Get details on ASRB NET , like its Exam Date, Syllabus, Application Form, Notification, Admit card and Preparation. Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board (ASRB) will hold a competitive (ii) ARS – Main Examination – on (Sunday) from am to Delhi on the application form available on ICAR Website. NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY TEST (NET) EXAMINATION 1. Application form available on the website: (or).

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The candidates who will appear in the exam from December 27 to 31, will able to chcek their result from this page.

As of now the dates for declaration of result is not announced yet. The board will announce the result in online mode only.

The result is evaluated on the basis of the score secured by the candidates, compared with the cutoff. Candidates will able to applicaiton their result from the links available below using their Roll no. They will be issued NET certificate separately but it advisable to keep a copy of the result as well.

The cutoff is the pre-determined marks limit which the candidates must secure in order qualify the exam. Calculation of Score on the Basis of Marking Scheme — First of all, the scores of the candidates will be determined on the basis of the marking scheme, i.

Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board – Home

Then the system will round off marks to the next higher integer in case of 0. Comparision of the Marks with Cutoff — Next, the calculate marks of the candidates will be compared with the cutoff score.

Candidates scoring above cutoff will be termed qualified. The certificate will be issued by ASRB. The Board will be sent it directly to the registered residential address of the candidates.


The candidates should expect the issuance of it after 3 months from the date of release. Photosynthetic efficiency is measured by: Increase in biomass per unit biomass per unit time is called: Term LAD was given by: Fluid mosaic model by: Highest auxin concentration in vorm is in: Protective covering of radicle in monocots is called: Cytokinins are involved in: Cell division and differentiation Q Auxins are sensitive to: Which one of the following is not the function of ABA: Ethylene is synthesized from: Besides ethylene, hormone involved in fruit ripening is: Germination of embryo on the plant itself Q Auxin and Gibberellic acid Q Coconut milk is rich in: Auxin movement in Basipetal: Acropetal in shoot in the ratio of: Increase in the respiration before ripening Q Which one is climatric fruit: Which one is not climatric fruit: Non-Climatric among these is: Which response is independent of the photoperiod: Increase in the temperature at the time of anthesis in wheat lead to: Increase in grain filling period Q At the time of abscission: Pectinases and Cellulases increase Q Polysaccharides is more specific to: Middle lamella Pectin and Sieve plate Callose Q Heat Shock Protein Q First sign of dehydration in mesophytes is: Helps in overcoming unfavourable phase Q Lowest Water potential is at: What is wrong about Guttation: Not 20013 Water Q Osmotic theory of ascent of sap: Term Vernalization was given by: The cold stimulus is perceived by: Double sigmoid curve is in: Overall senescence occur in: Chromosome walking helps in: Enzyme that joins DNA: Red color of tomato is due to: Full Ripe Stage Q High temperature stress is overcome by the production of: Awrb Sorbitol, Proline Q Date palm, Pineapple and Sugar beet Q Uv-B is in the range of: Protein part in Maize seed is called as: Seed coat breaks by: Imbibition of water Q Chilling treatment is required in: All Pine, Acer and Polygonum Q Undifferentiated mass of cells is called: Under the conditions of high temperature and low water, Pine Apple acts as: Transfer of genetic material by the mediation of virus Q Electroporation is related in: Cell suspension culture Q Capability of one cell to form full organism Q Breakdown of lipids Q Micrografting was successful in: Molecular weight of phytochrome is: Same question repeated but, KD was not any option- Wrong question Q Which response is reversible: Carbonic anhydrase- some question on this: In Krebs cycle, Acetyl-Co A release: Aromatic amino fofm are synthesized in: Flavinoids are stored in: Which one of the following is short day plant: Sunflower, bean and castor Q Pant pathogen interaction involve: Kharia disease in rice is caused by the deficiency of: Die back of Apple is caused by the deficiency of: Germination of pollen by: Action spectra of Pr and PFr are at: Burning of fossils release: Fromthere was a steep increase in: Most drastic gas for ozone degradation is: Cabbage growth is drastically affected by: Gibberellic Acid Increase yield by bolting Q Sun-induced leaf movement fprm called: Guard cells are different from rest epidermal cells by the presence of: Transpiration stops immediately when there is: High atmospheric humidity Q Meristem degradation due to deficiency of: Delayed and prolonged vegetative phase: