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Jun 10, 1. May 13, 68 4. Will this chip drive enough current to control the coil on the relay? I’m using a 24 volt power supply thru a voltage regulator to VCC on the chip.

Then the signals into multiple inputs will be 0 – 5 volts. If it wont control the relay, how can I get more current to drive the coil on the relay?

Jun 10, 2. Apr 11, 3, 1, According to it’s datasheet, the coil is going to draw 71mA. The NOR gate isn’t going to supply near that. The transistor will connect the coil to ground. Don’t forget a diode across the coil! Jun 10, 3.

Would a pull up resistor from the coils input to Vcc work? Jun 10, 4. Where would you put the base resistor?

CD4078BE IC 8-IN NOR/OR GATE 14-DIP CD4078BE 4078 CD4078 CD4078B 4078B D4078

And would any diode work well? Jun 10, 5. Aug 1, 7, 2, Jun 10, 6. I’ll draw a schematic later. But here’s a verbal description. The resistor goes between the output of the NOR gate and the base connection of the transistor. The emitter goes to ground and the collector goes to one of the coil connections. The other coil connection goes to the positive of your power supply. The diode, any small power diode, has it’s cathode connected to the side of the coil connected to the positive supply; the other side of the diode anode goes to the side xatasheet the coil connected to the transistor.


Can a CD4078BE drive a SRD-05VDC-SL-C to open and close?

A schematic will show thus better. Jun 10, 7.

Your description covers one of the two possible logic polarities he might want. Jun 10, 8. Jun 10, 9.

Jul 18, 16, 4, Jun 10, Thank you everyone for your replies. I attached my old schematic with my new schematic. Given the way the relay is set up, one state is always going to be on depending on the NOR output. So to run at least 71mA current to turn on the coil, what would be the best transistor, resistor, and diode to use? I’m not using LEDs as my outputs, I just put them there for testing purposes.

I have resistors with them on my actual circuit. I have some 2N left over from my last project.


Can I use those? And is it because of the transistor is why the logic inputs are switched? Mar 14, 20, 5, Missed the change in the relay coil power connection. Thanks for your help everyone!!! I need a switch that can open and close the panel when the car has power.


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Switch Bounce and How to Deal with It In this article I will discuss what switch bounce is and some ways to deal with it. First I will take you through the theory, and later I will show you some ways to handle it in both hardware and in software. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Quote of the day.