Lubiewo won the Gdynia Literary Prize in , and Barbara Radziwiłłówna z Jaworzna-Szczakowej was awarded the Paszport Polityki in Lovetown, the . Lubiewo 53 copies; Drwal 9 copies, 1 review; Barbara Radziwiłłówna z Jaworzna -Szczakowej 8 copies; Margot 7 copies; Fototapeta 5 copies; Fynf und cfancyś. The novel Barbara Radziwiłłówna z Jaworzna-Szczakowej [“Barbara Radziwiłłówna from Jaworzno-Szczakowa”] is, in turn, advertized as a “grotesque story of.

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But the child, as might be expected of the author of Lubiewois an exceptional one.

Hubert, the narrator, is a man of advanced middle age whose chaotic reminiscences are full of flashbacks and sudden shifts in time. But boy does he have something to reminisce about!

Barbara Radziwiłłówna z Jaworzna-Szczakowej by Michał Witkowski

Hubert is a small-time shark in the criminal underworld of Jaworzno-Szczakowa, a mining town. In the twilight years of communist Poland, he dreams of a better life and, determined to make his fortune at any cost, he launches various legal and radziwiwha but completely cracked business ventures that guarantee a profit.

However, it is the figure of Hubert that is most important in the book. Because Hubert identifies with this controversial Polish queen barvara yore and this is the nickname he goes by in his milieu.

This novel should be read first and foremost as the story of a misfit who desperately attempts to realise his dreams jaowrzna-szczakowej seeks love, happiness and acceptance. Ach, ashrabachramash, like to the holy patron of money! Everything was just comme il faut! The building was neat and tidy, so aesthetic.


Michał Witkowski

With a garage, well, a semi-garage, and a semi-garden, doors of frosted glass, absolutely de luxe, a wee porch and little columns, and the outside walls were set with the most beautiful mosaics made up of smashed pieces of crockery. Not sixties style though, all over the place, but alternating black and white. You could make different patterns from them, like card faces: You could buy the pieces in canteens or factories, the very best pieces I kept at my place.

The one with the dark hair. Bubble gum, sour rye soup in jars bleh! On Sundays he drove up to church in his Peugeot, in a black fur coat and a shapka from the USSR, so bundled up you could scream!

He got himself gold teeth and a track suit, oh boy he really had it made! And there I was, praying that he got cancer and that my Auntie Aniela would die!

But he had no respect for God at all! I went to Niewiadow, there was a heatwave, but I go there with this coffee so I can get to jaworznaa-szczakowej the director. It was so hot. To get those anoraks, though, first of all I had to fix up a bath that had fallen off the back of a lorry.

An Na Fiat Bambino could pull it. It was already the mids by then. When she announced on one Panorama programme that winter was approaching, the night was coming, the dark nights of the s were upon us, people began stocking jaworznx-szczakowej on soda siphons, caravans, plastic baby baths from the GDR.


They collected all this stuff and started building an Ark.

Michał Witkowski

To wait things out. What holiday, who said anything about a holiday? Fo-ood sta-and, do you get it?

A third-class catering establishment, so-called minor catering. Fried onions on yours? The guiding principle of the toasted sandwich business? The money had to be turned into gold bar as quickly as possible and shut away in closely guarded steel jaworzna-szczakosej. What sauce would you like?

Barbara Radziwiłłówna z Jaworzna-Szczakowej

Garlic, spicy, mild, ketchup, mustard? And then rub your hands in glee! It was only the steel and the gold that could halt the change in value, even if just for a short time.

Transferring itself from water and mushrooms via money to metals of a more certain quality. Because value bxrbara energy, water: A skittery creature, like a teenage boy. Translated by Katya Andrusz.