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By showing us movie after movie in the classroom, he taught us how much truth there is in cinema screenplays and how many inner scripts there are in real life. Not that it had a lot to do with Journalism, but maybe it was a better lesson to learn. For some criticsBerne is just a precursor participamso current silly self-help books, but many of us and many experts thought that his proposals had something else….

In Games people play Juegos en que participamosBerne stated that people behave according to a clear script that was mainly written in their childhood. Our script is our destiny, successful or sad, it determines our social transactions and it requires a lot of courage to break up with it.


There is a lot beene Freud in the proposal, but the psychoanalytic efforts were funnier here, more optimistic and closer to everyday experience.

We jugeos not to know the intention of the others which is their script? But we unconsciously do, and in fact the mutual fitting of scripts is what makes a person attractive to us, whether it is a lover, a friend or a colleague.

It all works as in a game of agreed lies. In his book What do you say after you say hello?

Maes and Participmaos envisage a revolutionary application that, among other possibilities, would expose the electronic tags of a person taken from his blog or from his Flickr account in his T-shirt, letting us know about his interests at the very same time we are being introduced to him.

In the minute 6. But, if there were any doubts, Berne was clear about juevos The sweatshirts indicate their collective attitude and the games they share in common, but each one is playing out his own script with its own individual payoff.


Juegos en que participamos: sicología de las relaciones humanas – Eric Berne – Google Books

Maes and Mistry already know that, and M. Even if you are an expert in analyzing others, there is always a lot of room for uncertainty. Electronic tags in the T-shirt do not solve this problem and I do not think it was M. Uncertainty is what makes us human, and new technologies like Sixth Sense will never endanger it at all. Globograma might expose some of my tags, but there is no application that could tell the readers the intimate weight of each of them.

Juegos en Que Participamos by Eric Berne (Paperback)

Unless I wanted to. Technology is just technology.

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