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Extracted from Wan A. JUNE – summary I started to ride on bicycles as newbie since April 1st and by the end of June I had clocked km in pedaling days. Averaging 23km per trip. Mybs June I did on average of mfbs per pedaling-day covering km from sea-level to about ft ht summit.

AHW cycling tracks around Machang in early June are shown in green. G – my ‘coach’ cum the trip guide. At least four [4] proton T-bolts were spotted in a row! Posted by Wan A. D Email This BlogThis! The ATBike was fully maintained yesterday. A new pair of light-alloy pedals were fitted as well. I’m now ready for today’s “MORIBkm” Hopefully the weather is going to be fine – better still if there are clouds in the sky by noon. I can’t bare the scorching afternoon sun, that is my only “allergy” in cycling.

This time I hope I can make it Left BB Bangi with Dr. G just after hrs towards the beach of the morning calm.

It shows the time was hrs. We then moved on to Pantai Kelanang, mbs 7km northwards along coastal road. At hrs we started our 60km journey home under the scorching Sun. Fortunately about 45minutes later it was overcast with high cloud that was thin enough at times for the sun to be seen. We had to stop every 30minutes cycling [approx. After 3hr 32min leaving Pantai Kelanang we stopped over for airtebu as well as the shelter from the rain. The sky was now completely overcastthe rain falling in torrents of an icy coldness.

Each of us consumed 2 glasses of the sugarcane juice during the 40minutes pitstop.

Buku_Kerja_-_Non_Booklet_revisi_pdf | Documents

Seeping airtebu at a roadside stall on the way back while looking for shelter during a heavy shower. I started on nicely paved Laluan Basikal for the first few km’s towards Putrajaya Wetlands The two-day km tour around Machang suburb and villages took me about 10hrs cycling on ATB. I’ve planned for another tour. Expecting for better quality pictures to be taken with suitable lenses on dSLR. Already left Machang and returned home. I did 25km cycling in two sessions today – at dawn Down the Memory Lane.


We pushed off from my sister’s home near Machang at 6: The natural vegetation around this area is quite similar to the savanna in Africa. During flood season [Nov and Dec] I used to follow my grand dad to catch fish. After passing through Gelung Gajah we arrived at Wakaf Bata which is located along state road [D] connecting Machang and Tanah Merah before route 4 was completed.

I used to walk or cycle 2km from my grandparents’s house [on my dad’s side], who lived at Kelaweh by the banks of Kelantan River [downstream of Kampong China and upstream of Sungai Bagan]. This bridge was part of my life in those good ‘ol days. My dad was a territory army and at some point in history he was stationed in a camp nearby.

I used to cruise upstream in river boat from Kg Kelaweh to meet him regularly. I was staying with grand parents then.

Even as a child I was amazed by the bridge engineering. Ltd, Wednesbury Works, England and was completed in During the 2nd World War the bridge was bombed down [the scraps are still there till today]. The severely damaged bridge was rebuilt in Spanning over m, it was previously used by all vehicles till Feb after which a new bridge for other road transports was completed along route 4.

From then on the Guillemard Bridge is exclusively for KTM only [bikes and pedestrian still can use the side passage though]. Jambatan Guillmard yang merupakan jambatan kereta api ditutup kepada kenderaan awam yang ‘menumpang’ selama ini setelah siapnya jambatan konkrit beberapa kilometer dari jambatan bailey itu.

Sejak itu, kampung di pinggir jambatan itu lengang dan sunyi dan sebahagian penduduk kehilangan punca pendapatannya memasarkan hasil tani kepada pengguna laluan itu yang menunggu giliran untuk menyeberangi jambatan selorong itu. Seorang penduduk asal Paloh Rawa, Che Mah Che Hamid83, yang pernah merasai sendiri kegemilangan Jambatan Guillmard itu meminta kerajaan negeri memberi nafas baru kepada produk bersejarah itu.

Pengerusinya, Abdul Aziz Derashid berkata, ia akan dibincangkan secara mendalam pada mesyuarat MTPNK termasuk mengenal pasti beberapa kemudahan prasarana berhampiran yang akan turut dinaik taraf sebagai pelengkap kepada produk berkenaan. Menurut beliau, secara dasarnya ia boleh dimasukkan ke dalam kalendar pelancongan negeri dengan menyediakan pakej tertentu sebagai pelancong untuk melawat tempat bersejarah dan menarik di negeri ini.

Jambatan Guillmard mempunyai nilai sejarah yang cukup tinggi tetapi agak merugikan jika ia tidak dieksploitasikan dalam pelbagai bentuk dan pendekatan termasuk melalui filem. Nasib jambatan ini jelas berbeza dengan Jambatan Sungai Kwai Yai di Kanchanaburi, Thailand yang boleh dikatakan sezaman dengannya dan cukup popular dengan kisah tahanan perang Tentera Berikat yang dikerah menjadi buruh membina landasan kereta api maut Thailand – Myanmar.

Small Holder at Kg Joh.

After my dad retired from armed forces he moved to Hutan Putih, near Machang. I stayed with my parents only after I entered 2ndry school from After graduation I was sent for on-the-job training somewhere far away before finally moved to SKV in the and stay there untill today.


June 2nd, Memory Lane 2 On day 2 we cycled almost 60km in total. We started the journey from Hutan Putih at my sister’s house at 6: Today the interstate trains no logger stop there. The station master house is still standing, though the paint is cracked and bafan The disc brakes and knobby tyres assured excellent grips.

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It started to rain in the midday. We had to stop exploring the highlands and moved on to another hidden paradise about km away Latarek, is neither a waterfall nor rapids – it is something in between the two. It is believed that there is an underground water passage below those rocks – look at the picture and compare the amount of water running down those rocks with the remaining which flow downstream Be cautious, otherwise somebody will be sent out directly to the heaven from there.

Newer Posts Older Posts Home. We had a dream We plan our lives according to a dream that came to us in our childhood, and we find that life alters our plans. And yet, at the end, from a rare height, we also see that our dream was our fate. It’s just that providence had other ideas as to how we would get there. Destiny plans a different route, or turns the dream around, as if it were a riddle, and fulfills the dream in ways we couldn’t have expected. Putrajaya Critical Mass – Ride for Gaza.

A good place to practise cycling up and down slopes. Must get permission from the security to use the 10km track. Post Aidilfitri 50km Cycling. Buying My First Bike – for record purpose only.

In other words, I must decide how I want to ride at the price I’m willing to pay. Putrajaya Critical Mass VI. Critical Mass [CM] is a cycling event normally held on the last Friday of every month around the world.


CM has no leaders. Along Sungai Langat – Sungai Buah. These ‘candid’ pics were shot by my son Every year this day bagxn me memories! Pushed off around 6: I’m getting much better now. It has been for quite sometime I’m flying low and moving forwards in a very slow pace.

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