Krishna Consciousness: The Matchless Gift . This is a very comprehensive book on Brahmacharya, a kind of “Dummy’s Guide”, and can be used by people. Share Any File On WhatsApp Through WhatsTools. To be trained in celibacy, our young students should live with people who take pleasure in Krishna consciousness. Our first task is to shield our children from.

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Link to source is below. One should think of Krishna and His service as given by the spiritual master. Memorize favorite passages or verses from the Sastras.

Prajalpa One should talk of Krishna and discuss ones realizations with one’s friends, other brahmacari’s. Pure devotees don’t waste their time, they always are cautious to make sure they are always engaged positively in Krishna Consciousness. Focus your eyes or remember on your favorite deity form of the Lord. Make strong friendships with other brahmacaris or offer your choice prayerful words to the deity instead. Make sure you get proper counseling with a senior devotee s you have implicit trust in, if you have fallen to this bad state of mind.

Endeavor to improve or get better devotees association then you have now. Doing it has more trouble in store for you health, and otherwise then you think. Control the senses, mind, activities by devotional service.

Celibacy Quotes

Nirvrttir eva ca – One executes real brahmacarya when all these activities come to a halt. Etan maithunyam astangam pravadanti manisinah vikarita brahmacaryam eda astanam laksanam iti. Each of the 8 points is now repeated, followed by remarks taken from Bhaktivedanta’s commentary on Srimad Bhagavatam “SB” and elsewhere. Memorize favourate passages or verses from the Sastras. Practice gravity, chant Japa nicely.

And that is drdha-vrata. Tapasya begins with brahmacarya. There is no tapasya, there is no brahmacarya, there is no drdha-vrata,” Rm. Brahmacarya is very, very essential. And that is, when one becomes detestful to sex life, that is the beginning of spiritual life. That is the beginning of spiritual life. O Vyasadeva, in that association and by the mercy of those great Vedantists, I could hear 0them describe the attractive activities of Lord Krsna And thus listening attentively, my taste for hearing of the Personality of Godhead increased at every step.

Lord Sri Krsna, the Absolute Personality of Godhead, is attractive not only in His personal features, but also in His transcendental activities.

It is so because the Absolute is absolute by His name, fame, form, pastimes, entourage, paraphernalia, etc. The Lord descends on this material world out of His causeless mercy and displays His various transcendental pastimes as a human being so that human beings attracted towards Him become able to go back to Godhead. Men are naturally apt to hear histories and narrations of various personalities performing mundane activities, without knowing that by such association one simply wastes valuable time and also becomes addicted to the three qualities of mundane nature.

Instead of wasting time, one can get spiritual success by turning his attention to the transcendental pastimes of the Lord. By hearing the narration of the pastimes of the Lord, one contacts directly the Personality of Godhead, and, as explained before, by hearing about the Personality of Godhead, from within, all accumulated sins of the mundane creature are cleared.

Thus being cleared of all sins, the hearer gradually becomes liberated from mundane association and becomes attracted to the features of the Lord. Narada Muni has just explained this by his personal experience. The whole idea is that simply by hearing about the Lord’s pastimes one can become one of the associates of the Lord.


Narada Muni has eternal life, unlimited knowledge and unfathomed bliss, and he can travel all over the material and spiritual worlds without restriction. One can attain to the highest perfection of life simply by attentive hearing of the transcendental pastimes of the Brahmachxrya from the right sources, as Sri Narada heard them from the pure devotees bhakti-vedantas in his previous life.

This process of hearing in the association of the devotees is especially recommended in this age of quarrel Kali. Pure devotees don’t waste their time, they always are cautious to make sure they are always engaged positively in Consciouness.

Therefore our method of controlling the senses is to engage the senses in the service of the Lord. The first engagement should be consciouusness mind should be always absorbed in thoughts of Krsna. These boys, they are always engaged. Just like in offering arcana to the Deities from early morning up to ten o’clock at night, and then they go to rest.

Again rise early in the morning. So somebody is engaged n cleansing consciousnes temple, somebody is engaged in dressing the Deity, somebody is engaged in cooking for the Deity, somebody is engaged going in Tokyo city for distributing literature, somebody is performing kirtana here, somebody is reading our ib books. In this way we have got twenty-five hours engagement instead of twenty-four hours.

So mind cannot go outside Krsna. That is called Krsna conscious. Brahmaxharya don’t allow the mind go out of Krsna’s service. And this is sannyasa. A woman’s face is as attractive and beautiful as a blossoming lotus flower during autumn. Her words are very sweet, and they give pleasure to the ear, but if we study a woman’s heart, brqhmacharya can understand it to be extremely sharp, like the blade of a razor.

In these circumstances, who could understand the dealings of a woman? Woman is now depicted very well from the materialistic point of view by Kasyapa Muni. Women are generally known as the fair sex, and especially conciousness youth, at the age of sixteen or seventeen, women are very attractive to men. Therefore a woman’s face is compared to a blooming lotus flower in autumn.

Just as a lotus is extremely beautiful in autumn, a woman at the threshold of youthful beauty is extremely attractive. In Sanskrit a woman’s voice is called nari-svara krsihna women generally sing and their singing is very attractive. At the present moment, cinema artists, consciohsness female singers, are especially welcome. Some of them earn fabulous amounts of money simply by singing.

Therefore, as taught by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, a woman’s singing is dangerous because it can make a sannyasi fall a victim to the woman. Sannyasa means giving up the company of women, but if a sannyasi hears the voice of a woman and sees her beautiful face, he certainly becomes attracted and is sure to fall down.

There have been many examples. Even the great sage Visvamitra fell a victim to Menaka. Therefore a person desiring to advance in spiritual consciousness must be especially careful not to see a woman’s face or hear a woman’s voice.

Brahmacharya in Krishna KB || WhatsTools

To see a woman’s face and appreciate its beauty or to hear a woman’s voice and appreciate her singing as very nice is a subtle falldown for a brahmacari or sannyasi. Thus the description of a woman’s features by Kasyapa Muni is very instructive.


When a woman’s bodily features are attractive, when her face is beautiful and when her voice is sweet, she is naturally a trap for a man. The sastras advise that when such a woman comes to serve a man, she brqhmacharya be considered to be like a dark well covered by grass. In the fields there are many such wells, and a man who does not know about them drops through the grass and falls down.

Thus there are many such instructions. Since the attraction of the material world is based on attraction for women, Kasyapa Kridhna thought, “Under the circumstances, who can understand the heart of a woman? Sometimes our Krsna consciousness movement is criticized for mingling men and women, but Krsna consciousness is meant for anyone. Whether one is a man or woman does not matter. Lord Krsna personally says, striyo vaisyas tatha consciosuness te ‘pi yanti param gatim: We therefore request all the members of the Krsna consciousness movement-both men and women-not to be attracted by bodily features but only to be attracted by Krsna.

Then everything will be brahhmacharya right. Otherwise there will be danger.

Here is a practical solution to the btahmacharya of agitation in the presence of so many women in Kali Yuga. Avoid unnecessary association, but be practical.

The sense objects are not at fault. It’s how one understands the purpose of the various sense objects that creates ones difficulties. All creatures and all things must be offered for Krishna’s enjoyment. If one understands this always, then one can be pacified despite provocation. But disturbance or not, brahamcharya must carry on our vonsciousness duties. Get association, and counseling. Endeavor for rectifying your strength. Then after regaining strength-go out to preach again.

This time more cautious then before you had the initial weakness. If they become agitated, then let the brahmacaris go to the forest, I have never introduced these things. The brahmacaris cannot remain in the presence of women in the temple, then they may go to the forest, not remaining in New York City, because in New York there are so many women, so how they can avoid seeing?

Best thing is to go to the forest for not seeing any women, if they become so easily agitated, but then no one will either see them and how our preaching work will go on?

It is not possible. Your ever well-wisher, A. Those who are not married-sannyasis, vanaprasthas and brahmacaris-should never associate with women by glancing, touching, conversing, joking or sporting. Neither should they ever associate with any living entity engaged in sexual activities. Praninah indicates all living entities, whether birds, bees or human beings. Among most species of life, sexual intercourse is preceded by diverse mating rituals.

In human society, all types of entertainment books, music, films and all places of amusement restaurants, shopping centers, resorts are designed to stimulate the sexual urge and create an aura of “romance. When a man jokes with a woman, an intimate, sexually-charged atmosphere is immediately created, and this should also be avoided for those aspiring to practice celibacy. Even a householder who becomes attached to such activities will also fall down into the darkness of ignorance.

Don’t contemplate to engage in sexual intercourse.