This Standard specifies safety requirements for electrical installations in areas where it is intended that low-voltage medical electrical. Incorporating Amendment No. 1. Australian/New Zealand Standard. Electrical installations—. Patient areas. Superseding AS/NZS A. AS/NZS , Electrical installations—Patient treatment areas of protected electrical areas is set out in AS/NZS , Guide to the safe.

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No mention of wards. We think you have liked this presentation.

AS/NZS 3003:2011 Electrical installations  Patient areas

Circuit may supply many patient areas. Endoscopy theatres and procedure rooms. It is unclear why these requirements do not apply in locations such as: Safe equipment application needed: All socket-outlets in the CPA. Recovery areas or wards associated with operating theatres and imaging rooms.

Earthing must be upgraded if necessary to the standard if: Fixed means secured, attached or connected by conduit, metal pipe-work, duct, bolt, screw, clip, nze fastening device or fixed wiring. Became a requirement of medical and allied health professional bodies e. Parent international standard for MEE. Home installations for other medical electrical equipment. Socket-outlets outside CPAs used to supply: The most recent testing may be just a new socket-outlet, but the new sticker obliterates what is often the only record of the last full routine test.


Contractor must confirm with facility management that satisfactory testing has been carried out.

Socket-outlet for cleaning purpose not required. Must be up-to-date before starting any alteration or addition.

Body/Cardiac Protected Medical Installations

Still required in CPA ensuites. Flexible protective earthing conductors must be intact. Magnitude of the current Duration of current flow Current path. Fixed electrical equipment in the patient environment. Earth pins of socket-outlets accessible below 2.

Body/Cardiac Protected Medical Installations: Test & Certification

Still required in each CPA. Burning, denervation and possibly ventricular fibrillation may occur depending on the magnitude and path of the current. Patient ensuite bathrooms, shower rooms, toilets …?

Must be connected to the UPS electrical supply system. Review procedures or contracts for routine testing of patient areas.

Wherever mains powered medical electrical equipment is used. Requirements apply prior to commencing work, and on completion of work. No individual harmonic exceeds 1.

AS/NZS Electrical installations  Patient areas – ppt download

No longer a group: Person and organization that carried out the required certification: Self harm areas e. Looping allowed providing it does not depend on pressure of single screw bearing directly on wiring.


Biomec recommends that hospitals and medical practices: Capable of being reached quickly and without climbing over or removing obstructions, standing on a chair or using a ladder, and Not more than 2 m above the ground, floor or platform.

At least two socket-outlets in each patient location. Aw acceptance of legal requirements is inhibited by: