1-Aysel Aziz, Radyo ve Televizyona Giriş, Ankara Üni. SBF Yay, No: Bourdieu, P. () Televizyon Üzerine, İstanbul: Yapı Kredi Yayınları Hardt. Course Content, Students measure unit of the radio, organization scheme, format of broadcasting Aziz, Aysel. İstanbul: İstanbul Ünv. İletişim ınları. Lesson plan / DIRECTING-PRODUCING FOR RADIO AND TELEVISION Resources. 1- AZİZ, Aysel. Radyo Televizyon Video, İstanbul: İmge Yayınları,

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Radyo, Televizyon ve Sinema. Z Course Coordinator Assist.

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Knows the works of radio tv and cinema applications. Knows the working principles of technical tools such as editing, light and sound. Knows the applications of broadcast systems. Evaluate the legal regulations between the radio,television and the cinema.

Have information about cinematographic language. Knows how to create a cinema language through the script and the story. Knows topics about the history of cinema Discuss the relationship between the mass communication instruments and the culture. Evaluate the results of the mass communication instruments interaction with the society. Discuss how the political and the economical structure effect on the media text.


Inform the expert or nonexpert audience groups written and oral way about the communication problem and their solution offers. Express its feelings and the thoughts by the written and oral or visiual texts.

Plan the process of the shooting, production and post-production.

Gain awareness about legal consequences of radio, cinema, television productions. Have the ability to use editing and sound. Use technics of shooting, production and post-production effectively. Use information technology effectively. Use the computer in case communication field needs.

Analyze the products of the radio,television and cinema in the way of technical,esthetical,cultural and social contexts.

Interprate the radio,television and cinema productions with ajsel critical view point. Work and take responsibility in the groups which are highly disciplined and successful in individual works. Have the skill of collective working in Radio Tv Cinema. Are competent about technical material. Have the ability to realize the productions about art and modern world. Use the data base for to reach the information and searches the source. Knows the necessity of lifelong learning with the awareness of the effect on the content.

Follow the development of yauncl technology and science,also reforms itself. Organize effective communication written or oral in Turkish language. Have at least one foreign language in order to communicate with their colleague and follow them. Use the code of ethics while giving radio,television and cinema products. Recognize the effects of global and societal context of communication solutions and applications.


Collect yaayncl about the social security and environment protection.

Radyo televizyon yayıncılığı : (giriş) / Prof. Dr. Aysel Aziz. – Version details – Trove

Realize the creative products hayncl using audio and visiual tools as radio,television,cinema and video. Incorporate the workers to the project who works under his or her responsibility.

Organize and manage professional activities. Duration Time 9 Midterm- Television program production. Place 10 Television program production. Plot of conversation, dialogue. Use of effects 13 Free project script preparations.

Synopsis, study on treatment 14 Make shots. The aim of this course is to provide an course atmosphere for students to produce programs through their gained experience from theoretical and practical education background in relation to their faculty’s mentorship. The student will be able to design a tv program.