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Hover the mouse pointer over a document title to show the abstract or click on the title to get all document metadata. Zavedamo se njegovih pozitivnih vplivov na telo in duha.

Mnogi domnevajo, da je Aristotel napisal drugi del Poetike, v katerem se je podrobneje ukvarjal s komedijo. In my diploma thesis I discussed the theory of laughter and comedy throughout history in connection with the novel The Name of the Rose from one of the most fascinating writers of past decades Umerto Eco.


I pursued his biography and bibliography, the postmodern mien, the views on the theory of comedy and laughter in this novel, in which his extensive knowledge is weaved in suspense story, which conquered readers all over the world and was adapted as a film. Laughter is the element of life, which in modern times is much appreciated.

Aristotel by Sonja Homar on Prezi

We are aware of its positive effects on the mind and body. In history, mainly Christian, it was not always so.

Laughter was considered to be undesirable and in this diploma thesis I focused on the question why did the church persecute it. The theme of laughter is also the leading theme of the novel The Name of the Rose.

Eco attaches it to the topic of the lost Aristotelian record of comedy that stirs the spirits of both the novel and the literary theorists. Many believe that Aristotle wrote the second part of the Poetics, which dealt in detail with the comedy. In order to achieve an Aristotle’s theory of comedy, they study everything written about it in other parts or written by others.


Some rely on Tractatus Coislinianus and with its help generate the reconstruction of Aristotle’s theory, which I ppetika in this thesis. Umberto Eco believes that its reconstruction was successfully introduced in the novel The Name of the Rose, and this is an issue which I have devoted the last part of the thesis to.