Folks, I came across an inspirational speech given by Mr. Azim Premji @ one of the convocation ceremony @ IIM Ahemdabad. Here is a link. Speech by Mr. Azim Premji @ IIM Convocation Ceremony. Filed under: Yogesh Hublikar @ pm. Speech by Mr. Azim Premji @ IIM. Distinguished Director and faculty of IIM- Kolkata, Guests, and my young friendsI am very Azim Premji’s speech at IIM Calcutta Convocation.

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Speecu think that privilege gives us not only a responsibility, but the way I see it an opportunity, to help those around us who face inequity, injustice and deprivation.

And I do believe, that if each of us does whatever we can, within our capability, capacity and our constraints, to reach out to even one of our fellow underprivileged citizens, it can make an enormous difference to our country. My congratulations to all of you who are graduating today.

Let spewch also congratulate this excellent institute where you have been studying.

In the past two decades, very few high quality academic institutions have been built in India, and ISB has definitely proved itself to be amongst the leaders.

Today as I stand here I recall a personal incident from way back pertaining to another excellent business school like this one. It was in the mids Wipro was a small company making vegetable oils. We had just begun to diversify into manufacturing soap.

Azim Premji @ ISB: Success comes from the ordinary

I was then about as old as some of you are today. I realised early that kim Wipro had to grow we had to build a good team. Suffice it to say we were not taken seriously. I was not even given a chance to have a dialogue with the students. We also tried at other good institutions like TISS. It started with a couple of people, and then over a period of time, the trickle became a steady stream. By the early s, we were being invited to all the top business school campuses for recruitment.

Business school graduates who joined us were given a clear understanding of the company they were joining. That brings me to my next point.

The point is about the critical importance of things that we consider ordinary. I n the world of today, we seem to be caught with the notions of the extraordinary. My experience suggests that this is quite wrong. Innovation, big-ideas, being different, all have a place — and sometimes can be very important.


However what really builds and sustains success, are the much ignored ordinary things. The three ordinary things that we often don’t pay enough attention to, but which I believe are the drivers of all success are: As I look back at the past years of Wipro, I can hardly remember any decisive turning point that came from some single big idea or great innovation. Everything was built with steady, painstaking work.

No innovation or big idea can compensate for lack of hard work and perseverance, but I have experienced that often hard work and perseverance can compensate for most other things. I talked about my experience with Wipro on this issue; I can also refer to my experience with people. Over the years I have been privileged to have met and worked with some of the most successful people in the world.

L astly, I would like to share with you two ordinary events from a different sphere. In one of the villages which we visited, the government school had organised a ‘baal mela’, a children’s fair. But when we remember that this was a small village of marginal farmers, in one of the most backward areas of the country, where most of the children were first generation school goers in their families, it was very gratifying to see.

It was an eye opener as to the resilient spirit of our people, which can be sparked with just the little intervention from outside.

Azim Premji @ ISB: Success comes from the ordinary – Rediff Getahead

From the baal mela, we went to visit another government school where we shared the mid-day-meal with the children. How distant the world of those children eating the Rs 3. It is very much part of our world and one which we often find it easier not to see. There is extraordinary inequality, deprivation and injustice all pseech us, and I think we need to be conscious of this reality, because it is highly intelligent and capable people like you who are key to making our country better.

I don’t rpemji this will happen just by each one of us doing their job well. Azij may be a good place to start, but I think it is necessary to have some genuine social engagement. You may ask why? I don’t have a simple, compelling answer. To me, it seems that all of us here are privileged, some more some less.


Let me end by wishing you all the very best, for a life and career that is fulfilling to you, and also makes this world a better place. ZaraBol – Trending Topics.

Azim Premjiā€™s speech at IIM Calcutta Convocation

NewsApp Free Read news as it happens Available on. Success comes from the ordinary.

Success comes from the ordinary Last updated on: All of us here are privileged, some more some less. It’s a great pleasure to be here with you. At that time that meant the IIM Ahmedabad. That was the first time we tried and we came back empty handed. But I did not relent and I also did not change what I was saying about the company. I presented Wipro with absolute candour, which I have continued to do. We made sure that they knew exactly what Wipro stood for.

Many of them played a determining role in shaping Wipro. Please click NEXT to continue reading What is aazim common to all these people is what I have called the ordinary things. Many of them have startling brilliance or extraordinary creativity, but these are just flashes.

What makes them what they are, is hard-work, perseverance and basic honesty. Surpur is a block head quarter in Yadgir district in north Karnataka. The sense of excitement was infectious. The entire village had iimm involved in organising the fair. There was enormous enthusiasm. The fair was full of models and charts to explain various concepts in science. The school teachers were running around busily. What spesch me was the passion with which the entire village was engaged with the event.

It was simple and tasty food. This meal is prepared at a budget allocation of Rs 3. I was told that they were siblings who were too little to be in school. Live like Steve Jobs: Speeches to inspire you Must Read! Pranab Mukherjee’s advice to young Indians.