This gem computes the score of cosmetic components basing on the information provided by the Biodizionario site by Fabrizio Zago. P:arrow: p-Aminophenol**:arrow: p-Anisic Acid*:arrow: p-Chloro-m-Cresol*:?: P-Hydroxyanisole: info su CosIng.:arrow: Padimato**: รจ Octyl Dimethyl Paba**.

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Every day we use many products and cosmetics that we apply on our face and body. Have you ever wondered if there is a way to figure out if this product really can be harmful to the skin?

Processing inci_score

In aid to doubt comes Biodizionario. But what is it?

The Biodizionario is a website created by Dr. Fabrizio Biodizionarii in which are collected the main substances at the base of tricks and products.

The purpose is to tell you if the ingredient you have sought is harmful or unhealthy. To date the possible substances to combine to create a product are well On Biodizionario have been cataloged only substances, those using more than fruente.


Fortunately, thanks to the obligation to include the INCI on each product on the part of the companies, it is possible to evaluate the list of ingredients independent. U nless you are a chemist, unfortunately this evaluation is a bit difficult.

Processing inci_score

In fact, if you are used to reading product labels, you will realize that most are written in English. Generally the ingredients of a label so inserted: For each ingredient, five are the possible evaluations received: Since this tool has been online, the audience has split into two factions: Obviously, biodiizionario the founder points out, the Biodizionario is just a matter of guidance and evaluation is the result of an opinion.

In addition to Biodizionariothere is also Skin Deep. It works the same way as his Italian cousin, but in this case the evaluation is biodizionarioo is from 0, practically perfect, to 10, most avoidable. Do you graduate in chemistry?

Just use the Biodizionario. Using a search box within the site, you can search for the ingredient to verify the evaluation. Evaluation of the ingredients by Biodizionario For each ingredient, five are the possible evaluations received: Controversial opinions on Biodizionario Since this tool has been online, the audience has split into two factions: The last difference is in the number of ingredients cataloged, which in this case is more than six thousand.


The Biodizionario finally also has a very useful function, the INCI-Analyzera search form in which you load all the INCI and we think the system to recognize each individual ingredient and to evaluate it. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

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