Day 22 of the Blessed Coptic Month of Kiahk, may God make it always received, year after year, with reassurance and tranquility, while our sins after forgiven by. Synaxarion or Synexarion is the name given in the Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox and . Synaxarion/; ^ N. Marr, Le Synaxaire géorgien. fourth volume of the Coptic Synaxarium. This volume includes the blessed months: Baounah, Abib, Mist-a, and the little month (El-Nasi.

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Pope Tawadros II H. The Martyrdom of St. The Departure of St. Melyos Miliusthe Third Pope of Alexandria. Tout 2 The Martyrdom of St. Tout 3 A Council held in the city of Alexandria. Tout 4 Synxaarium Departure of St. The Martyrdom of Saint Basilissa.

Tout 7 The Departure of St. Dioscorus, 25th Pope of Alexandria. The Martyrdom of Sts. Severianus, Bishop of Gabala. Tout 8 The Martyrdom of Zacharias the Prophet. The Departure of Moses the Prophet.

Tout 9 The Martyrdom of St. The Commemoration of Sts. Basin and Her Children. The Translocation of the Relics of Sts. Clemus Aklimos and His Companions. The Commemoration of the Miracle performed by St. Basilius BasilBishop of Caesarea, Cappadocia. Tout 14 The Departure of St.

The Translocation of the Relics of St. John Chrysostom of the Golden Mouth. Tout 18 The Martyrdom of St. The Commemoration of Stephen the Priest, and St. Niceta Niketa the Martyr. Tout 19 The Commemoration of St. Tout 21 The Commemoration of the Virgin St. Cyprian Cyprianus and St. Tout 23 The Martyrdom of Sts. Eunapios Onanius and Andrew.


The Commemoration of the Martyrdom of St. Tout 24 The Departure of St. Quadratus, One of the Seventy Disciples.

Baba 4 The Martyrdom of St.

Bacchus, the Friend of St. Sergius Baba 5 The Martyrdom of St. Baba 9 The Departure of St. Eumenius, the Seventh Pope of the See of St. The Eclipse of the Sun in the Synaxarimu A.

The Commemoration of St. Simon Simeon the Bishop. Baba 10 The Martyrdom of St. Sergius, the Friend of St. Bacchus Baba 11 The Departure of St. James, Patriarch of Antioch. The Commemoration of the Archangel Michael.

Agathon, 39th Pope of Alexandria. The Commemoration of the Sts. Carpus, Apollos Papylus and Peter. Baba 17 The Departure of St. Theophilus and His Wife in Fayyum. Baba 20 The Departure of the Great St. The Commemoration of the Relocation of the Body of Synaxarum. The Departure of Joel the Prophet.

Freig Abba Tegi, Anba Roweiss. Yousab, 52nd Pope of Alexandria. Dionysius, Bishop of Corinth. The Martyrdom of the Sts.

Coptic Synaxarium (Coptic Orthodox Calendar: Daily Synaxarion) |

Paul, Longinus and Deenah Zena. Ibrahim Ibraham the Hermit. Hator 2 The Departure of St. Athanasius and His Sister, Irene.

New Synaxarium

Hator 5 The Appearance of the Head of St. Timothy and the Relocation of the Body of St.

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Theodore, the Prince, to Shotb. Hator 6 The Departure of St. Felix, Pope of Rome. Hator 7 The Martyrdom of St. Mina, Bishop of Tamai Thmoui. The Consecration of the Church of St. The Assembly of the Ecumenical Council at Nicea. Hator 10 The Martyrdom of St. Sophia and the Fifty Virgins with her. Hator 11 The Departure of St. Anna Hannahthe mother of the Theotokos. Archelaus and the Martyrdom of Elisha the Hegumen. Timothy, Bishop of Ansena Antinoe. Zacharias, 64th Coptc of Alexandria.

Lives of Saints :: Synaxarium

Hator 14 The Departure of St. The Martyrdom of Saint Yostus, the Bishop. Atrasis and Yoana Junia. The Martyrdom of Saint Philip the Apostle. Hator 19 The Consecration of the Church of St. The Stnaxarium of the Preaching of St. Hator 20 The Departure of St. Anianus, 2nd Pope of Alexandria. Hator 21 The Commemoration of the Virgin St. Gregory, Bishop of Nyssa. Hator 27 The Synaaxrium of St. James the Mangled Sawn.

Hator 28 The Martyrdom of St. Sarapamon, Bishop of Niku. Hator 29 The Martyrdom of St. Peter, the Seal of the Martyrs, 17th Pope of Alexandria.

Clement, Pope of Rome. Hator 30 The Departure of St. Acacius, Patriarch of Constantinople.