PayStream’s research shows that the cost of a spend management solution ownership and calculating all costs needed to compare Cloud versus On- Premise/. equipment performance, and costs. This new release also addresses water use and the . Selling O&M to Management. . CMMS Needs Assessment. When you utilize its features properly, it can help you reduce costs, spot and fix . There are also various brands, types, file types, and regions.

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SAP Crystal Reports is a business intelligence BI on-premise solution for Windows that is suitable for small to midsize businesses across multiple industries. It also allows report consumption on mobile apps for iOS and Android. The system offers the ability to write customized reports from many data sources and visualize data in reports, dashboards and scorecards, display KPIs and other metrics related to project or departmental performance.

It offers multi-language support for up to 28 languages. SAP Crystal Reports is priced per user.

Help and support are provided through an online community forum, email and phone. Commonly used as reporting tools in most of the ERP Softwaremany expert resources available in the market globally. Some financial reports not available even with complex design especially the statutory report like balance sheet. It is very helpful for business to have this app because it has features to make very efficient reports.

This app is very useful and also the customer service is very accomodating to every issues and it gives support to the customer. Steve from Carpentry, Interior Design Specialty: Manufacturing Number of employees: I had to use a consultant to help me write the queries I use.

We use them everyday to run our business and the work perfectly. Very difficult to learn the structure and commands. I felt a lot like I needed to understand coding. I resorted to hiring a professional to write our queries. Wendy from Bierlein Companies, Inc.

I would suggest going to the class to learn this software. Ease of us comes with more time spent using the software. I am able to use information I already have and format it into usable reports for different circumstances.

The time savings I have gained by being able to pull the information I need into one report is great. I used to have to use several reports for different information and collate it myself Crystal Report does that for me now!

Learning new software always takes time. I had a hard time finding what I was looking for when I first started using this software, but the more I use it the easier it gets. Talk of it’s report features, various charts, user friendliness, ease of use, pricing, you will love it.


Big ups to the developers because they’ve made my work very easy. I have no issue to complain about this software since it helped me accomplish my task which I was to spend several days to accomplish. Abel from Bank of China Specialty: The product allows me to structure the reports based on what we need to do.

The product is able to place large set of data and we can come up with the desire analytics. Takes a bit of time to get there. Need more clear instructions in order to come up with he desired reports. Kody from Metro Technology Services Specialty: SAP Crystal Reports allow for multi-level, in depth reports to be developed efficiently and effective using large scale databases.

Glenn from Western Asset Specialty: You can connect to any data source: Not intuitive — takes a skilled developer to write a complex report Sharing reports with others Exporting to excel takes a lot of trial and error sometimes to format correctly. The software does what it claims to do. You can create and edit reports to you suiting. Not overly user friendly and better options exist that do the same tasks.

Only use it because it integrates with our ERP. Josh from Empowered Life Stores Specialty: Retail Number of employees: Full integration with all systems. As an operator I wish the reports were visible off site. It may be the way our company is setup. Connects to almost any data source fairly easily.

Lots of easy to follow instructions via google searches! Does not like Microsoft Updates. On-demand reporting is weak. Brett from KVC Specialty: A great tool when your solution requires the use of crystal reports or report development tool.

The software is very robust and has a lot of tools that make creating detailed reports very easy. The ability to attach to data sources make it a great tool. The interface can be a little daunting for new users and expanded functionality can require more detailed programming knowledge.

Justin from Automated Logistics Systems Specialty: Can do a lot and makes great looking reports. Makes my job much easier once I get a report built, it is just push a button and the report refreshes.

I love that I can connect to any database, including excel to pull into a report. Sometimes can be a little tricky to get complex reports to run without locking up. Not very often though.

ore crusher preventive maintenance best practices

The developer has to change permissions for different files. Easy rpice use product. Basic features and formulae are very useful. Running total summary is the plus compare to other reporting software. Server SAP Crystal report are not very attractive. Nick from Zeyon Inc Specialty: Built in report designer is very nice. It allows for quick and easy to use reports.


It also works for a variety of different file types. Some functions are hard to find and error messages are very vague.

If the error messages could help pin point the errors a little better it would be easier. Even with filwtype experience, someone can easily generate a professional looking report in a short period of time. It is sometimes difficult to connect to certain databases.

One database in particular, I have yet to connect to successfully. Government Number of employees: Crystal Reports is rarely down, and seems to function pretty quickly. Could generate a lot of reports, with accurate information.

SAP Crystal Reports Software – Reviews, Pricing & Demo

Not at ALL user friendly. System seems very fickle, and does not make it user friendly to generate reports. Jason from Yellowridge Construction Specialty: It did take a bit of a tutorial and some playing around but once you understand how it works, it becomes much simpler.

I use this software to analyze and create financial related reports which drive statistical metrics. Small learning curve, especially if you don’t know SQL and understand the basics of relational databases. Jean from Hunatec Number of employees: Very good tool for database integration and datawarehouse for the generation of reports. It has multiple options for the generation of multiple indicators in the business process.

The technical support is quite slow, it is the only thing that I would ask you to improve. Chandima from Canada Gateway Lawyers Number of employees: I was crystal report user in last 5 prlce.

Low cost requirements management software

What I like most about this software is that it allows you to quickly transform any data source into interactive and relevant content for different users. Also integrates design, modification and visualization capabilities in different types of applications such as.

In general, it is an incredible tool for the generation of different types of reports, providing the option to widely customize each of them. Given the amount of tools and options that it offers, its handling is sometimes a bit complex, especially for users with little technical knowledge. Samah from Awe Research Number of employees: Easy to ocst with other software. Our customers use the crystal reports daily to print pprice, quotes, purchase order, etc.

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