrement avec Eric Lefevre Juillet Pruning decision trees in a possibilitic framework, Rahma Ferjani, Juillet Dealing with uncertainty in clustering using possibility theory: Possibilistic K-modes,Asma Ammar, Juillet Analytic hierarchy process using belief function theory: Clustering Approach using Belief Function Theory: Membre du jury du concours de recrutement des assistants en Informatique de Gestion, et Membre de la commission sectorielle de l’informatique.


Dependable Anomaly Detection with Diagnosis Partenaires: The second spring school of belief function theory and applications, Carthage, Tunisie, Mai The 24th Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence.

The International Conference on Belief Function. Spring school of belief function theory and applications.

Zied ELOUEDI | Larodec

Conference on Computing Systems and Applications. European Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Colloque tunisien de l’E-gouverrnance.

The International Belief Reasoning Workshop. ICCA, The International Computing Conference in Arabic. International Conference on Digital Economy. IJCRS, International Joint Conference on Rough Sets.


Session Advances from Heuristics to Hyperheuristics: LFA, Rencontres francophones sur la Logique Floue et ses Applications. Meeting on Statistics and Data Mining.

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