දුක්ඛ සත්ය්‍ය. පූජ්‍ය බළන්ගොඩ ආනන්ද මෛත්‍රෙය මහ නා හිමි. දුක හදුනා ගැනීම සහ දුකින් නිදහස් වීමට යා යුතු මග.

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Subject of my talk is meditation of loving kindness.

In pali language we call it Metta Bhawana. Metta means good will, loving kindness.

So Metta Bhawana means, development of loving kindness……. Permanent link to this article: December 28, at 1: I call upon all those who have material on Venerable Balangoda Ananda Maitreya and his teachings to make them available herelike what has been done for Prof.

December 23, at 4: Unpublished Letters and Introducing Buddhism. December 21, at There is a book on Balangoda Ananda Maitreya teachings. December 22, at 6: If you have any resources related to Buddhism, Please share with us.


Balangoda Ananda Maitreya Thero – Alchetron, the free social encyclopedia

It will be a great Dhamma Dana. December 23, at 3: Your email address will not be published.

You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Powered by WordPress and the Graphene Theme. First Series Meditation on Breathing What about Sinhala books that have been translated into english?

I have already e-mailed you.

Please allow me to add a few things here. Bhikkhu Bodhi might know. Sincerely, BT Tay Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Most Ven. Balangoda Ananda Maitreya Thero

The Seduction of an Innocent I am a vegan, Buddhist, and an animal rights maitdeya. I write human rights and animal rights performance poetry.

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