Robert Venturi broke with the Modernists when he designed a home for his mother in the late 50s – and it is now credited as the first. Explore Ruyi Han’s board “Vanna Venturi House” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Sale a la venta la Casa Vanna Venturi, un ícono del siglo XX. Ruyi Han. Robert Venturi’s architecture | See more ideas about Denise scott brown, NEORODZIMY/ Venturi Robert, Vanna Venturi House, Pensylwania , niespodzianka i Galeria de Casa Vanna Venturi / Robert Venturi / IA+B –

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The First Postmodern Anything

Blog Building of the Week 02 Sep Retrospectively, it might seem that postmodernism shared the same fate as modernism, but at a much faster rate. For younger generations this is our culture, albeit a very complex and global one, full of contradictions. It contains many of the ideas that he developed together with his partner, the architect and planner Denise Scott Brown, throughout a career that spans over fifty years.

From left to right: Denise started collaborating with Bob in and when they married in they lived in the attic room of this house for six months, until they moved to their own place not too far away.

The car enters the driveway and parks halfway up it, not too close, but near enough to contemplate the house.

The engine stops and then vfnturi a few minutes, in silence, Bob reflects. He is probably thinking about his mother and father and all the memories that this little big house crystallises. I have had the privilege of participating in these short Sunday excursions since working with Denise over the past five years. It feels very ventudi. After few minutes of emotional reflection, and some mistiness in his eyes, Bob blows a kiss to the house and off we go.

This little ceremony illustrates well how great works of art, coming straight from the heart, are indivisible from our emotional constructs. Building the house was an idea Bob had together with his mother. After his father died inthey decided, based also on the will, that with part of the money he and Vanna was left, Bob would build a house for his mother so he would have something to show as an architect.


Vanna wanted the house to be what Bob needed for his career. But it was also a restricted area: The house had no porch either, so it became a bit of a gilded cage for her. Vanna Venturi House, west elevation. Denise told me that one day his mother said something about a Victorian house at the end of the street and Bob could see that she preferred the Victorian house to the one he was designing for her, but that she still knew the importance of what she was commissioning.

It was not about her. And thanks to the stream of international architects and architecture students who later constantly visited the house, she did not feel alone.

Casa Vanna Venturi – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

She could talk for hours about the house she knew so well and about her son the architect. Robert Venturi Senior, who arrived from Italy at the age of 9, wanted to be vannaa architect himself. His own father before him had been a builder in Italy before becoming a fruit merchant in the US, but he had died when Robert Sr. So the latter had had to leave school the same one Louis Khan went to to cas his mother run the family business.

Both Vanna and Robert Sr. Vanna, who grew up very poor, also had to leave school early at 13, when her winter coat became too short. She was born in Washington to a first generation of Italian immigrants, then moved to a Jewish area in South Philadelphia where there were a lot of anarchists and pacifists, so Vanna became a pacifist and a socialist too and began reading a lot and self-educating herself. They gave him construction games at a very early age; he grew up surrounded by books of philosophy, venturl and architecture, especially of Rome and by architects and scholars that his parents befriended.

They also paid for his Princeton education, where he graduated Cum Laude. As Denise says, this was not upward mobility but vertical take off. When Bob asked about religion at the age of six, they became Quakers and sent him to a prep school: As an artist friend once told me, making art is not a matter of establishing a rational intellectualised programme but comes from deep emotional sources.


Bob at the kitchen window, north facade.

Like he always says: You can see his loves in every corner. It is like the house a child might draw, an archetype of a house, with its pitched roof, central rectangle and square windows. But Bob managed to make the light come through right above it, like a baroque altar, from his nowhere stair wrapped around the chimney.

Bob attended the American Academy in Rome between and returned with a love for Baroque as well as Mannerism, which is also everywhere in the house. This house with all its history is now for sale. The Hughes family, its owner for the past 42 years, have taken extremely good care of it, keeping it in its original condition, consulting with Bob and Denise on every detail and making it accessible to thousands of architects and students.

Bob and Denise would love a good private owner like them to buy it and keep it alive under similarly good care. Blog Viewpoint 12 Apr Blog Berlin 11 Apr Blog Building of the Week 07 Apr Blog Viewpoint 06 Apr Blog Obituary 04 Apr Uncube is brandnew and wants to look good.

Vanna Venturi House

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Facebook Follow us on Facebook for news and special picks from the editors. Tumblr New and existing Tumblr users can connect with uncube and share our visual diary. They lived 6 months in the upstairs bedroom after their marriage. After his father died inBob had vannq oversee the store while trying to be an architect. He feared he would never escape it.

Vanna Venturi House – Wikipedia

It was painted in green after Bob heard Marcel Breuer saying: Keeping It un Real Behind the facade of starchitect video marketing. Zaha Zaha Hadid by Andreas Ruby. Refinancing Iceland with tourism — but at what cost?