Apache Axis2 supports Base64 encoding, SOAP with Attachments & MTOM // create an OMText node with the above DataHandler and set “optimized” to false. Axis 2 source code file: (datahandler, datahandler, exception, package ; import ; import. The details of the solution are in the original message above. The issues were resolved using the following two sites: DataHandler issue.

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Consider a scenario where you want to receive a file from a server using web service. It can be done using MTOM.

Axis2 framework supports MTOM to receive files from a web service. Lets see a simple example for the same.

Create src directory inside the Project Home. Create an Axis archive aar file as AxisFileService. This file should contain the contents as below. Now the deployed web-service will be available in http: Its pretty simple and the only thing that we should enable from client side is the MTOM support. Have a look at the following Axis2FileServiceClient class.


File ; import java.

Axis2 File Transfer | TechDive

FileNotFoundException ; import java. FileOutputStream ; import java. IOException ; import javax. DataHandler ; import javax. QName ; import org. AxisFault ; import org.

Constants ; import org. EndpointReference ; import org. Options ; import org. RPCServiceClient ; import org. HTTPConstants ; import org. When the above client code is executed, it will access the Web Service method getFile using MTOM feature available in axis2 framework and the received file will be stored in the given location at client side.

MTOM with Axis2

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