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His antiliberal and radical positions, as well as the numerous controversies he has been involved in, are notorious in France. In vaniteud the publication of his book The French Suicide he gained popularity outside of France.

After the newspaper went out of business inhe became an editorialist at Info-Matinwhere he stayed one year. He then joined the editorship of Le Figaro in as a political journalist.

Zemmour was also a freelance journalist for Marianne in and for Valeurs actuelles in He is also a political columnist at Le Spectacle du Monde. Zemmour has supported Rattachism. Notably, in he published Le Premier sexea book on what he xes to be the feminization of society.

The channel has decided xes stop the program in December During the show, their exchanges with cultural figures sometimes ended in clashes. The subjects Zemmour addresses as well as the positions he defends have earned him a number of opponents.

Le Bucher Des Vaniteux 2 by Zemmour Eric Book The Cheap Fast Post

And he knows that quite well, and everyone knows that quite well. On March 25,he filed a complaint against the French rapper Youssoupha for “criminal threats and public abuse” after the uploading of the song “Because of saying it” in which Zemmour was attacked ad hominem: The rapper had clarified in a previous interview in the newspaper Le Parisien that he was not advocating silencing Zemmour by force, but rather by argument: I did not want to either have him killed or to deprive him of his freedom of expression.

Silencing, it means to put him in his place, to expose him to his bcuher contradictions. On September 18, Zemmour creates a new controversy by insulting the name of the columnist Hapsatou Sy in the program “Les terriens du dimanche”.

His words “it’s your name that is an insult to France” are cut at the editing of the show but rebroadcast by the young woman. She decides to file a complaint against Zemmour. As a result of the views that he regularly expresses on television [24] and in his editorials in Le FigaroZemmour is widely perceived, according to current mainstream categories, to be situated firmly on the right of the political spectrum, but he also claims not to vote according to right-wing or left-wing politics.


According to him, capitalism destroys traditional structures like the family in order to impose the rule of the market, an upheaval that has been particularly notable since the events of May He takes a conservative stance on social issues and is also resolutely anti- liberal on economic issues. He thus identifies himself as a reactionary in opposition to a society that deconstructs social orderin particular the family and traditions, in the service of a false goal, liberating the individual who in reality finds himself isolated and reduced to the sole status of a consumer.

He presents reaction as subversive in the light of the faniteux that progressives, today dominant in the fields of culture and media, cannot claim to criticize the established order since they themselves constitute this order and fix its norms.

Economically anti- liberalhis disapproval of free trade vanitdux him to oppose European federalism [30] and the European Unionwhich he considers to be clearly in favour of the free movement of goods and in deep conflict with the French social model. A member of the French assimilationist tradition, Zemmour strongly opposes immigration and the current model of integrating immigrants which he considers to be too lenient [34] in comparison to its predecessors.

In Novemberhe gave an interview to the monthly Le Choc du mois where he compared immigration to a ” demographic tsunami ” [35] He has also come out in favor of the Thierry Mariani amendment, which would require genetic tests in order to qualify for family reunification. In particular, he expresses a nostalgia for the era of his youth, the s, when there was a cultural unity.

All his recurring views on the theme of immigration, as well as his virulent attacks against vanniteux organizations DAL and SOS Racisme in particular are regularly the subject of controversy. He asserted that Melanesians and Antilleans belonged to the same race.

And to me, they’re both equally ridiculous. The philosopher Vincent Cespedes, who was on the show, exercised his right of reply by writing up a response on the website of Arte [38] buchdr responded to the “Zemmourists” on his blog.

Éric Zemmour – Wikipedia

Our channel, of course, is not associated with Zemmour’s views Zemmour says he would like to put on trial the anti-racism of the s, [42] which he considers, along with feminism, to be a “bien-pensant cause” derived from the “milieu of French and Western pseudo-elites” that the people will not follow in the least.


He claims that anti-racism is an ideology implemented by former leftists who had had to give up their illusions. With immigrants, these people had found a kind of alternative revolutionary people. He declared during the show that: In this letter he noted particularly the views of Christian Delorme before a parliamentary commission of the French Senate. MRAP deplored the fact that ethnic origins and not social situation were being compared with the rate of criminality, and that all persons who shared the same ethnic origins were being exposed to suspicions of being potential criminals, and that it was their common origin which was being presented as “criminogenic.

The court concluded that the polemicist had justified an unlawful vajiteux practice—discrimination in hiring—in presenting it as legitimate. On the other hand, he was released from the proceedings for racial defamation for the views presented on the show Salut les Terrienswhich were judged “shocking” 22 not vanitexu. In Le Premier sexe[67] he claims the existence of the “devirilization” of society during the 20th century and asserts that women and homosexuals have been used bkcher a bucyer army to satisfy modern capitalism’s need for consumers.

Le Buveur D’encre by Sanvoisin Eric Book The Fast | eBay

He believes the “gay ideology” to be one of the main means used to invite “man to become a vaniteeux like the others,” to adopt the behavior of women. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. My ancestors were Berber Jews. They lived with the Arabs for 1, years. I am therefore not an immigrant But my origins are indeed Berber and my name does indeed mean ‘olive’ in Vanlteux.

Zemmour fait condamner un rappeur”. Retrieved August 9, Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

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