The Rossolimo Variation of the Sicilian Defence (1.e4 c5 3 Nc6 5) is always an excellent choice with White if you want to avoid the deeply analysed. Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. The Bb5 Sicilian is a logical and practical weapon against Black’s most popular defense to 1 e4 and is an excellent. Bb5. The Rossolimo Variation, 5, is a well-respected alternative to 3.d4. It is named after Nicolas Rossolimo and.

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Bb5 Sicilian player vs. Luke McShane is making a lot of moves 7 moves from move 26 to 36 with the knight, it is like a one-person army hopping everywhere. Not sure it is achieving anything. Kornev follows Short-Ivanchuk, Wijk aan Zee game. I found 5 games with 8 Nc3. Luke looks like playing against IQP in classical siciliab with blockade on 12 Nd3.

The Bb5 Sicilian

Siciluan the position changed as both players adopt a different setup from Glek-Tregubov. Luke has put booth rooks on e-file and began attack on K-side. Am glad Luke is back playing as he plays the KIA, the Closed Sicilian including the Big Clamp etc but the danger for us club players is he makes it look easy as he is so good!

Does the Kornev book cover avoiding KIA transpositions? Siciliam our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them. Incidentally it reminds me of a game Domenech-Flohr, which appears in a “new” book by Irving Chernev Those who want to go by my perverse footsteps play such pawn structure with fuzzy atypical still strategic orientations Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, stuck in the middlegame with you.

With d3, you get an additional KIA option against the e6 Sicilian as oppossed to the long KIA line in the French which involves Qe2 and holding back on the b1 Knight so it can go to c3, and also play c4 to punch Black’s queenside counter play on the nose.

Otherwise, you can just play it siculian a KIA vs French. With g3, you are holding the option to go d4 in one go. As menioned above, you allow 3. I think in all cases Black should equalise, and French and e6 Sicilian players seem well prepared for the KIA nowadays in my experience.

Looks like Kornev wants to go c3 and d2-d that means his lines will be more open.

Bb5 (Rossolimo) Sicilian

But, it is up to you. So, if you like the K. I have always considered the KIA to be murky and difficult. I will mention also that the Dangerous Weapons: Anti-Sicilians book has a chapter on 1.


Kf1 which has fallen out of favor as people now usually play 5.

As mentioned in this thread, above, 3. I heard a strange rumor that 3. Indeed a tempo-up version of the old possibility 1. Hi All, After a hiatus, I thought I will post something a bit more serious.

ChessPub Forum – 5 Sicilian player vs. e6 Sicilian player

Not sure whether to post it here scilian the thread heading is perfect or in associated thread on the Alexei Kornev’s book, Rossolimo and Friends http: But here it is: Been toying with what to do as 1 e4 player vs Sicilian. I have been attracted, for some inexplicable reason, to the Bb5 systems, Rossolimo and the Moscow perhaps the fact that Viorel Bologan sicklian a book on the Rossolimo is part of the attraction as I am a big fan of his! Am aware of Gawain Jones’ book, had a browse and looked good!

So, when I saw that Alexei Kornev had a book on the Rossolimo, and on further checking saw he recommends a 3. Kornev says 3 g3 is pretty intensely played in recent times Magnus Carlsen!! Mickey Adams, and still more to be explored. Can Chesspubbers advise on: If too varied in sicklian, how about just the mainline see below?

Does it require a Carlsenesque technique and genius? Does it require a Mickey Adams boa constrictor style? I have started exploring 3 g3 with database and Kornev’s book Ch 24 and this is the bb5 I think it is? Download game in pgn format. I think that the KIA structure against the That’s what I play against the Nf3 e6 there are mainly three anti’s, barring the Wing Gambit not in the spirit of Bb5 and 3. Bb2 Bb7, Black’s play seems more obvious, so you need to like bb position.

The c3 sicilian with You may opt for that system since you also have to face 1. Nf3 a6, when most players prefer 3. Nc3 Bb4 with a nice game for Black. If you go 3. Nc3, Black sucilian certainly play All in all, I would recommend 3.

As for the French with 1. Nc3, why not, but this seems to give away early information to Black. Indeed there is a rule of thumb: So you can expect Black to answer Nf3 are better options!? Please Login or Register. Discussion forum for ChessPublishing.

Not at al sure and it will take me a bit of time to figure it out as I have to refresh my memory of KIA structures and positions. TN, thanks for the headsup. Perhaps will be good at this stage of my chess learning to widen my experience of pawn structures.


Will try to report back once I have done bbb5 more investigating. Thanks for the good advice. The example for Nge7 is good.

As explained in reply to katar, I probably won’t go for the KIA. Hmmmm, perhaps a study of Fischer games with Knights? I think I got that right? So I think should not be a problem. White must watch out for “B’s counter play connected with f7-f6, sicilia, a7-a5, Ba6 and b6-b5. So same question as to katar, any suggestions on studying the resulting positions arising from the “mainline”? I am afraid I have forgotten most of my KIA stuff memory problems!

Kornev concludes a Interestingly the Starosek-Pugachov game proceeds to a Q-less middle game with a White’s Q-side pawn majority. And of course this reminded me of Evgeny Sveshnikov’s c3 Sicilian book where he has an entire chapter on this Q-less W’s Q-side pawn majority structure.

Hmmmm, I might just have answered partially my own question i.

Thanks again, JEH and kylemeister. Thanks katar for your reply and advice. I am still learning 1 e4 as part of chess education though my interest is really with 1 Nf3, g3, Bg2,structures. I am also “helping” a group of children yo to learn chess and getting them to learn 1 e4.

For the children I won’t recommend Sicliian Anti-Sicilian. Am undecided with c3 Anti-Sicilian or sici,ian Open Sicilian. That is one agst KIA. Also I learned sicillian bit of KIA when teaching my son years ago and whilst it is a Nf3, g3, Bg2, structure, not very happy with the resulting positions. Also reason for my slight discomfort with Gawain Jones otherwise excellent book.

Thanks for the tip on DW book. Did not know of it. Will have a look for the book and socilian borrow from a friend. And yes, c3, b3 and indeed d4 are good moves as well but that is the reason chess is fascinating for most of us on this forum, eh? I need to work on understanding the resulting structure and plans after the opening in the “mainline” I posted.

Is a new one due soon? There are still some doubles in the database. Not sure how to get rid of them.

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